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March 8, 2023



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Even though I walk

through the darkest valley,

I will fear no evil,

for you are with me;

our rod and your staff,

they comfort me.

Psalm 23:4

Mexican drug gang violence is out of control

The story of four Americans believed kidnapped when they were caught in cartel crossfire in Mexico just across the border from Brownsville came to a tragic conclusion Tuesday. It was reported that two of them were killed. The other two are back in the US, but one is recovering from injuries. Our prayers are with them and their families.

It’s another sad reminder of how out of control the Mexican drug gang violence along the border has become. And the response to questions about that from the White House press secretary was a stunning reminder of just how out of touch with reality this Administration is when it comes to border security.

For the record: No, fentanyl is not at “historic lows,” thanks to “the work this President has done.” It’s at historic highs, thanks to the work this President has done.

Sohn withdraws her nomination

President Biden’s second attempt to install Gigi Sohn as a commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission has failed. Sohn withdrew her nomination yesterday after Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin joined Republicans, saying he "cannot support her nomination" and urging Biden "to put forth a nominee who can bring us together, not drive us apart."

Sohn blamed her defeat on cable and media company lobbyists and homophobic smears (she would have been the first openly gay FCC commissioner, which is vitally important for some reason.) But Senate Republicans said their problem with her is that the FCC is currently tied 2-2 politically, she would have been the swing vote, and she has a history of making controversial and extremely partisan statements that show she’s willing to use government power to censor conservatives, and that attitude doesn’t belong in an agency regulating US media companies.

SPLC nonsense

The Southern Poverty Law Center, America’s second-most lucrative hate group (behind BLM, of course), is defending their attorney who was arrested for domestic terrorism in Atlanta for allegedly being part of an Antifa attack on police officers and arson of a police training center construction site. They claim the poor little dear is just a victim of circumstance. Why, he wasn’t engaging in any violence, he was just there as an “experienced legal observer.” Even though, according to police, he “observed” by throwing Molotov cocktails at construction equipment.

Oh, and they weren’t terrorists committing what the police chief called a coordinated and “very violent attack,” including vandalism and arson. They were merely “protesters” victimized by “heavy-handed law enforcement intervention.” Yeah, cops do tend to overreact when you’re throwing rocks and bricks at them, shooting fireworks at them, tossing Molotov cocktails and trying to blind them with lasers. What a bunch of buzzkills!

The SPLC must sense the gravity of the situation because they also ladled on a huge side order of woke PC jargon about “Black, Brown and Indigenous communities,” dismantling “white supremacy,” and strengthening “intersectional movements.” I’m curious how you can do those things with rocks, bricks and fire bombs. And for the record, only two of the 23 arrestees were from any communities in Georgia at all. Most are known radicals from out of state, and two are from other countries.

So maybe the domestic terrorism charges really are incorrect. They sound more like international terrorists.

Chris Queen at PJ Media has more on the backgrounds of these sweet, innocent agents of change, and I’ll bet it’s pretty much what you suspected.

A new Rasmussen survey has good news for President Biden

51% of Americans are either very or somewhat confident that he’s physically and mentally up to the job of being President.

But before you start wondering if those people are physically and mentally up to the job of answering survey questions, there’s more. Fifty-nine percent still think he’s too old to be President, and only 44% believe he’s actually doing the job, while 48% think someone else, like his staff, is actually telling him what to do. At the link above, Robert Spencer recounts some of the many times that Biden has told us that himself.

Excellent article

This is an excellent article by Edward Ring at American Greatness that provides an in-depth lesson with facts and figures on how switching to all “sustainable” energy sources is unsustainable. It would require a staggering amount of resources (10 times more mined resources than fossil fuel electricity generation), harm the Earth more than fossil fuels, and cause widespread energy shortages, starvation, poverty and wars.

Ring also makes the case that politicians who claim to be panicking over “climate change” are wasting trillions of dollars on infrastructure based on old, counter-productive technologies, like blighting the landscape with bird-slicing wind turbines, when spending a fraction of the money on research into breakthrough energy technologies could yield much better results.

Unless, of course, keeping the population poor, frightened, hungry and in the dark is something those politicians see as a feature, not a bug. If it were a bug, they’d demand that we eat it.

