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February 21, 2023



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Tucker Carlson producers access J6 videos

In a blockbuster announcement on his show Monday evening, Tucker Carlson said his producers had been granted access to over 40,000 hours of closed-circuit video from January 6 that has been withheld from the public for over two years. In fact, they’ve been looking through it for about a week, he said, “trying to figure out what it means and whether it contradicts, or not, the story we’ve been told for more than two years. We think that, already, it does contradict that story.” They plan to spend the rest of this week looking through it and will bring their findings next week.

AXIOS had posted an exclusive report on this earlier in the day, saying House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California had turned over “the full trove of surveillance video captured by Capitol Police security cameras on January 6…” We would note that McCarthy’s promise to do this was one of the factors that put him over the top for Speaker. McCarthy had told reporters on January 12 that he supported making the videos public.

The ‘Justice’ Department had designated the video as “highly sensitive government material” in March 2021, but restrictions (naturally) did not apply to House Democrats, who could use clips to their hearts’ content in Trump impeachment hearings and staged presentations by the J6 Kangaroo Kommittee.

The ‘Justice’ Department has said that only 14,000 hours of video --- covering from noon until 8PM --- are relevant. But the 44,000 hours likely cover the full 24-hour period, and who knows what might turn up during that time? So they’ll be looking through that, too.

As Julie Kelly at AMERICAN GREATNESS reports, “The secret video could finally show the use of undercover agents and informants both inside and outside the Capitol as well as those responsible for erecting the ‘gallows’ on Capitol grounds. Footage will also shed light on how photographers and videographers were stationed in key locations before the breach occurred.”

Speaking of January 6, there’s another trial of five more members of the Proud Boys going on now, and Julie Kelly has a must-read report on how DC District Court Judge Tim Kelly (we assume he’s no relation, or she’d disown him) seems to have mistaken the U.S. Constitution for toilet paper.

Judge Kelly was appointed in 2017 by President Trump in a huge mistake I’m sure he’d take back if he could. We warn you: you’ll be beside yourself with anger at the rationale Judge Kelly used to keep these nonviolent suspects detained behind bars for TWO YEARS. All five have been charged with seditious conspiracy, an up-charge that was levied a full year after their initial charges.

“What’s unfolding in Kelly’s courtroom is a mockery of justice,” Julie writes, “a politically motivated case heavily reliant on speech and activity that should be protected by the First Amendment rather than substituted for hard proof of any crime, let alone a plan to overthrow the government.”

And this jury. “Even objective trial observers noted the deep bias of the jury,” she reports. Read the paragraph about these individuals selected for this panel, and you’ll see that this jury is bad even by Washington, DC, standards. I’ve just scratched the surface of the problems with this case --- these defendants aren’t getting anything close to a fair trial.

House introduces “Elon Act” to audit social media, stop DOJ payments

A week after we learned through one of the “Twitter Files” --- this one released by Elon Musk through independent journalist Michael Shellenberger --- that the ‘Justice’ Department had paid Twitter $3.5 million for work it did for the FBI, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert sponsored a bill called the Exposing Lewd Outlays for Social Networking Companies Act. (She dubbed it the “Elon Act”; guess it was a struggle finding a word that started with “L.” Might we suggest “lavish”?) It calls for a one-year moratorium on payments by the DOJ to Twitter, Meta (Facebook), Google, Microsoft and Apple, and also requires a massive audit of all such payments made to these companies since December 2015.

Congress has now introduced that bill. Boebert didn’t have any bipartisan co-sponsors for it. I’d like to think that’s only because none of them could get the name straight, but we know better. Democrats will stick together on an issue as dear to their tiny hearts as government censorship. It’s key to their whole political strategy.

The multi-million-dollar layout to Twitter was to compensate them for working overtime moderating content (censoring) for the FBI and other government agencies, starting during the 2020 presidential campaign. They spent countless man-hours --- can we still say “man-hours?” --- flagrantly violating the Constitution by regulating our speech, and for that they got paid with our money! We’ve covered this story extensively in the newsletter, but Eric Lendrum at AMERICAN GREATNESS provides a good catch-up.

Congresswoman Boebert said, correctly, that “Big Tech is in bed with the FBI and other agencies to the point where Congress can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.” This, of course, was the case while they were also suppressing the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop and its contents, arguably changing the outcome of the 2020 election. (Tellingly, the $3.42 million payment was for work done between October 2019 and February 2021.) The purpose of her bill is to “expose the incestuous relationship between Big Tech and the federal government.”

