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August 23, 2021

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! 

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Matthew 5:44
  • We Should All Be Outraged By The Incompetent Failure Of The Biden Administration
  • If only we COULD court-martial President Biden
  • America The Beautiful
  • Recent Developments In Afghanistan
  • White House Messaging Trouble


Mike Huckabee


44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Matthew 5:44

We Should All Be Outraged By The Incompetent Failure Of The Biden Administration

By Mike Huckabee

This week President Joe Biden, Sec of Defense Austin Lloyd and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley should do our nation a favor and resign and let us replace them with Moe, Larry and Curly. Forgive my bluntness, but our nation stands in humiliation and dishonor before the world for the inept, incompetent, and disastrous manner in which this administration exited our 20 year involvement in Afghanistan and allowed the Taliban to take full control in a matter of mere hours. Getting out of there wasn’t the controversy. Most Americans felt 20 years of war there were more than enough and all 4 Presidents who oversaw our involvement wanted to bring the troops home. But this week, our exit from Afghanistan was a goat rodeo. The worst wasn’t that the ill-prepared Biden team embarrassed us; it’s that the sloppy way in which they did it put thousands of Americans’ lives at risk, and created an almost certain death sentence to the Afghans who fought alongside of us these 20 years and who were promised safe passage to America only to be betrayed in spectacular fashion and left behind like worn out shoes. But it’s not all we left behind. Over $83 BILLION worth of US taxpayer funded Blackhawk helicopters, airplanes, Humvees, and every kind of weapon and ammunition imaginable weren’t brought back to the taxpayers or even left in the hands of the Afghan freedom fighters. It was hurriedly abandoned and fell into the hands of the Taliban. It would be bad enough if they had actually defeated us to win such prizes, but it’s much worse. We just gathered it up and left it under the Christmas tree, wrapped and with a ribbon!

We betrayed the trust of more than the Afghans in spectacular fashion. We betrayed the trust of our NATO partners and signaled to our adversaries like China, Russia, Iran and North Korea that with Joe Biden in the White House, our word is dirt.

Did you see President Biden’s speech that he came out of hiding to deliver? After pointing fingers at the Afghan army, the Afghan people, and of course Donald Trump, he pretended to take responsibility for the messed up mission but you can’t blame everyone BUT yourself and then say “the buck stops here,” after you’ve passed the buck to everyone and anyone in sight.

Most disgusting was his flippant response to a question as to what he felt when he saw people lose their grip on the outside of a C-17 who were so desperate to get to the American safety and freedom they had been promised that they physically held on to the plane’s fuselage as it took off only to plunge helplessly to the earth. When asked what he felt when he saw those pitiful souls beg for passage out only to die a gruesome death of spiraling to the ground, he angrily retorted that that was 3 or 4 days ago. As if time will erase those images of human beings risking death to escape the brutality of the Taliban.

Sadly, no one has been fired for the dumpster fire that substituted for diplomacy in this Biden bungling. And probably no one will. But I hope whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent, you will objectively be outraged by the incompetent failure of those entrusted to protect our nation and in whose hands our young servicemen and women live or die. We are a better nation than this. We can elect better leaders than these. And it’s time we purpose that we’ll repent of our sins against the civilized world and never let something so inexcusable disgrace our nation again.

If only we COULD court-martial President Biden

By Mike Huckabee

“President Biden humiliated the United States [and] the United States Army. In my opinion --- and I don’t say this lightly and I’ve never said it about anybody else, any other leader in this position –- people have been talking about impeaching President Biden. I don’t believe President Biden should be impeached. He’s the Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces who’s just essentially surrendered to the Taliban. He shouldn’t be impeached; he should be court-martialed for betraying the United States of America and the United States Armed Forces.”

That was Ret. Col. Richard Kemp, former chairman of the Cobra Intelligence Group and commander of British forces in Afghanistan and other terrorist hotbeds, in an appearance on LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN Sunday night. He might not be aware that under our Constitution, a U.S. President cannot be court-martialed, as he is a civilian. That’s not to say he doesn’t deserve to be. We can joke all we want about taking the keys away from Grandpa, but it’s too late for that. He has already crashed the car.

