May 12, 2020


I mentioned recently that among Republicans, it’s common wisdom that if you want to know what the Democrats are really doing, just look at what they’re accusing the Republicans of doing. Now, fate has gifted us with the perfect example: that strategically “leaked” phone call in which former President Obama says of the dropping of charges against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, “There is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free. That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic — not just institutional norms — but our basic understanding of the rule of law is at risk. And when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly as we’ve seen in other places.”

Yes, and one of those places where all that happened was the Obama Justice Department.

David Harsanyi at National Review has an excellent article, explaining why Obama’s comments, framed as a warning but actually a desperate message to his followers on how to spin what’s coming, are the opposite of the truth.

For a “Constitutional law professor” (actually, a lecturer), Obama doesn’t even get the charge right: Flynn wasn’t charged with perjury. But Obama’s own party let Bill Clinton commit perjury and get off scot-free, so that’s hardly “unprecedented.” Plus, we’re not talking about letting a convicted person go scot-free but dropping the charges after it became clear there was prosecutorial misconduct, which is common and a perfect example of the “rule of law.” And if Obama would like a prior example of a military general who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI getting an actual pardon from a President, then how about that time he pardoned Gen. James E. Cartwright?


The shoes in the Obama DOJ targeting of Trump scandal are suddenly dropping so fast, it’s almost like Fred Astaire tap-dancing. The latest revelation: Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has decided to declassify the information about the Obama officials who illegally “unmasked” Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. “Unmasking” is when the government reveals the identities of people who had conversations with surveillance targets, even if they did nothing wrong. It’s also a good way to covertly smear political opponents by tarring their reputations from behind a wall of government secrecy.

The next shoe to drop will come when those names are made public. I look forward to hearing all the howls of wounded indignation from Obama officials about how outrageous it is that the Trump administration publicly revealed that they illegally publicly revealed information about other people. Talk about an entertaining tap dance!


The White House is complaining that on Sunday, one of the major broadcast network news shows took comments of a top Administration official out of context and aired misleadingly-edited footage designed to deceive viewers and make the President look bad.

Oh, to be clear: I’m not talking about the way NBC’s “Meet the Press” misleadingly edited Attorney General Bill Barr’s comments about the Flynn case. No, this time, I’m talking about how CBS’s “Sixty Minutes” misleadingly edited Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s comments about the origins of the coronavirus. Boy, you can’t keep the fake news straight without a TV Guide!

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve now reached a point where the more mainstream political news you watch, the less you actually know.


Today, there’s a special election in California’s 25th Congressional District (Northern L.A. and Ventura Counties), and the Trump campaign is accusing Democrats of trying the steal it. Republican Stephen Knight lost the seat in 2018 to Democrat Katie Hill, amid charges that the new “vote by mail” law allowed widespread cheating by ballot harvesting. But Hill was quickly forced to resign amid an unsavory “throuple” ethics scandal involving a female aide.

With early mail returns showing a wide lead for Republican Mike Garcia, a former Navy fighter pilot and combat veteran, on Friday afternoon, the state allowed an in-person voting center to open in a heavily-minority/Democrat area, while the district is still under a stay-at-home lockdown order. Republicans say it’s an obvious attempt to unfairly boost Democratic turnout while suppressing the Republican vote.

The L.A. Democratic Party responded, “We’re sorry the [NRCC] & [Mike Garcia] don’t believe voters, especially voters of color, in Lancaster should have adequate access to voting centers in their city to vote. We & [Democratic candidate Christy Smith] believe everyone should be able to vote safely in their communities.”

I’ve heard of the “soft bigotry of low expectations,” but claiming that African-Americans and Hispanics are incapable of finding a mailbox sounds to me like hardcore bigotry. Or to put the best possible spin on it, “insulting rationalization.” But the solution to is for Republicans who haven’t voted by mail to show up at the small number of in-person polling places and vote.

To be contrarian, wouldn’t it be great if this backfired and the vote in the heavily minority area went mostly to the Republican? I like to think those hard-working, religious minority voters might prefer the Party that knows how to rebuild a faltering economy and create jobs over the one that shuts down businesses, tramples on people’s rights, and actually gave us the first Congressional ethics scandal that forced us to learn the word "throuple."


Twitter is joining Facebook and Google/YouTube in flagging tweets that they claim include “misinformation,” about the coronavirus. The tweets will be tagged with a warning that "some or all of the content shared in this tweet conflicts with guidance from public health experts regarding COVID-19."

Here’s my question: will they go back in the archives a few weeks or months and flag tweets from “public health experts” that conflict with the guidance they’re giving us now?

