May 7, 2019

At this writing, things are blessedly quiet in Israel after Monday’s ceasefire agreement with Hamas ended one of the most violent weekends in a long time.  Israel estimates that about 700 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel.  Most were stopped by the Iron Dome missile defense system, but some got through, killing four people.  Israel launched retaliatory airstrikes against Hamas targets that killed 27 people.  It was reported that the Palestinian fatalities included two pregnant women and two babies, but Israel denied that and said the civilian deaths were caused by Hamas rockets that went astray.


It’s an open question how long the ceasefire will hold.  Many experts believe the initial rocket attacks on Israel were just round one in a new wave of Hamas-backed violence. 


In the meantime, we can always count on the American left to blame everyone for attacks on Jews except those responsible. Just as the New York Times blamed President Trump after they printed offensive anti-Semitic editorial cartoons, so two of the brightest lights in the Democrats’ House freshman class, Reps. Ilhan OmaR and Rashida Tlaib, blamed Israel for Hamas firing rockets at Israel.  This went over about as well as you’d expect.

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Lost in the justifiable outrage over their comments was Omar’s bogus claim that Gaza is suffering from “occupation,” presumably by oppressive Israelis.  But Tiana Lowe at the Washington Examiner caught it, pointing out to Rep. Omar that Israel formally withdrew all its military and settlements from Gaza in 2005.  The residents have suffered under violent and oppressive leadership since 2007, but that’s because Gaza is under the control of the terrorist organization Hamas. 


Ms Lowe also makes the excellent point that if Israel hadn’t shown incredible restraint and targeted its airstrikes against Hamas installations – if Israel had simply responded with equal force to the attack on its people by firing 700 rockets indiscriminately into the heavily-populated Gaza Strip – there would be thousands of Palestinian fatalities, not 27. 


Lowe’s suggested explanations for Omar’s comments are that she is either an idiot or she’s an apologist for Hamas who repeats their talking points.  We shouldn’t have either in Congress, but at least the former wouldn’t stand out as much.    


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  • Judy K. Hudson

    05/07/2019 02:44 PM

    It amazes me how blatantly Omar and Tlaib are anti American/Israel and they seem to just get by with it . Democrats act like they are afraid to say anything and same for the news media. People need to wake up as I believe for the two of these radicals I am concerned there are many more. I do disagree with part of your commentary. I do not believe Omar/Tlaib are the darkest lights not the brightest lights of the Democratic party. Judy Hudson

  • Anna Garrett

    05/07/2019 01:34 PM

    I believe she needs to go and the sooner the better.

  • Barbara McCroskey

    05/07/2019 11:24 AM

    Omar is obviously anti-America and anti-Jew. It is mind boggling to me that there are enough Muslims infiltrated in the US for her to be voted in as a representative of any true American. Congress is so far away already from representing the people, she only adds to the mayhem. She needs to be removed from Congress and sent back to where she came from, and I don't mean Minnesota!