March 25, 2019


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Today's Commentary ---  Mueller admits lack of evidence, but leaves gift for impeachment crowd -- The Mueller Report  -- Goodwin's excellent post-mortem   --- AOC wants to confiscate your guns -- SPLC problems -- A salute to the Georgia State Senate -- Will New York prosecutors will finally “get” that wascal Trump? -- Democrat Presidential candidates obey, boycott AIPAC   -- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


“That’s the classic prosecutor’s cheap shot.”

So says Gregg Jarrett (who wrote the appropriately titled THE RUSSIA HOAX) of special counsel Robert Mueller’s decision to include the “we-didn’t-exonerate-Trump-on-obstruction” language in his report, which was finally released to the attorney general on Sunday. When a prosecutor loses a case, Jarrett explains, he sometimes just can’t resist adding that, well, even though they didn’t find sufficient evidence of any crime, that doesn’t mean the subject is innocent. So when Mueller found no basis to recommend any further indictments –- on “collusion” (conspiracy), obstruction, anything having to do with the Russia case –- he added that language on obstruction to muddy the waters.

And that’s the line that all Democrats and almost all media will run with --- not the truly stunning line about the Trump campaign not colluding with Russians “despite multiple offers from Russia-affiliated individuals.” Let that sink in a minute. Who were those individuals? Which ones were also affiliated with the Hillary campaign, perhaps trying to lay a trap, perhaps involved in the fraudulent Trump “dossier.” This –- not whether Trump said something disparaging about Robert Mueller in a tweet –- is the important stuff that cries out for more investigation.

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Mike Huckabee

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The Mueller Report

By Mike Huckabee

Friday, special counsel Robert Mueller submitted his final report to Attorney General William Barr. After more than 600 days, $20 million in taxpayer money and countless hours of conspiracy mongering on cable “news” channels, the Democrats’ dreams of impeachment, imprisonment, even execution for President Trump seem to be ending not with a bang but with a whimper. Plus a fair amount of guffawing from the right and bitter, angry tears from the left.

I can’t comment in detail about what's in it because the full report has yet to be released. Barr has to go over it to insure there is no classified information or anything protected by executive privilege before sharing it with Congress members so they can immediately leak it to the press.

That well-known legal fact hasn’t stopped Democrats from demanding that Barr hand it over immediately, but hey, they desperately need something to get on their high horse and distract our attention with because they can feel their world imploding underneath them. They must’ve suspected the jig was up when the report was released after 5 p.m. on a Friday, the traditional time for dumping news stories that you hope will fall into a black hole and draw no attention (but that’s not going to happen with this one.)



Goodwin's excellent post-mortem

By Mike Huckabee

Michael Goodwin in the New York Post has an excellent post-mortem on the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” hoax, reminding us of what it cost America, and not just in terms of dollars.  Also, of who is really to blame, starting with Hillary Clinton, who pushed this “big lie” as an excuse for losing an election.  Goodwin says she should apologize and publicly acknowledge the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency, which is unlikely.  But “until she does, she should be shunned in public life. She has no credibility to speak on any issue or endorse any candidate.”  Amen to that, but it could have easily been said long ago. 

Well worth reading, and I especially love his term for the Democrats who are refusing to accept reality and continuing to rant and push conspiracy theories and waste the people’s time and money with endless partisan investigations.  He calls them “the suicide caucus.”



AOC wants to confiscate your guns

By Mike Huckabee

Remember the good old days when Democrats would scoff at Second Amendment defenders and say, “Nobody wants to confiscate your guns!”  Well, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to mimic New Zealand and confiscate your guns.

Establishment Democratic leaders are reportedly alarmed by AOC and are trying to get out the word through friendly media that she doesn’t speak for the Democratic Party.  Personally, I think she does speak for a large segment of it, at least; and her inability to keep from blurting out what she honestly believes might be a headache for party leaders, but it’s both a public service to Americans and a daily gift to the Republicans. 


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SPLC problems

By Mike Huckabee

And another shoe drops: nine days after the Southern Poverty Law Center shockingly fired its founder, Morris Dees, SPLC president Richard Cohen has tendered his resignation. Cohen said, “Whatever problems exist at the SPLC happened on my watch, so I take responsibility for them.” That sounds noble and admirable, unless you understand just how awful those problems are and how long they’ve been going on and how scandalous the cover-up of them has been.