One thing we’ve learned from the January 6th video revelations is that Nancy Pelosi should never have been in charge of Capitol security. I’d suggest that if Democrats want someone to handle their security that they give the job to Missouri Rep. Cori Bush, because she really knows how to pick 'em.

It’s been reported that her highest-paid security guard is obviously worth the money, since he’s also a spiritual guru who offers courses on reading minds, calling forth mythical beings and urban gardening. He also claims to be an intergalactic master of self-defense, to be 109 trillion years old, and to be able to summon tornadoes and earthquakes, levitate, pick winning lottery numbers, and make his enemies’ teeth fall out when they say his name.

It’s too bad he’s also allegedly a vicious anti-Semite, but then, that’s not a disqualification for today’s Democratic Party.

Once again, I remind you of the wisdom of my daughter Sarah, who said the great divide today is not between left and right, it’s between normal and crazy. And I say that at the risk of losing my teeth.

Whoopi misunderstands Orwell’s 1984

Normally, I ignore what’s said on “The View” because, really, who cares? But as someone who often cites George Orwell’s prophetic novel “1984,” I have to say something about this. Tuesday, in attacking Tucker Carlson for showing the unedited January 6th video, Whoopi Goldberg said this:

“Last night, Tucker Carlson took a page from George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and told his viewers to reject the evidence of their eyes and ears.”

Look, I like Whoopi personally, and I don’t want to embarrass her, but I can’t help wondering if she’s actually read “1984” because…well, that’s not what it’s about. It’s about a totalitarian government that edits news and history to mislead citizens into believing things that aren’t true but that Big Brother wants them to believe. Tucker Carlson is the one showing us the evidence we can see with our own eyes. It’s the government she supports that wants us to reject the evidence and believe them instead.

And by the way: there is no evidence of our own “ears.” All those screams, dramatic music and other sound effects weren’t on the real tapes, since the security cameras have no microphones. Those were helpfully dubbed in by the Ministry of Truth.

Here’s some good news

All this “telling people the truth” stuff is suddenly becoming a trend! According to a new Issues & Insights/TIPP poll, 76% of Americans want Congress to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 virus, and 69% want the report showing that it likely came from a lab to be declassified so we can all read it. Those results held across all demographic groups and political affiliations. Most Americans actually believe they can handle the truth and don't need the government making up soft, fuzzy lies for them.

Sounds as if Chuck Schumer needs to work harder at convincing us that letting Americans know the truth about important issues will destroy our precious democracy.



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  • stephen russell

    03/09/2023 11:13 AM

    Mexican Cartel violence solutions:
    Send in The Expendables, A Team
    Carpet bomb drug labs
    Drone cartel leaders
    Napalm drug labs

  • George W. Trever

    03/09/2023 07:59 AM

    Sohn's opposition was more on her biased views on communications and not her whatever. I am so tired of these non-intelligent political hacks being promoted as guardians of our government.

  • Larry Rippere

    03/09/2023 01:38 AM

    No coverage herein about E. Palestine train wreck... but I want to challenge your crew about something. The closest thing to truth I've seen about the CAUSE was a single video showing showers of sparks under ONE car; words saying that ONE car had a hotbox/axle failure; and that this was car #23. Now when a train breaks apart, all cars supposedly go into full braking. How, then, did FIFTY cars pile up presumably behind this one... or in front of it, or...? Wouldn't they mostly just shove it off the tracks before stopping themselves?
    For some thoughts about broken train behavior, I refer you to a "tornado train" video from Lawrence, IL (not Ohio!) in January 2008.
    Some of this will also be familiar if you've ever played with model trains—which do not have Westinghouse brakes.

  • Gerald Petras

    03/08/2023 08:19 PM

    Ukraine is the beginning of a new Vietnam if this farse continues.

  • Anne .turner

    03/08/2023 07:37 PM

    Whoopie is crazy. How can a sane person believe what she says. Sometimes I think I’m in an netherworld. I have long thought that people sue far too much and that layers push this for big profits but the only way I can see making a difference is for people to start suing the living daylights out others for liable, etc. can you imagine the cry if Ashley had been black or Hispanic?

    Good for one of my Senators, Joe. How he can stay a Dem is beyond my comprehension.

    We ate perilously close to having gulags.


    03/08/2023 05:56 PM

    That 51% are not mentally capable of voting in my opinion if they think uncle joe's got it together.