“I think I would say that I’ve never heard such a disgraceful speech from the President of the United States of America as I heard the other day,” Kemp said earlier in the interview, “when he said ‘the buck stops with me,’ but he then went on to explain how the buck actually stopped with everybody else --- it wasn’t him to blame; it was everybody else, starting from President Trump. And suggesting for one moment that he was bound or was forced to carry out a policy because of President Trump’s policy is simply laughable, a pitiful excuse for what he did and what he’s now being humiliated [for].”

“It’s the greatest foreign policy disaster that I have seen in my lifetime,” he said, “of any nature, from any Western country.” Probably since World War II. It has “unbelievable strategic consequences,” he said, much more so than our withdrawal from Vietnam.

Col. Kemp pointed out that Biden focused in the first seven months of his presidency on reversing so many other Trump policies. When he came into office he was presented with various options; he did not have to do this. “It is not anyone else’s fault,” he said. “It is the fault of the President of the United States of America.”

It was in accusing Afghan forces of cowardice that Biden --- “a man who’s never fought himself, I should add” --- committed “a national disgrace,” Col. Kemp said. Fifty thousand Afghan fighters have been killed in action against the Taliban over the past seven years. That’s about two-thirds the size of the current British army, he said. Those fighters were doing most of the dying in Afghanistan.

He accused Biden of “pulling the rug out from under the feet” of the Afghan soldiers. They had depended on our air and logistic support. Biden abandoned them, and that was a devastating blow to their morale. They knew at that point that they would never prevail. It was after doing this to them that Biden accused them of cowardice. As a former fighter himself, Kemp said he was “horrified” by that.

He sees the consequences of what Biden has done as “absolutely devastating for the whole of the Western world," singlehandedly destroying the credibility of NATO at a time when the terrorist threat is greater than it was at 9/11. “Jihadists around the world have been celebrating,” he said, adding that includes the president of Pakistan, “who SHOULD be celebrating, because Pakistan significantly funded the Taliban throughout the conflict, while at the same time being paid vast amounts of money by America and Britain.”

They are reinvigorated by this, he said, and will launch attacks around the world. “They know there’s no fear of Western intervention now,” he said. “That’s finished; that’s history...They know that, and so they’ll be even bolder than before.”

Col. Kemp also noted two other powers who are celebrating: Russia and China. They’ll be emboldened, too. “They will see that they’ve got pretty much an open field to do almost whatever they like.” As for other nations we might want to bring to our side, he said they would see us as “fair-weather-friends.” Tragically, they’ll see Russia and China as more reliable allies than we are. He said the president of Taiwan has reacted by saying they need to look at strengthening their own defenses. They should, of course, but they’re not capable of defending themselves against China unaided. Ukraine and Israel are also in grave circumstances.

Col. Kemp noted the irony that one reason Biden has given for pulling out of Afghanistan is that he needed to focus more on China and Russia. “This is completely the reverse of what he expected to happen.” China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran will be more demanding now, to enrich themselves and “to use what they have there to hit against the West.”

It’s not America alone who brought this about, he said; there are European nations, including Britain, who could have done more to try to influence Biden in his decision. But America bears most of the blame. He also made it clear that he meant no disrespect whatsoever toward the American fighting forces, just the leadership.

The stability we’ve grown used to has been shaken by the actions of the United States, he said, in a way that’s “far more consequential” than threats from covid and climate change. He sees the U.S. going into “deep decline” after this. China will be more dominant. “Our world just became vastly more dangerous.”

Col. Kemp does believe the situation can and must be righted, though it might take several decades. He believes that America is the greatest country in the world. And here’s one final quote for all those young Americans being taught in American schools that America is evil:

“The world cannot afford for that status [of the United States], and that position of leadership, and all the good it’s done around the world, decade after decade, I don’t think we can allow it to go, so...I, as a Brit, would certainly encourage the people of the United States of America to turn the situation around, and you ‘ain’t’ gonna turn it ‘round with the people at the helm who are there now.”

Court-martialing Biden would be a great start, and I wish we could do it. But it’s that whole disreputable crew –- the Democrat leadership –- that is responsible for getting Biden (and Kamala) nominated, for knowingly covering up his cognitive inadequacy, for changing rules to make it easier to elect him (I won’t even go into the various means of suspected cheating), and to essentially run his administration. As far as I’m concerned, they have all betrayed America and need to go.


For when you have time for more in-depth reading, I highly recommend this piece by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. It offers a historical perspective and is very much in keeping with what Col. Kemp has said.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Great Sand Dunes National Park, visit its website here.

