June 21, 2019


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Our Top story ---  Time to get mad at Mueller's "scorched-earth" tactics

Featured Stories --  Correcting MSNBC - Real Joe Biden - Reader sparks clarification on Rikers Island facility

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On the radio show I used to do, a stunningly deep-voiced announcer would occasionally bring us out of a commercial break by intoning: “He’s conservative...but he’s not mad at anybody about it.” And it’s true, I took a good-natured approach to politics and the topics of the day, without the seething vitriol and intolerance that we get blasted with all too often and just don’t need.

But I think it’s time to get mad. And it’s time to junk the special counsel law and find other ways to investigate REAL wrongdoing. I say this because now that you can stick a fork in the Mueller report because it’s done, people whose lives were ripped inside out by Robert Mueller’s special counsel are coming forward and talking about what they went through. These aren’t just the major players; some of them were way out on the periphery of the story, just normal people living their lives (or trying to), victims of what can only be called a (yes) witch hunt, a fishing expedition, a search-and-destroy mission.

Or, as Paul Sperry described the process earlier this month in a piece for RealClearPolitics, scorched-earth tactics.


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Correcting MSNBC

By Mike Huckabee 

When Joe Biden got in trouble for claiming he could work across the aisle by citing two Senators in the 1970s whom he worked with even though they were segregationists, he neglected to mention that he wasn’t “working across the aisle” because they were all on the Democratic side of the aisle.  MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt went him one better (or worse) by falsely stating on the air that the two segregationists were Republicans.

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton corrected her…

…and Hunt issued a correction on Twitter, which elicited some fun responses, such as “Any chance of your network correcting referring to Chuck Todd as a journalist?”

Of course, if you get your news from the Huckabee newsletter or website, you already knew this because I pointed it out when I first reported it (it kind of leaped off the page to me.)  But to help “professional journalists” avoid any future confusion, here are a few historical factoids to remember:

The Democrats were the party that fought to preserve slavery, Jim Crow laws and segregation.  The Republican Party was specifically founded to abolish slavery…Abe Lincoln was a Republican.  Bull Connor was a Democrat…President Eisenhower, who sent troops to Little Rock to enforce desegregation, was a Republican.  Gov. Orval Faubus, who had to be forced to stop using Arkansas National Guard troops to block black kids from attending Little Rock Central High School, was a Democrat.

Those facts won’t cover every circumstance, but whenever you’re tempted to associate Republicans with slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK or segregation, they might at least remind you to check Wikipedia to see if you know what you’re talking about. 



Real Joe Biden

By Mike Huckabee

A tip of the MAGA cap to Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld for reminding everyone that as the media promote Joe Biden as the mature, reasonable candidate who doesn’t bluster, bully, call people names or make outrageous accusations that slander his opponents, Joe is the same guy who:

Told a black audience that Republicans want to “put y’all back in chains;” called Trump an “existential threat” and said if he’d known him in high school, “I’d have beaten the hell out of him;” and announced his campaign by repeating the false and long-debunked claim that Trump said there were “fine people” on the white supremacist side of the Charlottesville riots.

Of course, I don’t expect this to harm Joe.  Actually, learning that despite his rhetoric, he’s willing to lie, slander, race-bait and threaten his opponents with violence will probably help him with a certain segment of Democratic primary voters.


Reader sparks clarification on Rikers Island facility

By Mike Huckabee

From Thomas:

Rivers Island is not a state-operated facility but a local jail for the New York City area. While I’m sure it has a segregated area with single cells, it is not a maximum security prison.


From the Gov:

Thanks, Thomas; we’ll clarify. Rikers is described as one of the world’s largest “correctional institutions” and is notorious as one of the very worst such facilities. It’s operated by the New York City Department of Correction, not New York State, but many of those who enjoy its bountiful hospitality for a time are inmates from state facilities who are awaiting trial on other charges. They’re transferred in and transferred out. For that reason, it’s not categorized as a prison –- even a “revolving door prison,” ha –- as that term technically applies to facilities in which inmates are there to serve long sentences.