I don’t want people circulating damaging misinformation, but the so-called “experts” haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory lately. Instead of admitting that this is a new disease we know very little about, and we are learning new things all the time that contradict previous assumptions, some government health “experts” keep saying things with absolute certainty that they later contradict -- with absolute certainty.

For instance, I’ve heard that masks do nothing to protect you from the disease and wearing them takes them away from health workers who need them; then that everyone should wear a mask and squeal to the cops if you see someone not wearing one; and then that only people giving care to virus patients should wear them…and all of those advisories came from “public health experts.”

But if President Trump quoted a “health expert” saying something that was later reversed, that was just Trump being a “LYING LIAR!!”

The fact is, this is a new and unconventional disease, and while we don’t want to encourage quackery, we should also be open to a little thinking outside the box, preferably untainted with political biases. For instance, William Sullivan at The American Thinker recounts some theories from people who are medical experts but who contradict the media-approved “experts.” Like why are 66% of new hospitalizations in New York among people who followed the experts’ advice to shelter at home? One doctor believes it’s because it was a terrible mistake to send healthy young people who are resistant to the virus home from college to breathe the same air as their older parents and grandparents.

Why have the same reporters who demand reams of peer-reviewed studies of hydroxychloroquine not asked to see any large-scale studies of whether “social distancing” actually works? Even if they had, sorry: there aren’t any.

And why did the USS Theodore Roosevelt, which was basically a “floating petri dish,” end up with only a 23% infection rate of the crew and a 0.09% fatality rate?

We’re all supposed to just shut up, stay home and go without paychecks because the “experts” say so, yet those same experts have repeatedly been wrong and can’t seem to answer a number of basic questions about the disease. There’s nothing wrong with saying, “We’re learning more as we go, but we just don’t know enough yet.” But you can’t expect Americans to go along with the destruction of their lives, businesses and Constitutional rights on the argument, “Because I say so, and I’m an expert!”

Obama may be a master at spinning current events, but history is written in stone, and that’s very hard to spin.


But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

James 1:22 (KJV)

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  • Jane Green

    06/24/2020 02:28 AM

    Facebook moderator whistleblower raises the alarm on biased algorithms and more
    In April 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told the US Congress that his company did not have a political bias in the way it was programming its machine learning-powered algorithms to flag content.

    In a testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, responding to Republican lawmakers, Zuckerberg said that algorithms produced by his company to determine which content was allowed and which banned on the giant platform were not "directed" in any way to enforce political or other bias.

    But now the latest investigation features a Facebook insider who is suggesting that in reality, content moderation is being carried out in a way that demonstrates discriminatory bias against Republicans and conservatives in general.

    The insider is Zack McElroy, who came forward with evidence in the form of hidden camera recordings, to say that compared to Democrat-leaning content, there is stark contrast between posts by Republican and conservative politicians, journalists, and supporters that ends up flagged and put in what moderators call "Civic Harassment Cue."

    75 to 80% of this content comes from Republican pages, McElroy, who was working as Facebook/Cognizant moderator out of Tampa, Florida, told Project Veritas.

    Human moderation is done by Cognizant, a Facebook's contractor, while flagging is done by algorithms. When asked what the ratio putting conservative content at a clear disadvantage on Facebook told him about the algorithm, McElroy noted that while algorithms are not human, they are programmed by humans - somebody at Facebook has to write them to single out content the way they do.

    This insider's concern seems to be the power of Facebook as a digital platform for dissemination and exchange of information, and how stifling conservative voices in such a way might impact, or even interfere in the November presidential election in the US.

    He sees censorship as "the biggest" issue in this time leading up to the election, and also testified not only to a bias in the flagging mechanism, but also to not seeing many conservatives among the human moderators contracted to work for Facebook.

    And McElroy is not convinced by Zuckerberg saying many times that his company provides a free speech platform for everyone.

    "We know privately that they have very different opinions," he said.

  • Anthony DeBartolomeo

    05/17/2020 06:08 PM

    One other item to note: all those so-called experts are still getting paychecks while over 35 million Americans are following this "expert" advice forced on us by over-indulgent and panicky governors and are unemployed, scrambling to feed their famikies, and even getting evicted. Let those experts do their dirty work for free... and let's see how long it takes to open back up.

