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August 22, 2023

First, I want to once again thank Kentucky Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, for appearing this weekend on my TBN show. He has been doing the heavy lifting --- the job the ‘Justice’ Department should be doing but isn’t --- in the investigation into Biden family finances, and it was wonderful to be able to take some time with him on the show. If you missed it, here’s that link. This is a MUST-SEE…

SHOCKING Biden Actions REVEALED! | Rep. Comer, Seamus Bruner, & MORE | Huckabee - Read Mike's News Analysis - Mike Huckabee

Rep. Comer offered some news that would shock anyone who hasn’t been paying attention (like mainstream media reporters.) For instance, he said that so far, they’ve identified about $21 million in suspicious deposits, and they only have about a third of the bank records. And apparently, no income taxes were paid on any of that by these “The rich must pay their fair share” Democrats.

Rep. Comer also appeared Sunday morning on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES with host Maria Bartiromo, providing more details surrounding Joe Biden’s use of aliases in White House correspondence that was copied to his son.  (Recall our report from last week about his use of aliases such as “Robert L. Peters,” “Robin Ware” and “JRB Ware.”)  All the emails copied to Hunter, he said, were specifically about Ukraine.

It’s very difficult to understand how Hunter Biden, described now by the White House as “a private citizen” merited being copied on these documents.  Sometimes he was the ONLY person copied.  Doesn’t look like much of a “firewall,” does it?

Comer said “the evidence is mounting every day,” including an obvious timeline, showing that then-Vice President Biden flew to Ukraine for the purpose of getting prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired.  Shokin, as you know, had been looking into Burisma Holdings, the corrupt Ukrainian energy company whose founder, Mykola Zlochevsky, had hired both Hunter and his business partner Devon Archer to be on its executive board, despite his alleged observation that Hunter was dumber than his dog.  According to a very reliable FBI confidential source, Zlochevsky had said he paid “$5 million to one Biden and $5 million to another Biden” to get Shokin fired.  Joe Biden later opened his big mouth and publicly bragged about threatening to withhold $1 billion in aid unless Shokin was immediately fired.

“That’s called a quid pro quo, Maria,” Comer said.  “And it’s pretty illegal, and it’s more evidence that Joe Biden was front-and-center in this influence peddling scheme.”

“What we’ve now learned is, Joe Biden was using a fake email bank to receive correspondence from his staff that he was copying Hunter Biden on.  I believe...Hunter had to prove value to the Burisma owners, that they were working on this, so he was forwarding those [emails] to the owners of Burisma.”  The emails would have confirmed to Zlochevsky that the Vice President was en route to Ukraine, fulfilling his end of the deal.

“Look, this is obvious,” he said, that Joe Biden abused his powers as Vice President for the sole purpose to protect his son, who was receiving millions and millions of dollars from this corrupt Ukrainian energy company, and this email ties Joe Biden and Hunter Biden into this corruption scheme, “without a shadow of a doubt.”

His current tally of the Bidens’ foreign-money loot is about $21 million (investigative journalist Peter Schweizer says it’s over $30 million. For more, here’s my interview from this weekend with Seamus Bruner, research director for Schweizer’s Government Accountability Institute, whose job is to “follow the money.”)   

So, WHY were the Bidens getting all those cool millions?

As for potential interference in his committee’s investigation due to the appointment of Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss as special counsel (and we’ll get to more about that), Comer said, “We’re about to find out.”  That’s because they’re headed to court, trying to get more bank records that they think will “tell a whole lot bigger story” about Joe’s level of involvement and also how he personally benefited.  Banks have told the committee that “they’re under considerable pressure not to cooperate.”  The Bidens have “lawyered-up,” he said, and those attorneys know exactly where this is going.  “I mean, they are building Fort Knox around these bank accounts…”

He says he’s seeing obstruction as there has never been “in the history of congressional investigations.”  This obstruction comes from all sides:  the Biden legal team, the DOJ, the FBI, the Secret Service, the IRS, by the Democrats (of course) on their own committee, and now potentially by the special counsel.

REDSTATE is wondering why we’re just now hearing that newly-appointed Special Counsel David Weiss used to work alongside Hunter’s late brother and former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden.  Did you know anything about that?  Us, neither!  A must-read…

The DAILY CALLER reports several significant updates on the Hunter Biden case.  Following in the tracks of attorney Chris Clark, three more Hunter attorneys have left the case after charges against Hunter were dismissed in Delaware, to be refiled in DC and/or California.

All three attorneys are from the Democrat powerhouse law firm of Latham & Watkins:  Brian C. McManus, Timothy H. McCarten and Matthew S. Salerno.  They gave no reason, which legal expert Margot Cleveland finds “interesting.”  Recall that a Latham & Watkins staffer allegedly posed in a phone call as an assistant to Theodore Kittila, attorney for the House Ways & Means Committee, to try to prevent a filing with IRS whistleblower testimony to be presented to the judge.  Selerno attributed this to a “miscommunication.”  Right.

“Mr. Biden has been advised of, and consents to, our withdrawal,” the motion reads.  “He also agrees this withdrawal will cause no material adverse effect or prejudice to him and remains completely satisfied with Mssrs. [Abbe] Lowell’s and [Richard] Jones’ continued representation of him.”

Unless there’s been more turnover among Hunter’s legal team than we know, this is the same bunch who threatened to put President Biden on the stand if Hunter were indicted on the firearms charge.  In October 2022, Chris Clark said in a 32-page letter (!) to prosecutors, leaked to POLITICO just last week, that the President testifying against his own DOJ would create a “constitutional crisis.”  It’s not clear if Clark’s withdrawal from the case last week had anything to do with the leak of that document.

Here’s the DAILY CALLER on the same story.  They quote from Clark’s letter to U.S. Attorney David Weiss: “President Biden now unquestionably would be a fact witness for the defense in any criminal trial.  This of all cases justifies neither the spectacle of a sitting President testifying at a criminal trial nor the potential for a resulting Constitutional crisis.”

Judging from the left’s persecution of President Trump and their trashing of practically every right in the Constitution when it comes to putting him on trial, I would say that “Constitutional crisis” has little meaning for them except as a threat to be used.  They’ll blow up the Constitution if it means getting what they want.

By the way, we just found some interesting commentary from a few weeks ago about Judge Maryellen Norieka’s refusal of Hunter’s plea deal.  Julianne Murray, an attorney representing the Heritage Foundation, was in the courtroom that day and says the judge “did a really good job of sniffing out that there was stuff that was not being said out loud.”

Mike Davis, founder and president of the Article III Project, said that “we now know there was an even sweeter secret deal:  today was supposed to be the end of all criminal charges involving the Biden family.  They were going to protect President Biden by sweeping under the rug today in Delaware all the Biden family crimes.”  They couldn’t write that into the plea agreement because of the political backlash, but that would have been the practical effect.

And did you know that before whistleblowers started coming forward about the case, Hunter’s plea deal not only gave him “future immunity” but also didn’t require him to plead guilty to ANYTHING?  I am not kidding.  And the DOJ had apparently accepted it.  Talk about a “sweetheart” deal --- this would have been a big wet smackeroo right on the lips.

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