I’ve been talking about the descent of the SPLC from genuine civic rights champion to hypocritical, slanderous fundraising machine for several years now in various media, but the issues actually stretch back decades. The use of hysterical emails to panic donors into sending money to fight a nonexistent rising tide of “hate groups,” the vast amounts of money stockpiled (including in foreign accounts), and the false labeling of innocent, traditional faith-based groups as anti-gay “hate groups” to justify the fundraising are just the parts that were easy to see.



A salute to the Georgia State Senate

By Mike Huckabee

A salute to the Georgia State Senate for bucking the current trend of devaluing the lives of babies in (and recently out of) the womb by passing a law banning abortion after a baby has developed  a heartbeat.  I often wonder why liberals never argue that life doesn’t end when the heart stops beating, but they will argue adamantly that life hasn’t begun when the heart starts beating. 

Naturally, the law infuriated the pro-abortion crowd, including actress Alyssa Milano, who is calling for Hollywood to boycott filming in Georgia.  I have a feeling that studios will look at the costs and taxes involved in shooting in California and decide that they can live with shooting in Georgia and casting someone other than Alyssa Milano.



Will New York prosecutors finally “get” that wascal Trump?

By Mike Huckabee

I hate to see Democrats get their anti-Trump hopes up only to see them dashed again (okay, I enjoy seeing it, but I’m sick of the nation having to live through it).  So for those who think the New York prosecutors will finally “get” that wascal Trump, here’s a link to an article by law professor Jonathan Turley on why that’s highly unlikely.  And if they actually thought about it, they wouldn’t want them to. 

For instance, the big PR splash they made by announcing charges against Paul Manafort is predicated on charging him with crimes he’s already pleaded guilty to on the federal level.  So they’ve made it clear that they are willing to jettison every citizen’s protection against double jeopardy (being tried twice for the same crime) just to get one man because he once worked for Donald Trump.  Does any thinking person think beating up on Manafort is worth giving up one of your basic constitutional protections for? 

Besides, some of the crimes they want to charge Manafort with are the kind of “dodging the system” infractions that tens of thousands of New Yorkers engage in just to survive the impossible costs and regulations of living in Manhattan.  For instance, remember on “Friends” how Monica and Rachel could afford that great place because they were illegally subletting a rent-controlled apartment from Monica’s grandmother?  Well, under the standards being applied to Manafort, our Friends Monica and Rachel would be heading to prison for life.  And they'd have a LOT of company there.


Democrat Presidential candidates obey, boycott AIPAC

By Mike Huckabee

After returning from the latest of my many trips to Israel and a visit with Benjamin Netanyahu, I appeared with Laura Ingraham on her Thursday night FOX News show, THE INGRAHAM ANGLE, to talk about the growing problem of anti-Semitism within the Democratic Party.

The latest evidence of that is the eagerness of Democrat presidential candidates to refuse to attend the policy conference of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which will take place this coming week. Gosh, it seemed like a race to see who could decline their invitation first. So, who was it that communicated to the Democrat candidates, just one day earlier, that they needed to boycott this event?



Evening Edition - March 22

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse (KJV)

"For the Lord giveth wisdom: 
out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding."

– Proverbs 2:6

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  • Phillip A HOCOTT

    03/25/2019 12:57 PM

    Mike, it seems almost irreverent, that Nadler, a New York Jew, wants to continue to "crucify Trump", yet never does he defend his Race/ religion against his "Fellow Congresswoman", Ilhan Omar!!!! As such a defender of the US and Israel Jewish communities/country, it is illogical that your influence would not turn the Jews against Nadler and his callous disregard for his own bretheren!!! Nadler is the worst kind of his people and to his country!!! If the swing vote in his last election, came from the Jewish voters........perhaps the antisemitism no longer matters to Jews. How about the Jewish community in Minneapolis; did they vote in Omar, based on their desire for "Racial Justice?" How dillusional can they be? How can Trump begin to defend the Jews against a national trend towards antisemitism, if they don't step up and speak for themselves. Then again, their silence cost them 6 Million lives!!!