  • IRamona Howard

    05/14/2020 08:23 PM

    I agree with the statements about all the info concerning the virus and the "experts" giving advice and then changing it over and over again, which then filters down to our governors and mayors trying to decide what is the best way to handle this. Personally, I think a hoax has been perpetrated against the American people to see how easy it would be to take over the world without a war or shot fired. I don't really think it is so much worse than any flu virus and all these measures were pretty much useless. If people had gone about their business, I feel the results of those who have the disease and those who don't would be about the same. I commend the President for closing travel from China to America when he did, because they released the virus and hoped it would cause havoc all over the world, but more so to America and that one thing stopped the spread very quickly. I believe that a lot of the facts about the virus were manufactured by enemies of Trump and his supporters and hoped that it would ruin his Presidency and the economy so that we could not recover. I do not trust Dr. Fauci or Bill Gates and would never take a vaccine from either of them and would fight if one was tried to be given to me against my will. I may sound like a crazy person to you, but I don't trust any Democrat and what they are capable of doing to harm the USA, the President or the people as long as they were in power and could do what they want to do. They have taken God out of everything and want to kill babies born alive in botched abortions. I just cannot imagine anything so evil, but even an abortion is horrendous for me to even think about. Thank you for what you are trying to do to help the conservative Republicans to win in their respective races. I pray for the President and our country and ask the Lord to please give him 4 more years.

  • Shirley Svetich

    05/13/2020 06:08 PM

    I am so thankful to God for you, and that we can trust you to report the truth & tell it like it is!

  • william sanders

    05/13/2020 05:00 PM


  • Floyd A Unger

    05/13/2020 02:14 PM

    Thank you

  • Vayva Rey Elkins

    05/13/2020 01:13 PM

    An excellent read...the truth is told!!

  • Catherine Marie Boutz

    05/13/2020 12:08 PM

    Facebook has slammed me several times recently for sharing incorrect information about the pandemic. I wonder why they are slamming me instead of the ones who originally put out the information. Several of my friends said they have been "corrected" by Facebook as well. Oh, by the way, we are all conservative Trump supporters!

  • Michael

    05/13/2020 11:08 AM

    Governor: I am sure or at least hopeful that there are many Americans who are way past just being concerned about mail in ballot voting. If the cheating Democrats have it their way, mail in voting will be the rule and procedure in all fifty states! If that should happen that will be the end of free and fair elections in our country. Is the President and Republicans fighting against this? I know the President tweeted about it, but are there no other Republicans willing to speak up and take a stand against this motive and agenda by the Democrats? Seems like the President will speak the truth about the level of fraud and the Democrats motive in mail in ballot voting, but as usual can't get the Republican party to back him. Wake up Americans as the evil and dispicable Democrats are planning on stealing elections all over this country!!!!

  • Lynn Miller

    05/13/2020 10:55 AM

    Facebook flagged my post as "misinformation" about China's third viral pandemic in as many decades... and took "Plandemic" down. Thankfully when I posted the video I wrote that the video would likely be quickly banned by the thought Nazis on FB and other social media sites. Now the video has been thoroughly irradicated from mainstream social media sites. The Thought Nazis are hard at work making sure all Americans feed off the pablum of the fake news dished out by the mainstream media talking heads... and making sure none of us actually learn true information or think for ourselves.

  • Helen Tritt

    05/13/2020 10:24 AM

    First of ALL, it is about time for BOTH SHOES TO DROP on the FORMER REGIME and all of their CRIMES: Hopefully, they will not go "scot-free" as they are the ones who have committed CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA! Doesn't that FALL IN LINE WITH TREASON, SEDITION and many more have been committed. What about the facts surrounding obama's legality while he PERSONALLY SAW THAT THE ORDERS WERE GIVEN AND FOLLOWED THROUGH? Why was obama's law license revoked and how has he managed to conduct himself as if he really knows what he is talking about; mainly the United States of America??? He is ANTI-AMERICAN and certainly does not know America, or CARE ABOUT AMERICA!! HE IS AN OUTRIGHT FRAUD FROM THE BEGINNING!
    As far as the coronavirus goes, granted, it is a contagious disease that we must be careful with, but once again, the democrats are POLITICIZING AND COMPOUNDING THE PROBLEMS BY ENHANCING NUMBERS AND STATS WHICH DO NOT EXIST. This is ALL ABOUT THE NEXT ELECTION!!
    God Bless you, Governor Huckabee and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FOR AMERICA!

  • Ralph Anderson

    05/13/2020 10:13 AM

    I read it every day. Keep it up

  • Kay DeWitt

    05/13/2020 09:52 AM

    Mike, I wish your opening paragraph could go viral! Here is where Christians who
    ...(because they love truth...the He who IS truth)...could run with the blatant hypocrisy that is made OF truth! Here we have Obama supposedly taking a stand FOR "truth" feeling that one who was guilty of lying should be punished... while he makes a mockery of GOD'S truth just by virtue of the fact that he is a Democrat!!!...