Recent Developments In Afghanistan

By Mike Huckabee

Things are happening so quickly in Afghanistan, it’s impossible to stay up to the minute in our newsletter, but Fox News has a page with regular updates:

A couple of recent developments, as of early Monday: US military flights evacuated about 10,400 people from Kabul in the previous 24 hours, bringing the total of US evacuations to around 37,000. But there are still many people who are trapped there and afraid to try to come out and get to the airport. And there are continuing stories of atrocities that I fear are only the beginning, like this report of Taliban members setting a woman on fire because they didn’t like what she cooked for them, and death squads searching the countryside for people who helped the US or the Afghan government.

Taliban leaders claimed they would respect women’s rights and not seek vengeance on those who helped the US, but this would seem to suggest that maybe their word isn’t worth a handful of sand. Who could’ve foreseen that? Obviously not President Biden, since he’s still trying to appeal to their better angels by urging the Taliban to “unite and provide for the well-being of the people of Afghanistan.” Sort of like begging a wolf to be kind to sheep.

Meanwhile, the weakness and incompetence of our leadership has greatly emboldened our enemies. China accused the US of being “the root cause and biggest external factor in the Afghan issue.” And the Taliban again made clear that they have zero regard for President Biden. Sunday, he said of the August 31st deadline for Western troops to leave, “Our hope is we will not have to extend, but there are going to be discussions, I suspect, on how far along we are in the process.” The Taliban replied that they won’t accept any extension.

Since it’s obvious that nobody around Biden is giving him decent advice, Derek Hunter of wrote an open letter to him, telling him how to respond. Step one: remember you’re the Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military on Earth, so start acting like it and stop letting a bunch of terrorists give you orders and ultimatums.

This is the type of advice Trump wouldn’t have needed, but Biden desperately does -- not that he’ll listen, since he seems convinced that he’s absolutely right about everything, even as Afghanistan collapses, innocent people beg for help, his poll numbers crater, our allies roundly condemn him, and most shocking of all, even CNN is calling this a disaster.

White House Messaging Trouble

By Mike Huckabee

Over the weekend, President Biden gave another press briefing, and it went about like the others earlier this week. I confess, I’m tired of having to recount and correct all the obvious lies, infuriating blame-shifting, glaring contradictions and uncomfortable word salad and senior moments. So I’ll direct you to Nick Arama’s account at that hits all the low points.

While much of it was the same-old/same-old (no, the only alternatives were not either chaotically bugging out or fighting a full-out war for another 20 years – I thought Democrats didn’t believe in “binary” choices.) And no, this tragic result was not inevitable. He inherited a security plan and a contingency bureau from Trump, but threw them both away. But one new wrinkle was when Biden praised “veterans’ groups, refugee settlement agencies, religious organizations and so many others” who are working to save our Afghan allies, adding, “It exemplifies the best of America.”

Yes, except they wouldn’t have to be risking their lives to save those people if (A.) Biden had done his job competently before, or (B.) he would start doing it competently now. And bear in mind that while he’s praising those private groups for saving the people he put in danger, his Administration was contacting companies whose people are stranded in Afghanistan to tell them not to try to do anything to get them out.

I’ve seen mixed messages before, but the White House’s messaging sounds like they’re putting it through a blender before it goes to the Teleprompters.

Speaking of people who are ignoring Biden and doing what’s right, Glenn Beck’s Nazarene Fund raised $22 million in three days to help rescue Christians trapped in Afghanistan.

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Comments 1-10 of 32

  • William Fuhrer

    08/26/2021 07:34 AM

    THE MOUNTAIN ROAD James Stewart would have been good tactics if implemented in Afganistan

  • Gale Woolsey

    08/25/2021 11:22 AM

    Ole Joe may not be a candidate for court martial, but he sure the heck should be ousted for treason! He has intentionally put our military and Americans in Afghanistan in harms way. He has armed the Taliban with our American owned military equipment including high powered rifles, uniforms and aircraft. How can our elected officials cowardly sit back and allow this to happen. With these foreign nations such as Iran, Russia, China and the Taliban pulling forces, our Homeland is in grave danger. God is in control, but I can’t help He’s not disappointed in His people.

    Hope you had a great birthday! Continue bringing us the truth in your newsletters! May God bless you and Janet! Love, Gale

  • Lisa

    08/23/2021 05:30 PM

    President Biden needs to be court martialed. Why are we not pursuing this?

