December 12, 2017

Here we go again: the parents of Alfie Evans, an 18-month-old British child with a mysterious brain ailment, are being blocked by a hospital from taking their baby to an Italian hospital that thinks it might be able to help. The British doctors want to turn off Alfie’s life support instead.  If this sounds just like the Charlie Gard case, it is in many respects, right down to the comatose child suffering from a related condition.  It’s renewing the debate over who should be allowed to make decisions regarding whether a child receives care or is allowed to die: the parents or the doctors (and by extension, the government, since the involvement of the National Health Service brings in questions about whether budget concerns are influencing medical decisions.) 

Personally, I hope it renews that debate, although I’m outraged that there was ever any debate to begin with, and that after the Charlie Gard case, that it wasn’t settled once and for all that the parents are in charge.  They’ve even raised the money to take the child to Italy.  What could possibly justify blocking them from trying, especially if there is even a slim hope and delay reduces the odds?  The hospital claims that it’s “in the child’s best interests” to let him die.  I’m glad they’re not looking out for my best interests.   

By the way, if you think the doctors should be allowed to make the decision because of their infallible medical expertise, Alfie’s father notes that when he was first taken to the hospital, the doctors claimed he had only a couple of hours to live.  That was last New Year’s Eve. 


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  • Bella Grah

    02/14/2018 08:07 PM

    This is communism in action. It is happening in America also. We saw it MN where the school was caught giving transgender drugs to a child without the parent’s permission. In another case the officals took a child from the parents, because they did not buy into helping their child gender transfer. Yet we know from the renowned John Hopkins that 80% of children will self-correct when their bodies receive the flood of hormones in puberty. Thus the government and schools are literally damaging those children medically and emotionally, not to mention the trama to the families. Doctors are warning that this is child abuse.

    People need to understand that under communism that states own your children, you do not. The Democrats are communists. I have a good deal of documentation on that. Even quote from a Congress member discussing it. People also need to know that Communism is illegal in America. That is why they hide in plain site under terms like progressive, socialists, marxist, liberals. Before people started talking about the communism issue, Communist of America actually had their names listed on their Web site by name as their members.

  • Mary Ann Schwittek

    02/03/2018 02:11 PM

    I’m sure you are aware that this happens right here in the USA. Insurance companies are determining what care people receive or not. People are being discharged too early every day because insurance companies won’t pay. I sure am glad we live in a country that is being run by big corporations. DRAIN THE SWAMP!