December 30, 2020

Monday, the House voted to override President Trump’s veto of the $740 billion National Defense Authorization Act, and the Senate is expected to vote on that today. But for once, House Democrats supported a Trump proposal, voting with 44 Republicans to increase the coronavirus support payment for Americans from $600 to $2000.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is threatening to stall the veto vote in the Senate unless Republicans back the hike in relief payments.

But it’s unclear if that will be necessary, since Sen. Marco Rubio has already announced that he’ll back the relief increase. He agrees with concerns about how to pay for it, but thinks it’s urgent to get money now to people who’ve been harmed by the endless lockdowns and find cuts later. Since that never happens, I'll suggest that they start with that massive spending bill that they just passed that includes such money-burning nonsense as $10 million for “gender studies programs” in Pakistan.

Rubio also plans to propose a separate bill to take away the Section 230 lawsuit protection from Big Tech social media companies that edit and censor users’ political statements rather than acting as neutral platforms, which the law requires them to do to qualify for protection. The lack of such a measure was one of the chief reasons why Trump vetoed the bill.

Does anyone else wonder when we got to the point that it now requires passing new laws to force people to obey laws that already exist?

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  • Tony A Lawhorne

    01/02/2021 09:14 AM

    If I was a politician, I would be ashamed to tell my kids that I worked at such a low-class job.

  • Pedro Gomez

    01/02/2021 12:54 AM

    We shall start a class action lawsuit against all politicians who fail to pass the $2000 increase, or delete Section 230 from Big Tech firms and the removal of all the pork, along with provisions to give money to China and any provisions limiting the President’s power.

  • Janette Ziegelmeyer

    12/31/2020 11:24 PM

    They should have done a stand alone stimulus bill for Americans and American businesses only. Nothing for foreign countries or pet projects until Americans back to work and businesses up and running. It is not Congress money to give. It is taxpayers money. No money to illegals. They are not here legally. This bill is a joke. The other bill limiting Presidents power is wrong. 230 rule should be stopped no censorship without violating our rights.

  • Theresa Van Nice

    12/31/2020 12:46 AM

    How did we get from a stimulus check of $600 to $2000, and now my friend just received a stimulus check of $600 deposited today. Is this all we are getting???? How did this happen??? So sick and disgusting. Please respond. Will be be getting another check to make up the difference of $2000 if so when. Please respond. Thank you.

  • Tammy Fujibayashi

    12/30/2020 08:45 PM

    I am tired of all this nonsense going with the Washington D.C. royals behaving like a bunch of children. They are so out of touch needs of the American people and tax payers. Here they are using our tax dollars on gender issues in Pakistan when we have people needing medical care. We have homeless people, mental health issues, and a long list of American problems. Charity starts at home. Use that money being sent all over to get our jobs back here using new technology. The Americans would like a good-paying wage over government handouts.
    We need to vote for term limits and a limit to how long we have to pay them a pension when they leave the office. Living like Kings and Queens on our dime and expected us to be happy with a 600.00 chump change check! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! Do the right thing...we are tired.