  • dorothea Jacobsen

    05/13/2020 09:48 AM




    She says the peak, 300 patients passed last week so she's going back to her Palliative Care Dept. next week. Most people go to special clinnics set up, she said. ONLY very old compromised people have died as far as she's seen. Any death is labelled COVID. Everyone is silent about their opinion,incl. herself. (She's not a Christian). We had dinner again on Mon. after 2 months, and wears no mask at home w family of 4 or with me. (I'm 72yrs.)

    I caught the bus and train, nobody pays the fare, 9passengers on the bus, we have to go in back door. ...Loosing our transport to bankruptcy soon i was already in big trouble. Please ask TRUMP TO FIRE FAUCI!!!!!

  • Eugene Baker

    05/13/2020 09:47 AM

    The CDC had a chart on their website showing C19 deaths from Feb 1 through Apr 11 of this year. The total deaths with C19, diagnosed or presumed, was 11,356. The total deaths with C19, flu, or pneumonia totaled 54,217. Death from all causes was 569,403.

    The total was 90% of the expected deaths based on the number recorded in 2017-2019.

    So COVID-19 was a factor in less than 10% of the deaths during the time span studied, and about 2% of the total deaths, which were 10% below the total number of deaths in previous years.

    On the surface, it appears that we have been told that this disease is more threatening than it actually is. No surprise there.

  • Guy Hicklin

    05/13/2020 09:47 AM

    I would like some comment about how a judge can do what was just done in the Flynn case and keep a trial going without a prosecutor. As bad as the Obama DOJ and FBI were the legal system in this country is proving to be equal or worse. I know Trump is helping with new judges, but how can we bring setting judges back to "the rule of law"?

  • Richard Volk

    05/13/2020 09:39 AM

    Please read my e-mail to you of 5/12. Thank you sir!

  • Steven Warren

    05/13/2020 09:35 AM

    I received my social security check today for which I paid in over a period of 40 + years. I am worried about from where this stimulus money is coming. Someone will have to pay for it in the form of higher taxes. We are teaching the public that the government will bail us out if we get in trouble. Where is the fear that causes us to get out and earn a living or go hungry. some fears are good to motivate us to get up and do something. No growth with out some kind of striving. We are stopping growth when we stop struggling. Socialism will do this. I really do not want a stimulus check.

  • Sue Collins

    05/13/2020 09:24 AM

    Let's see if the Republicans do anything. I would like to see our party stand strong!

  • Stephen Russell

    05/13/2020 09:19 AM

    According to Rush:

    Dems end game: screw up , tank the Economy & get rid of Pres Trump.
    Why lockdowns gone for so long
    Sense Rev War 2 coming IF Dems dont change tune Fast.
    No income= no taxes for states.
    Hear Rush Limbaugh
    Share on TBN show

  • Janelle Gerry

    05/13/2020 09:14 AM

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your daily edition! Your take on things is always so insightful and humorous and the Bible verses are encouraging. Thank you!

  • Dusty Burton

    05/13/2020 08:22 AM

    Obummer’s comments just confirm Democrats hypocrisy!!

  • David Fread

    05/13/2020 07:07 AM

    Thank you for giving us an outstanding encapsulation of today's events as usual. I totally agree!

  • David Redcayby

    05/13/2020 06:29 AM

    Hello Mike! Gov. Wolf of PA will arrest you if you open your business. In PA, gov. Wolf says " weed, booze and abortions are All Life Sustaining, and therefore will remain open. If you need your eye doctor, surgeon, chiropractor or a haircut, forget it. You WILL be arrested. 2 more years of a "crying wolf" will hold PA back.

  • Wallace Rowan

    05/13/2020 06:27 AM


    We have three nasty "isms" at work in our society right now: Communism (China), Socialism (nearly everywhere else) and Authoritarianism (here in the USA). I'll offer up my definition of Authoritarianism:

    Authoritarianism is the arbitrary suspension of private control of the means of production and means of livelihood as well as freedom of movement and expression and assembly by executive order, proclamation or governmental fiat, typically in response to a manufactured or false crisis. Authoritarianism’s goal is to intimidate the populous into fear and submission to the government’s will to exercise power by order, proclamation or fiat. Exercise of personal initiative is curtailed and called into question or even penalized. Of these three malignant “isms,” this one is the most insidious to our society right now.

    Regarding so-called "experts," I've noted this before: It goes to show any vacuous idiot can become an expert when the MSM places a microphone and camera in front of him or her so long as he or she spews what aligns with their malignant and depraved narrative and agenda.

    With great concern for our free republic,
    Wallace Rowan