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December 15, 2022



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Mike Huckabee


Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:3

1. New RNC report: Not flattering

By Mike Huckabee

I’m not going to take sides in the current battle over leadership of the RNC, but I will say that this exclusive report from is not flattering, and it’s especially badly timed for the incumbents, coming on the same day as word that they refused to help fund Kari Lake’s election lawsuit (Mike Lindell’s has stepped up to raise money for it instead.) found that since 2017, the RNC has spent over $2.6 million on such expenses as luxury travel, private jets, limo services, flowers, alcohol, entertainment, spas and cosmetics. They also found that “a significant number of transactions seem to be misclassified. For example, nearly $5,000 spent in 2022 at Lululemon, a luxury athletic apparel brand, was classified as ‘office expense,’ as were two expenditures totaling $9,300 at Madison Square Garden in 2017.”

I’d expect this from the DNC, but I would hope that the RNC would be a little better at handling money.

2. It was all talk

By Mike Huckabee

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, we've been subjected to endless caterwauling by leftist celebrities, media figures, politicians and other blue checks, loudly declaring that they were going to leave Twitter because it would now be filled with hate speech, violent threats and disinformation, other than theirs. That hasn’t actually happened, and guess what? Neither has the mass exodus of leftist attention hogs.

In the least surprising news of the day, a study by New Scientist found that out of 140,000 Twitter users who publicly declared that they were leaving to join the lefty social media site Mastodon, only 1.6% actually have. Come on, guys, how can we miss you if you won’t go away?

That article by contributor Sister Toldjah makes some great observations about how the people who claim to be the most tolerant and inclusive are actually the least tolerant of other viewpoints, while it’s conservatives who’ve learned to tolerate crazy leftists because we’re surrounded by them all the time.

3. From our “About Darn Time” Desk

By Mike Huckabee

A Disney investor is suing the company’s officers for failing to do their fiduciary duty to protect stockholders by wading into controversial political issues. He’s demanding all the internal records relating to the decision to make a corporate stand against Florida’s parental rights bill (falsely labeled by the media as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill), which cost Disney dearly when the state revoked some of its longheld privileges.

This company that used to be the gold standard of clean family entertainment has let itself be taken over by radical leftist and LGBTQ+++ activists who openly boast of their “not-at-all secret gay agenda” to fill children’s programming with inappropriate content. They’ve made Disney the poster child for “Get woke, go broke.” Disney stock has tanked and their movies that were once like licenses to print money are turning into Hiroshima-level bombs. Their new animated film “Strange World” is loaded with every virtue signal from a gay teen romance to climate change lecturing, and it’s bombed so badly, it will be out of theaters and on Disney Plus before Christmas. Estimates are that it will result in a loss of $100 million and possibly much more.

All things considered, my question is, “Why isn’t this a class action lawsuit by ALL Disney stockholders?”

4. A thing of beauty to behold

By Mike Huckabee

Democrats currently running the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties held one of their last hearings to try to paint their political opponents as violent white supremacists who alone pose a unique threat to “our democracy.” One of the witnesses pushing the claim that attacks on LGBTQ people are caused by white supremacists (despite the fact that most such attacks have turned out to be by other LGBTQ people with personal issues) was transsexual civil rights attorney and Harvard instructor Alejandra Caraballo.

Caraballo went on for a while about the threat posed by rightwing rhetoric online. South Carolina Republican Rep. Nancy Mace then asked Caraballo and the other panelists a series of questions, such as, “Is rhetoric on social media a problem and a threat to our democracy?” and “Do you believe that rhetoric targeting officials with violence for carrying out their constitutional duties is a threat to democracy?” They all wholeheartedly agreed.

Then Rep. Mace broke out a series of large posters reproducing Caraballo’s own tweets. They were a series of hotheaded attacks on conservative Supreme Court Justices, calling them “Christofascists,” urging mobs to never let them have a moment’s peace in public places, and suggesting that riots are an appropriate response to rulings that go against gay activists.

One observer noted that it showed “what cowardice looks like” to watch this keyboard warrior’s fake courage “melt to mush” when confronted by her own violent rhetoric.

Rep. Mace went on to describe how she now carries a gun at all times because she was traumatized by a confrontation with someone who was fired up by irresponsible violent leftwing rhetoric like that.

And now you know why the January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee refused to let Republicans cross-examine its “witnesses.” They were terrified that the truth might be exposed. Fortunately, in January, that ends and the established rules of legal procedure return. It can’t come soon enough to save the republic, the Constitution and our civil rights from the people who claim they’re protecting “our democracy” by stomping on the Constitution and our civil rights.

5. Box Office Poison

By Mike Huckabee

Speaking of box office poison, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stars in a new documentary called “To The End” about how manmade global warming is destroying the Earth. It debuted in theaters over the weekend and earned a whopping $80 per screening. How very responsible of moviegoers not to burn any fossil fuels by driving to see it.