  • Judy Radley

    08/23/2021 05:17 PM

    I tried like heck to be a tiny bit optimistic about the whole fraudulent election, optimistic for the right thing to happen and having the whole election overturned in December 2020, but of course I should have known better, as the sinister and deceiving Democrats cover their tracks within deep seeded abuses of power and are against the U.S. Constitution, that is why back in the 50's and 60's there was such an outcry about Hollywood actors being communists, and they actually were and are worse today. I am not surprised at all at the disgusting and underhanded way the whole Democrat Party is against America. This is what they've always wanted to have happen to America, to be humiliated and hated by all nations and controlled by all corrupt rich countries like Iran, China, Russia, etc. So they are doing exactly what they wanted to do, and yet, the media helped them along with Big Tech to allow America to be ruined and erased from the face of the Earth. What they fail to realize, because they live in their bubble of getting control of power at any and all costs, THEY WILL NOT HAVE ANY POWER AT ALL when this all blows up and who they thought were their 'friends' by hating America like they do, these so-called 'friends' were just playing them and that they will take over control of EVERYTHING and Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Obama, Hillary, Harris, et al, will not be acknowledged at all, but only pawns that will be thrown out with the rest of the underlings. So, I don't know if there is hope left at all for America to get back to the way it was when President Trump was running things and making America Great and likeable among other respectable nations, but I think it is too late now. The only way America will get back to the Great Trump Years is by another civil war, but it will be referred to as hopefully a new revolution for the People, by the People, and of the People. It won't be fought with military strength but human intervention strength that will put all the Big Tech, Media, antifa, blm, and Democrats, etc., out of business because they cannot be trusted with anything. It will be the rising up of Christian Conservatives and Republicans who are Conservative and are always more adept at putting together excellent solutions for the problems the Democrats caused. We have had many, many years of practice, and we are very good at it now... So the Democrats won't know what hit them when the revolution is in it's hay-day! It has already started, and they are totally clueless! Which is the best way to get them and to get them out of power NOW! PERIOD! The power will return to the states and the federal govt. won't have anything to say about it! As we are THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not the Federal States of America! It is guaranteed in our U.S. Constitution!

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/23/2021 04:51 PM

    We’ve turned our back on the world ?? and on our own people ????. It’s not too late…yet….but we must cease cowering to the left and fight them to their end.

  • Deborah McClure

    08/23/2021 04:01 PM

    Biden is so concerned about the money spent in Afghanistan, but doesn’t care at all about the $3 million a day he is wasting by not completing the southern wall. All he has to do is finish the wall to stop this wastefulness of the taxpayers money. Why isn’t this being talked about especially when the crazy spending bills come up?

  • Mary Moreland

    08/23/2021 03:59 PM

    Why can't he be court martialed he is a trader; as a Christian i pray for God to remove him but he is doing more and more damage ;more people dying our rights being taken away, he is unfit to lead ..what is wrong with our military; I have heard they are not behind him they still see Trump as President; if this is true take him out by force before he lets all the poor people in Afghanistan, die
    I don't understand any of this...our blessed country is dyeing and no one seems to care

  • Laurie Keiski

    08/23/2021 03:27 PM

    In my 83 years (23 in the Navy), I’ve now seen us twice leave a war with our tails between our legs.
    Two comments, first Biden is a straw man, those advising him and writing the speeches he reads are Obama people. Obama is a puppeteer in this administration. Second, if as we expect that thousands of Afghans are slaughtered, Biden and his top security team should be brought before the world court charged with crimes against humanity.
    LCdr USN(Ret)

  • Kenneth Robert Brack

    08/23/2021 03:19 PM

    Biden took the top office in our nation by cheating. And so he does not have the wisdom that ending American military involvement in Afghanistan requires. The solution is not impeachment, or court-martial, or 25th Amendment. Congress created this disaster by voting to accept a fraudulent election. Congress must act to correct their mistake. There may be no precedent or specific rule in the Constitution for such an act. But it is honorable and just and will be accepted by people who perceive honesty and justice.

  • Twila Flowers

    08/23/2021 03:07 PM

    Any thoughts on why Generals and other high ranking people won’t stand up and say anything? Biden and Harris need to be replaced. I am furious with what is happening as most if not all could have been prevented. May God have mercy on us. Thank you for your comments. Twila Flowers