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August 1, 2022



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“At the same time,” says the Lord , “I will be the God of all the families of Israel, and they shall be My people.”

Jeremiah 31:1

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Kudos to Nancy Pelosi

In news that came in after our morning deadline, it was confirmed that Nancy Pelosi will visit Taiwan during her Asia tour. Chinese state media figure Hu Xijin responded with this threatening tweet:

"Let her go to Taiwan. But pray before departure: wish herself a safe journey and wish herself not be defined by history as a sinner who starts a spiral of escalation process expanding military frictions to a large-scale war in the Taiwan Strait."

You don’t get a chance to hear me say this too often, but kudos to Nancy Pelosi for doing the right thing. And to China’s state media (really just a mouthpiece for the government), I’d suggest you cool your jets – both figuratively and literally. You don’t dictate whether our officials are allowed to visit our allies. And before you start making threats, remember that Joe Biden won’t be in the White House forever.

Also, why do Chinese government mouthpieces who threaten to start World War III have Twitter accounts, but Donald Trump and the Babylon Bee are banned?


Manchin hits the Sunday shows

Sen. Joe Manchin hit the Sunday shows to try to convince Americans that he didn’t stab them in the back by agreeing with Chuck Schumer to back a $739 billion version of Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill ludicrously called the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Ironically, Manchin claims he didn’t reveal that he was considering backing the bill sooner because if the agreement fell through, he didn’t want to “disappoint people again.” Believe me, Joe, you’ve disappointed a lot more people by backing this than you would have by not backing it. You’ve disappointed your own West Virginia constituents so much, some GOP strategists are urging the party to stop giving you a free ride and put up a serious Republican challenger.

The bill will raise taxes on corporations, even those of small businesses, which will result in fewer hires, fewer pay raises and even higher consumer prices; hire 80,000 more IRS agents to conduct audits (don’t worry, I’m sure they won’t audit YOU); and lavish several hundred billion dollars on “green energy” initiatives that have been described by cynics as a Democrat slush fund. To make matters worse, an analysis of the bill using the UPenn Wharton business model found that it would actually make inflation worse for a couple of years, then bring it down slightly, for a net effect on inflation that’s statistically negligible.

Unless Manchin comes to his senses and “disappoints” leftists who want to blow another 739 billion inflationary dollars while raising taxes on job creators during a recession (and yes, no matter what the lapdog media and Facebook “fact-checkers” say, we’re in a recession) before they’re kicked out of office in November, the only hope of stopping this is Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who as of this writing has yet to comment.  


Federal judge expedites lawsuit against the Biden Administration

A federal judge has expedited a lawsuit by the College of the Ozarks against the Biden Administration over a HUD directive that they say attempts to force religious schools to violate their beliefs by opening their dormitories, including showers, to members of the opposite sex.

The lawsuit says, “For decades, the College has prohibited male students from living in female dormitories, and vice versa, regardless of whether those students identify with their biological sex.” The case is now scheduled to be heard by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in November. Yes, that's what "fast-tracking" a lawsuit means, which is why it's important not to elect people who have no regard for the Bill of Rights in the first place. 


Harvard researchers disprove the “insurrection” narrative

The January 6th Kommittee and its media megaphones are trying desperately to redefine a “protest” or “riot” as “insurrection.” But to get there, they have to exclude inconvenient things like defense witnesses, cross examination, exculpatory evidence and common sense (a relative handful of people plotted to overthrow and take over the federal government, but not a single one of them thought to bring a weapon?)

Now Liz Cheney will have to stick her fingers in her ears and say, “La-la-la, I can’t HEAR you!” even louder, because even the liberals elites at Harvard have disproved the “insurrection” narrative. Harvard researchers just completed the most comprehensive study so far of the motivations of people involved in the Capitol riot. They found that only 8% harbored “a desire to start a civil war.”

You can tell these researchers are hardly pro-Trump. For instance, they describe those upset about election irregularities as believing “lies about election fraud.” Even so, they admitted they were surprised to learn that belief in “conspiracy theories” and QAnon was not a major motivation for them (I sometimes suspect that 99% of people who’ve ever even heard of OAnon are liberal media talking heads.)  