Judging from that write-up, it sounds pretty terrible. AOC is the kind of narrator who could make Greta Thunberg sound both mature and like a scientific expert in comparison. But I did get a kick out of this self-righteous quote from AOC: “Some of us actually have to live in the future that you all are setting on fire.”

“We all”? So AOC doesn’t use fossil fuels or plastics or fly in airplanes? She lives in a cave and eats bugs, the way Klaus Schwab wants us all to? Or does she instead live large and get her photo in lots of fashion magazines made out of dead trees?

One of the few benefits of being as old as I am is that you’ve lived through enough attempts to panic you into acting without thinking that you recognize when you’re being hosed. I'm already living in the future that earlier eco-radicals like AOC tried to scare me with. Unfortunately for them, my memory still works.

I've lost count of all the environmental apocalypses I've somehow managed to survive, from the global cooling in the ‘60s to acid rain to the ozone hole to the death of the oceans (tuna was supposed to be a rare delicacy that cost $80 a can by the 1980s) to Florida and New York City being underwater by now. Not a single one of those doomsday predictions has come true. Computer climate models have also been around long enough for us to know that none of their predictions have come true.

To quote John Prine, "We are living in the future. I'll tell you how I know. I read it in the papers fifteen years ago." I also read 15 years ago that by now, snow would be a thing of the past. Tell that to people across the Northern US who are currently experiencing the first blizzard of the season, just in time to keep them away from theaters showing AOC’s movie.

Incidentally, I find it amusing that so many so-called “film critics” hailed this movie that audiences avoided as if it were a kale salad coated in coronavirus. For an interesting explanation of why critics are so out of touch with audiences, check out this video (if you’re short on time, the real problem begins around the 5:30 mark):

Related: This is an interesting interview with a former stand-up comic and comedy historian about the rise and (hopefully) fall of cancel culture, how cranks who used to write angry letters to the newspaper got empowered by social media and fooled people into thinking they were the majority opinion, and how they pushed it so far that comics and audiences are fed up and finally pushing back against them (thank you, Dave Chappelle!)


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  • Jerry

    12/16/2022 11:23 AM

    The sun rose this morning and more of the Invasion on the Border increased again the American public will start to see and feel the effect in another 6 months. The Sanctuary Cities and States are begging for bailouts from the Feds oh by the way in 4 months we the people will see your tax dollars at work with tents and hotel room for our invaders and thank you Dems for spending our money for no real benefit for the country you could just mail me a thousand dollars a year every one of you Dems and I will use it for good use with 100 billion dollars I could have formula for babies set up I could get a few Mental Health compounds set up however the sun rose today and biden has allowed millions of drugs in to the country so the I would need another 100 billion to recap those people dems you elected the Anti American Anti Christ and all of his apostles to the congress what the Hell did you think was going to happen??????????????Maybe a few tweets might be a bit more bearable today.


    12/16/2022 10:40 AM

    Is the whole of government corrupt? If this is true of the RNC, the whole management team needs to be FIRED immediately! We conservatives do not need this baggage hanging on, no more contributions.
    GLOBAL WARMING: Ask the folks in the northern states how that working out this week, and it's only started.

  • stephen russell

    12/16/2022 10:28 AM

    Doxxing :
    I feel Musk should block media Twitter accounts for 70 days to have them "sample" censorship
    Or nothing changes
    Since they doxxed him

  • Charles Sigars

    12/16/2022 01:14 AM

    No. No. No. And.........NO!

    I do not want Republicans in the new Congress to return to the rule of law. I want to see them use the exact tactics against the Dimms that the Dimms employed. Including no Dimms on Committees. Any committees. Lock them out of the Houser. Change the locks on their office doors. In effect, send them to their DC residences, or better, home.

    Take no prisoners.

  • Jerry

    12/15/2022 11:12 PM

    I have been Ranting about the RNC in its quest for funds I had ignored its request I knew something is not right with this group and I have been critical of both of these groups the Dems and GOP with Mitch the leader in the Senate for GOP a failing group with Mitch's leading the way for years The reelection of this RINO was not a good sign along with Graham begging for money to get reelected only to stab the people in the back that help them. I have ranted that the 30 25 year Congress member are just a group of self severing bastards and unfit to serve. They are Constant wind bags biden should hook all of them too the wind mills and triple the energy output. Biden is still lying still a moron and the country still in a downward spiral and the beat goes on. Watching these Dems are a huge and horrible effect on Mental Health for people and even animals dislike biden Homelessness is product of having biden in office for 40 years BIDEN all for destruction of men women children and commerce a Grim Reaper for sure.

  • James Johnson

    12/15/2022 06:16 PM

    On your story about the RNC spending: I would like to say that I have been a Republican for almost fifty years and find this report unbelievable, and I will not give one more dime to the RNC until all of this leadership have been dismissed and replaced. Even the ones who did not participate allowed it to happen through ignorance or denial. To me, either shows their lack of qualification to be in the position they are in.