July 17, 2016

Janet and I had just walked out of a special faith service for RNC delegates at the Hilton in Cleveland when we learned of the sickening cold blooded ambush of Baton Rouge police officers. Early reports are that 3 are dead and 4 other officers are wounded. It’s hard to process the evil of this especially coming so close to the Dallas murders of officers there.

I must confess that I am hoping that President Obama just stays put in the White House because I can’t stomach another one of his lectures about how the police need to be “retrained” and more sensitive. Spare us, Mr. President! If you want to say anything, tell us that no act of a police officer in any community justifies the kind of massacres we’ve seen in Dallas and now Baton Rouge.

As Janet and I left a taco place where we had lunch, I noticed a table of Secret Service agents at a nearby table, and I walked by and felt compelled to express to them my appreciation for the risks they took for me and every other American each and every day. I told them I hoped that they had an uneventful week—because if they did, I would.

My fellow Americans, we cannot tolerate the murder of police officers. Shooting a cop is an attempt to murder civilization itself. It defies common decency and common sense. It has to stop. If you see a police officer today, thank him or her. And say a prayer that God will shield the cop just as the cop is shielding you.

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  • Cindy Raines

    04/30/2017 08:51 PM

    Thank you , retired LEO

  • Ray Nielsen

    07/17/2016 03:12 PM

    Was surfing satellite news regarding Baton Rouge crisis and happened to land on broadcast of "Meet the Press" which I presume was pre-recorded. There were three or four panelists on there with the host, all of whom were criticizing, mocking or laughing about Donald Trump's roll out of Mike Pence. They were ridiculing the first logo because they and others CHOSE to see sexual references in it. Where are these people's minds? I showed it to my wife and she saw nothing like that. Yet these media types want to create an issue out of this and thereby imply that the Trump camp is stupid because it wasn't smart enough to see it. They've even questioned why Pence was eating at Chili's without Trump and saying "what kind of a political marriage is this?" The worst part, if I can say that, is they were complimenting the Clinton campaign for coming up with more bad things about Pence than Trump said good about him. I am thoroughly disgusted with this kind of blatant bias and it's everywhere. I don't know how much of a chance Trump has with this kind of mind-altering coverage.