They came for reasons such as loyalty to Trump and fear that “representative democracy in the United States was not only in decline, but in imminent, existential danger.”  I can’t imagine that the January 6th Kommittee, with its blatant disregard for the Constitution and due process rights, has convinced them they were wrong.

I linked to liberal law Professor Jonathan Turley’s article about the study because he’s not surprised by it, either. As much of an anti-Trumper as he is, even he recognizes that the “unrelenting effort to make ‘insurrection' a litmus test for anyone speaking about January 6th” is not an attempt to get to the truth, it’s a mischaracterization meant to serve some people’s political purposes.  



We should never forget what the media predicted about Biden

Have you noticed that the same media figures who vilify anyone who questions the fairness of the 2020 election were once quite open about their successful efforts to tilt the table? They were proud of how they used their power to sway (and mislead) voters by constantly attacking Trump and amplifying all criticism and bad news for him (even fake bad news), while burying bad news about Biden and his son.

They also sold Biden to the public like a used car salesman on commission on the last day of the month. Do you remember all the commentaries and op-eds, telling us how lucky we’d be to have Biden? He was so experienced and competent; his kindly, moderate bipartisanship would bring us all together; other leaders would respect him so much that peace would reign worldwide; and he would fill his Cabinet with the most qualified, trustworthy, experienced public servants who could coolly handle all our problems.  

Yeah, so how did that work out?

Mary Rooke at the Daily Caller has created the media’s worst nightmare by digging up their embarrassing predictions of what a Biden Administration would be like and comparing them to the horrifying reality.

Is it any wonder public confidence in the news media has fallen so low that according to the latest Gallup poll, only one institution ranks lower in public trust: Congress?



By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

Once again, it’s my sad duty to report the passing of several Baby Boomer icons.

Boston Celtics legend and 11-time NBA champion Bill Russell has died at 88. He was a five-time MVP, 12-time All-Star, the first black coach of any North American pro sports team, and he was known as the greatest player of his generation.

As Jim Thompson at reminds us, when Russell joined the NBA in 1956, he wasn’t the first black player. But he quickly discovered that racism wasn’t confined to the Deep South. He called Boston the most racist place where he ever played, a “flea market of racism” with every variety of it, a city where his home was vandalized while he was being honored at a country club. But he used his fame to fight racism, promote civil rights, and work alongside the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. for a colorblind society.

We also lost another icon of both show business and civil rights: Nichelle Nichols, famous as Lt. Uhura on “Star Trek,” has died at 89.

Her casting as a sexy, super-competent Star Fleet officer was groundbreaking in the ‘60s and made her a role model for many African-American girls. She and William Shatner also made history by sharing network TV’s first interracial kiss. (Technically, the second: a year before, Sammy Davis Jr. spontaneously gave Nancy Sinatra a peck on the cheek on her musical special, which actually caused an uproar.)

But the Kirk-Uhura kiss was the first lips-touching kiss, even though there’s a dispute over whether their lips actually touched. They were supposedly being forced to kiss against their wills by aliens who could control people’s bodies, as if Captain Kirk would ever resist kissing anyone who looked like that, even if she were green and purple. The network was so nervous about reaction from Southern TV stations that they had to shoot it both with and without the kiss, but Nichols recalled that she and Shatner deliberately blew every “no kiss” take to force them to air the kiss.

Things you might not know about her: she started out as a dancer and singer. She sang with Duke Ellington’s band and in nightclubs like the Playboy Clubs. She also cut several albums, including 1967’s “Down to Earth,” featuring sultry club standards such as “Tenderly,” “Feelin’ Good” and “Sunday Kind of Love.” You can find all the cuts on YouTube. Later releases played more on her “Star Trek” connection, such as 1991’s “Out of This World,” featuring her own composition “Gene,” her spacy tribute to “Trek” creator and former boyfriend, Gene Roddenberry.

Finally, I personally have to pay respects to Pat Carroll, who died last Saturday at 95.

One of TV’s most in-demand comic actresses, she appeared on countless shows from the 1950s forward, racking up numerous awards, including an Emmy in 1957 for Sid Caesar’s show, “Caesar’s Hour.” She was also a mainstay on game shows and a prolific cartoon voice, with her most famous creation being Ursula the Sea Witch from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.”