The FBI didn’t deny making the payment; in fact, they defended it as “reimbursement” for “reasonable costs and expenses associated with their response to a legal process,” as well as “for complying with legal requests, and a standard procedure.” Well, millions of us, and I would hope at least a majority of Supreme Court justices, would have a big problem with the word “legal” as used here. This was our government engaging in “censorship by proxy,” which is NOT LEGAL.

As Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia said in an interview with JUST THE NEWS, “Who would ever have thought that the FBI would be paying Big Tech companies, you know, for their ‘advice’ or their counsel to the tune of millions upon millions of dollars? What they’re doing is what the government cannot do directly. And that is [what] they are doing by proxy, or censorship by proxy. That is 100 percent a violation of the Constitution.”

So we know Rep. Clyde is on board, and one would hope every House Republican is as well. But, again, even if this bill makes it through Congress, it won’t pass the Senate. Hypothetically, if it did pass the Senate, Biden would veto it. The only question is if he would veto it very quietly or take the opportunity to lecture us about the dangers of “misinformation and disinformation” being spread by violent extremist, semi-fascist, mega-MAGA Republican right-wing conspiracy theorist racist white-supremacist domestic terrorists who are a threat to our democracy. You know, us.

Twitter executives have apologized for censoring information about Hunter’s laptop, but they suppressed so much more than that. As we’ve reported, they were getting deluged with requests from the intel community, a variety of government agencies, and even the White House. Staffers could barely keep up; that’s why they got the extra money.

Still, I have a problem with that one-year moratorium on the DOJ paying social media. Please say you agree that it should be a permanent ban.

Now, here’s a story from the archives about a very different sort of payment from someone in the FBI. As reported in May of 2021 --- the significance is clearer today than it was then --- former federal judge and FBI Director Louis Freeh gave $100,000 to a trust for two of Joe Biden’s grandchildren in April 2016, when Biden was in the last year of his vice presidency and Hunter (Joe's brother Jim, too) was actively pursuing foreign business. Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop showed that Freeh told Joe he sought to pursue some “very good and profitable matters with him.” (The grandchildren’s father, Beau Biden, had died of brain cancer in 2015.)

In a later email, Freeh told Hunter, “I would be delighted to do future work with you. I also spoke to Dad [NOTE: he even referred to Jill and Joe as “Mom” and “Dad”] a few weeks ago and would like to explore with him some future work options. I believe that working together on these (and other legal) matters would be of value, fun and rewarding.”

On April 24, 2017, Freeh wrote to Hunter: “As you know, our family foundation made a $100K contribution to Hallie’s children’s trust fund last year.” But Freeh said his accountants “now advise that since the grant did not go to a 501(c)3 organization, it was not a proper foundation gift” and that he planned to fix the situation by making “a new 100K gift” and having the trust “reimburse the foundation by paying it $100K.”

As the NEW YORK POST reported, “The emails between Freeh and Hunter Biden don’t indicate whether Freeh was ever able to do business with Joe Biden or exactly what he had in mind.” He sure seemed to be actively pursuing it, though. They also show that Hunter referred a client --- “crooked Romanian real estate tycoon” Gabriel ‘Puiu’ Popoviciu --- to Freeh in mid-2016. Hunter never seemed to run out of shady foreign business associates, did he?

The NYPOST has more details on the relationship with Popuviciu. Overall, the story just adds another dimension to the chummy relationships the Bidens had with both crooked businessmen and federal law enforcement officials.

Well, it happened: James O'Keefe OUT at Project Veritas

If ever there were a time when we wish WE'D had hidden cameras, it was during the board meeting discussions when they decided to oust founder James O'Keefe. That might have been the only way to make sense of this.

O'Keefe has been a hero of ours, particularly in his effort to tell the real story of Planned Parenthood and their grisly revenue streams. After being repeatedly lied to by the government and other entities, we love seeing a courageous soul do what he can to expose the truth, and O'Keefe has done that over and over.

The video he obtained of a Pfizer executive talking about the "directed evolution" of mRNA covid viruses was sadly ignored by most in the news media, in their own cowardly form of social distancing. It seems Pfizer is just too big a sponsor and has too big a legal department for news departments to take that risk. And it seems to have been on the heels of the Pfizer expose that this "get-James" effort at Project Veritas started.

