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June 7, 2021

Democrats breathed a sigh of relief last week and started boasting that they’re in great shape after they pulled out all the stops and won a special election in a New Mexico Congressional district that they won in 2020 by 23 points. Well, not so fast…

Saturday, there was a mayoral election in McAllen, Texas, a border city with an 85% Hispanic population. In a surprise, the mayor’s seat flipped from Democrat to Republican GOP county chairman Javier Villalobos.

Analysts say it may be a sign that Hispanics who supported Trump aren’t just Trump voters and have shifted away from the Democrats. Or it may be a sign that they’ve seen up close and personal the disaster wrought by Biden’s open border policies. Either way, it’s good news for the people of McAllen, but bad news for the Democrats.

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  • Leah Goodman

    06/08/2021 01:04 PM

    If the Left looked beyond ethnic background, you wouldn't have an outbreak of leftists dying of heart attacks!

  • Jerry

    06/08/2021 09:20 AM

    With many problems that are American today drug use, obesity, the education system engaged with teaching hate for America and to hate each other and create fear of course is diabolical the MSM works hard to advance these agendas with the election of a biden and a harris to lead this country questions the the intellect of its population or the integrity of the election. One has to ask which is it. Does the population no longer care about the Golden Rule or the 10 Commandments, the law and order concept or does the population want to live by the rules and laws of a few and disregard taking care of oneself. Civil unrest in the urban areas where the law of the land is disappearing at an alarming rate is the begining of a civil society self destructing before ones eyes and the urban areas do not have any walls to stop it from spreading wise up America our country could disappear in a matter of a few years or maybe the country is ready to live like people on the sidewalks and in the open parks with makeshift and mobile housing made of cloth, cardboard, and scrap material, and using shopping carts to haul its belongings from sidewalk to under bridges and on the doorstep of your local business that Ain't America yet although the style has a toe hold.

  • William S Anderson

    06/07/2021 08:27 PM

    Most immigrants have firsthand experience with political corruption and opportunism.
    They've seen it, heard it, and know how it ends.
    And they know how it starts: compelled speech, censorship, sorting, and removal of rights.
    We need to hear as many of their stories as possible.

  • charlotte j caeton

    06/07/2021 07:26 PM

    You GO! Mr. Huckabee! I am already a follower of your e-mails. You are great!