July 18, 2017

Even Newt Gingrich, who’s been urging patience with Congressional Republicans, told Sean Hannity, “I surrender.” He said his patience is at an end; they had six months to come up with a plan, and the time for failure and excuses is over. Newt said Republicans need to pass a plan, even if it’s more modest than they’d like, at least to start moving away from the failing Obamacare model. They also need to take action on other items the voters were promised, such as a start to the border wall and tax cuts to get the economy growing at a non-anemic rate, which is the best thing they could do if they want to be reelected next year.

Matthew Continetti of the Washington Free Beacon put a finger on how Republicans could have spent seven years promising to repeal Obamacare, and then when they won the House, Senate and Presidency, seem paralyzed and unprepared with no agreed-upon plan to move forward. As Continetti explains, they never made a plan because they never expected Trump to win. They bought into the media bubble-think that Hillary was a shoo-in, and she’d never sign off on replacing Obamacare, so they could just go on giving lip service to repealing it without having to worry that they’d ever be expected to keep their promise and do something.


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I think that makes a lot of sense to explain their actions (or lack thereof), but it doesn’t excuse them. Where were they when I was warning them to listen to the people outside the coastal/DC media bubble (I even wrote a book about it), pointing out the blatant dishonesty of the poll samples and predicting a Trump win (something I never wavered on, even as TV hosts smiled indulgently at me, as I were a dotty grandpa who thought Ike was still President)? Even if they didn’t expect to win, they shouldn’t have made promises they had no plans to keep. After six months in power, they’ve had more than enough time to accept the reality of the election results and get back to work (they aren’t liberals, after all).

I also have little patience with this argument that “We didn’t expect to come into power, so don’t expect us to get anything done.” I didn’t expect to become Governor of Arkansas, either. I was only the second Republican Lieutenant Governor since Reconstruction, and I suddenly became Governor when the Democratic Governor was convicted of felony fraud. I came into office in the middle of both a political crisis and a budget crisis. My party didn’t hold both the executive and legislative branches; I had to deal with a hostile, nearly 90% Democratic legislature. But there were problems that urgently needed to be solved for the people of Arkansas; it was the responsibility of all of us, Republican and Democrat alike, to do something; and we did. Yes, I had make some compromises I didn’t like, but I got a lot of what I wanted, and as the voters saw my conservative policies working, I won reelection twice and was able to get more and more of what I wanted. None of that ever would have happened if I’d come into office saying, “I never expected to be here, and the Democrats are saying bad things about me, so I guess I’ll just curl up in the fetal position and do nothing.”

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Frankly, I’m tired of hearing not just Democrats and liberals in the media but also some Republicans criticizing Trump as unqualified or floundering or not keeping his promises. He’s slashing regulations (see the multiple Dow record closings for the result), appointing strict constructionist judges, slaughtering ISIS, deporting criminal illegal immigrants, untying the hands of the Border Patrol, renegotiating or leaving treaties that put America or American workers at a disadvantage, firing hundreds of VA employees who desperately needed to get the boot, and trying to keep terrorists out of the country, when federal judges aren’t blocking him. In other words, he’s doing just about everything he promised voters he would do that he can do with no help from Congress. Congressional Republicans had better realize that they are in power now, stop bickering and get to work, before GOP voters start to suspect that President Trump is not the one who’s unqualified, floundering and failing to keep his promises.

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  • Bruce Parker

    10/05/2017 12:01 PM

    We have been republicans ever since Reagon. If Hillary had won we would have "given up" on America so we saw a major victory for our country when she lost. Now, with our hope brought back up to "Hip, Hip Hurray", we now, "very unexpectedly", face another real lilemma and real disappointment with our "majority " of "do nothing republicans". We are almost at the point to vote "against" any present republican office holder that is up for re-election. We now know they didn't really mean all the good things they promised us when we voted for them. Washington is so far screwed up it is pathetic and our president is "not allowed" or "backed" to get our country back in shape. I wonder how they sleep at night. God bless America !!