Her daughter released a statement reading, :We ask that you honor her by having a raucous laugh at absolutely anything today (and everyday forward) because besides her brilliant talent and love, she leaves my sister Kerry and I with the greatest gift of all, imbuing us with humor and the ability to laugh…even in the saddest of times.”

Rest in peace to them all, and thanks for the entertainment and inspiration.



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Comments 1-10 of 13

  • Nancy Martin

    08/03/2022 10:43 PM

    Your poll asked if we believed in climate change and the warming of the planet, but didn't allow for comments. Yes, I do believe the Earth is warming. It has been since the last Ice Age.

  • Jim Greer

    08/02/2022 12:19 PM

    I have a question which if l have ever heard “asked & answered” l don’t remember. Do tax increases like cap gains, income, etc apply to political folks the same way they hit us commoners? Since their favorite “go-to” for increased revenue/budget shortfall is to raise taxes, l can’t imagine they are taking money out of their own pockets the way they take it from ours. I wonder if they have ever looked for ways to maybe spend less… uh just a thought.

  • stephen russell

    08/02/2022 11:50 AM

    Pelosi arrived in Taiwan 800A PST

  • Robin Rebhan

    08/02/2022 11:42 AM

    RE: "Kudos to Nancy Pelosi". I wish and pray for a safe trip for Nancy. However, I think that this trip by a Speaker of the House is a deliberate incursion into the Executive Branch of Government. This may well set a precedent for the future.

  • Jerry

    08/02/2022 09:24 AM

    I had been a fan of Bill Russel while a young man his ability to be the glue to hold a teams concept together was the main reason I liked the guy I knew his time here was limited and had wondered when I also hope for a RIP to Bill he was quite a man. Our Congress and White house does not have the same traits as Bill had just the complete opposite as this is a losing and divisive collection of failing by design pitiful people. People around the world should not buy products made in China after all millions of people could not buy them if they wanted as the China Virus killed them and the deadly drugs China produces kills more potential buyers every day people should discontinue buying any products if possible although our country has supported China in it dominance of making many products as Americans we built China not Americans will have to dismantle China by using alternate product made some where else other than China and it properties around the world as I look at China as it owns most of our MSM and now buying America's land I am not sure if its too late to stop China but Americans better try. Your children will be the real Losers if China continues to dominate.

  • stephen russell

    08/02/2022 08:56 AM

    Bill Russell also did a guest apperance on Miami Vice TV show, Season 1, 2

  • Jerry

    08/02/2022 08:17 AM

    Al zawahri and American manufacturing companies in China are not that much different in the ways how death to America is achieved the American manufacturing ceo working in China undermines manufacturing here in America our government today is completely ok with this truly discussing action Americans continue to purchase products made in China you might as well as slice your wrists a little at a time try and stop helping China and the American CEO’s that are a part of America’s demise

  • Jerry

    08/02/2022 07:43 AM

    Manchin finally got his price to go along with the spending bill that will help in destroying the American family like previously stated not much difference between pitiful people like biden shitff Schumer and the democrat congress and the GOP has many pitiful members also; this government is the equivalent to cancers some are more destructive than others some cancer can be controlled this president and its collection of cancers is a deadly organization

  • Joana Livoti

    08/01/2022 11:16 PM

    8/1/2022 Monday Thank you for your astute comments and for being here! Although I do not agree with much of what Nancy Pelosi advocates especially her support of abortion I am praying that God keeps Nancy and all her entourage safe and free from harm during her Asia tour and that they all return home to the United States safely. Thank you, again, Governor Mike! May God bless you and your precious family! Gratefully/Joana

  • Jerry

    08/01/2022 07:55 PM

    Biden takes abuse about his human traits biden has always been an evil beast but all his colleagues were not much different. The only weapon the American citizen had was to reelect the polictician look at biden today he knows he doesn't have a chance to br reeelected and look at his anti American behavior look at the GOP Senators retiring they could not give an adam shitff about America they have taken every dollar possible just like biden has and will leave without a care in the world the only payment for all their misdeeds is a long term of stomach cancer our government is may be the worse government go our time so corrupt so untruthful I believe most of these louts will relocate together at some point most of them joining friends from not so long ago I am hopeful they will not be housed with our Farmers our Tradesmen our Real Family Members of this world as Andy would say I Hope.