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##Appellation##, I wanted to make sure you also read this story from yesterday's commentary...

Manafort's "black ledger" may be just as fake as the Steele "dossier"

By Mike Huckabee

It just gets worse for the FBI. We knew that Christopher Steele’s Trump/Russia “dossier,” used as “evidence” to make the case for spying on Carter Page (and thus the whole campaign) could not be verified and was essentially fake. Now, guess what else is turning out to be a probable fake?

The infamous “black ledger” used to go after Paul Manafort.

Also called the “black cash ledger” because it was alleged to have recorded cash payments to Manafort from a Ukrainian political party he was working for, it was leaked by a Ukrainian official in the summer of 2016 to deliberately damage Trump’s campaign. This was the beginning of Manafort’s nightmare: his resignation as Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, his federal indictment on charges unrelated to Russia that had already been looked at and dropped in 2014, his long months of solitary confinement, his splashy trial and his plea deal.



Other news you might have missed...

Must-See Story!  The Democrats’ push for reparations for slavery hit a roadblock when one prominent African-American testified to Congress that if anyone should be paying reparations for all the misery they’ve caused people of his race, it’s the Democrats.  Click the link and read his comments, you’ll be glad you did.  Again, a story that shouldn’t surprise anyone who actually knows history.



Read It and Fume: One of our news affiliates, Western Journal, exposes what Facebook is doing to insure that conservative news doesn’t reach even people who voluntarily signed up to see it.

This is a good reminder not to rely on social media, Google News or other biased sites and aggregators to stay fully informed.  Go directly to your favorite conservative news sites regularly.  And if you’d like someone to sort out, point to and explain the most important stories, then bookmark and keep reading my free twice-daily newsletter.



This is fantastic news: the Cleveland Clinic announced that earlier this year, a special medical team performed groundbreaking in-utero surgery on a 23-week preborn baby girl with spina bifida.  While that disease can’t be cured and the child will need ongoing care, the surgery was a success.  The baby was born via C-section on June 3rd, and the clinic said mother and daughter are doing fine and the child will have a much-improved quality of life.

As the linked article notes, spina bifida is often cited as an unquestionable reason to abort a child, but landmark advances in in-utero surgery like this are undermining that argument.  Then again, the pro-abortion lobby has already proven that it’s immune to arguments based on facts that scientific advancements have taught us about children in the womb.


I told you recently that Congressional Republicans had been trying to pass a $4.5 billion aid package to deal with the humanitarian crisis on the border, but Democrats who claimed it was a “manufactured crisis” had blocked the bill over a dozen times.  Well, it appears that Senate Democrats, at least, have suddenly changed their minds and are working with Republicans to finalize the bill for passage.

What caused the sudden flip-flop?  Maybe it was all the bad publicity from the border, or that the Democrats’ dire description of the situation (“concentration camps”) didn’t match their blithe dismissal of the idea that there was a problem at all (even they can deny glaring realities for only so long.) Or maybe they just decided that the crisis has now been fully manufactured.  Whatever the reason, at least they’re finally taking action to spend $4.5 billion dealing with all the people who’ve streamed in.  Now how about spending $5 billion on a wall so people no long stream in and manufacture a humanitarian crisis in the first place?  


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Our Daily Verse (NIV)

"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

– Rom 5:8

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  • Mary Jo Ashwell

    06/22/2019 08:29 AM

    I think that our President was informed that it was curious how and why our technology didn't have the fire power to prevent the drone from being fired upon so our President wisely put the skids on bottom line they are investigating what the enemy has that we do not know about. Obama sent them billions so no telling what they were able to get...maybe we should ask Hillary or Obama?!

  • Stephen Russell

    06/21/2019 01:40 PM

    Whats scary is Pres Trump does Exec orders to get items done & IF voted out in 2020 etc & since Congress & Senate have NOT acted, WE LOSE BIG Time.
    Just sayin