  • Tim Moynihan

    07/20/2017 01:18 PM

    Hi Mike,
    Just to start my wife and I love when you give your commentary on Fox news and we both think your daughter is doing a great job with those "news" aka "fake" news outlets. To give you an idea of our family, I have been a republican my whole life. Not what I consider a far right wing type guy but followed the general principles of the republican mind set; work for what you need to earn, help others who try to help themselves, do what is right, respect others opinions and family first. My wife has been a life long democrat but strangely enough when we talked about it we basically had the same principles. To make a long story somewhat shorter, we (both my wife and I) were extremely happy when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. I'll be the first to admit that as a person Mr. Trump was not on the top of my "I like that guy" list, however his ideas and his non-politician, no nonsense, approach was extremely refreshing. Now its been six months and all I hear is this constant bashing of everything our president does and because of that I have pretty much stopped watching the news, (even Fox as they have some closet liberals there aka Shepperd Smith. Anyway I guess the point I want to make is this president has done more positive things for the American people in his first six months in office than any president I can remember. He is dedicated to America first and its about time. I agree with everything you say in this article and with everything Newt Gingrich has to say. The republicans need to realize that they have a president that is goal oriented and that the typical kick the ball down the road isn't going to work. I've given up on Democrats totally as I have never in my life seen such a deranged bunch of nutjobs in my life. Even as I type this I'm shaking my head at the ridiculous lies that the news and Democrats keep pushing every day. Oh well, my rant is over....deep breath, trust in God and country and the person who I believe could go down as the best president of the United States in history. That is if everyone would just let him do his job.

  • Rose Howell

    07/19/2017 03:02 PM

    Hi Mike! I look forward to reading your stuff, thanks! Congrats on your darling daughter too. A couple of ideas for you...Could somebody connect Ben Carson with the Senate Republicans? During the Primary I thought his health plan was really good. I feel sure he could help them out. After all he is also an acclaimed brilliant brain surgeon. HUD can sit a few days while he helps out on healthcare. Next, we need Newt back as Speaker. Paul Ryan is disappointing and I understand that he will be challenged in a Primary in WI so I think he should step down now as Speaker. The Constitution does NOT require the Speaker to be a sitting Rep. All Newt would need is a simple majority vote in the House. Imagine Trump and Newt working together! Love it. As for Mitch, you need to come up with an idea Mike! YIKES.

  • Cindy Spicer

    07/19/2017 09:59 AM

    Thanks, Mike! I always love your assessment of what is going on in Washington. I'm truly puzzzled that we have a Republican President and a Republican Congress, yet the Dems seem to remain in control.....How does this happen? Their obstruction on the President's appointments, their influence through all the federal agencies, their obstruction through the court system, their fueling of the Russia scandal and their overblown reaction to anything the President says, does, or thinks makes it seem that they have the upper hand. I don't get it!!! I hope you'll consider addressing this if you have a day of "writer's block" and lack for something to write about. I can ONLY IMAGINE the success of this President if he had the reins to get the job done. Also, please tell us what we as citizens can DO to put our shoulders under this. We often hear "Power belongs to the people", yet I feel so powerless in the face of all the negativity. It seems we are all puppets being controlled by the petulant elected reprsentatives that can't agree on anything; that failed to learn "everything I need I learned in Kindergarten ". Powerless is also the feeling I get watching the media that continues to pollute the airwaves with their billowing hatred and lies and distortion of what the facts are. I would LOVE to know concrete things we citizens can DO to put the squeeze on everything that obstructs our tireless President from doing his job. Who can we write, call, etc. and, how do we get the info regarding how to make contact with the right people? If you can coach us on this, please do! Keep up the good work, Mike!

  • John Kepler

    07/18/2017 09:00 PM

    I, too, am sick and tired of the Republican foolishness. There are senators and representatives who publicly dishonor the president, even though he is their party's pick. It's time for them to grow up or go home. That mean you, John McCain ... and you, Rand Paul ... and some others as well. The Democratic party has evolved into the party of evil, but the Republicans have evolved into the party of stupid. And when I say this, I have been a registered Republican for my entire voting life. I am a conservative, and will continue to vote Republican, because I cannot support the Democratic positions or agenda, and I don't believe in wasting my votes for some 3rd party candidate who could never win just to make a point. But I'm sick and tired of the foolishness and stupidity going on with our party in the armpit of the nation -- Washington DC.

  • David T. Flood

    07/18/2017 08:11 PM

    Until the 'swamp' undergoes significant 'draining' on BOTH sides of the aisle, much of the POTUS agenda remains in jeopardy...Come the midterms, those who made promises and have chosen to now 'ignore' them will see 'Phase II' of the 'American Awakening'...Hope they get the point then...!!!

  • Karen Harmon

    07/18/2017 07:53 PM

    No. They has seven years to come up with a plan. A bill should have been passed within the first month of Trump's administration.

  • Wayne

    07/18/2017 07:23 PM

    Congress is heavily weighted with attorneys. Attorneys are advocates, not decision makers. They don't understand "compromise". They rely on judges to make decisions. They have little awareness of time nor do they understand economics. To them, it's all about power and winning. Inaction breeds contempt and President Trump is stymied by Congress's failure to act.
    Voter apathy and anger over Congress's inaction has weakened faith in our two party system.
    Hopefully, the 2018 election will bring forth new faces to Congress and term limits.