To us, it doesn't make a lot of sense for the board to attribute O'Keefe's ouster to his "management style." Yes, staffers had recently complained, but as he made clear in a emotional statement he read aloud to the board, he'd always had the same managerial style he has now. Why should it just now become a problem? As he said, "I don't know why this has happened or specifically why this has happened suddenly." He added that he has "documentation" of everything.

The DAILY CALLER offers a few excerpts from his statement.

But Debra Heine at AMERICAN GREATNESS has much more detail in her must-read piece. In the video posted there, O'Keefe tearfully speaks about the legal and financial nightmare he went through 13 years ago when he was first doing this work and thanks his parents for being there for him at that time. "I was otherwise completely alone," he says. No donors, no supporters, and federal agents showing up at his parents' house.

"Our mission continues on," he says. "I'm not done. The mission will perhaps take on a new name and it may no longer be called [Project] Veritas. I will need a bunch of people around me. And I'll make sure you know how to find me."

We might never find out what behind-the-scenes power play was at work at PV but will do our best to find out and update you. Meanwhile, they're in free-fall in terms of Twitter followers and will likely just fade away without O'Keefe. Our suspicion is that this is exactly what somebody wanted.

For what it's worth, Project Veritas has released a statement. And their decision still doesn't make sense.

New study

A new study by the Mary Christie Institute found that over half of recent college graduates are suffering mental health issues as they struggle to adapt to life in the adult workplace.

Wait, are they saying that today’s universities are not teaching students how to be productive adults working in the real world? I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

As always, the Babylon Bee has been on this story long before it hit the headlines. Here’s their video of a fired Twitter employee interviewing for her first actual job.

And a few more, just to drive home the point with a sledge hammer:

Most important yet overlooked story

The most important yet overlooked story of last week came when President Biden signed the “Executive Order on Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.” As reports, it “requires the establishment of ‘Agency Equity Teams’ to ensure that equal outcomes are imposed on federal programs.”

To translate that into English, it orders all federal agencies to replace the American ideal of equality of opportunity with the similar-sounding but very different “equity,” the communist ideal of equal outcomes determined by government. It’s also a huge step backwards for civil rights and a blatant violation of federal law barring the consideration of race or gender in government practices. As the article states, “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity are now the policy of the federal government.” I like that the words were put in that order so that their acronym is the appropriate “DIE.” This is where civil rights and equality under the law go to die. And I’m sure that with Susan Rice put in charge of it, it will be truly lethal to civil rights.

It’s astounding to me that the Democratic Party, the Party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow laws and segregation, is trying to bring back such noxious ideas as judging people by their skin color, hiring based on race, and segregated public spaces, only now under the ludicrous guise of fighting racism. I recently saw a photo of a sign on some campus space that read “Non-whites only.” This was supposed to represent a victory over “systemic racism” by giving people of color their own spaces free of the dangers of “toxic whiteness.” Throw out all that leftist gibberish, and it's nothing more than the old “Coloreds Only” signs that used to hang over Southern lunch counters and water fountains.

And now, Biden is proudly ordering it to be federal policy. As such, he’s following in the footsteps of our first “progressive” President, Woodrow Wilson, who also fired a lot of federal employees based on their skin color and was a big fan of the movie, “Birth of a Nation.”

I hope and pray that conservative legal organizations are already mounting strong Constitutional challenges to this fundamental transformation of our government into a racist spoils system. It won’t be an easy fight, with much of the media on the side of the racial divisionists, but it must be won or a century of real progress in civil rights will be reversed by this Administration.

To give you hope that people of good will of all races can fight back against this anti-American garbage and win, congratulations to the group Legal Insurrection for standing up against the DIE takeover of the Rhode Island school system. They just scored a victory, forcing a segregated teacher event for “educators of color only” to be replaced with one open to all teachers.

It can be stopped on the local level, now let's stop it on the federal level.

A New Ohio Disaster

Yesterday, not far from the site of the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, there was a massive explosion and fire at a metal recycling plant in nearby Bedford, Ohio.

At last report, the fire had been extinguished and 13 people were hospitalized with injuries, one critical. However, all employees have now been accounted for. Please pray for those who were injured, and for an end to the suspiciously high number of fires, explosions, disease outbreaks and other disasters that seem to be coincidentally striking so many of our factories and food processing plants lately.

Speaking of East Palestine, this story makes it hard to believe the government’s claims that it’s perfectly safe and healthy to go back to your homes there (providing there’s not a gas stove in them, of course.)

And this link has details on what is believed to have caused the derailment.

It also has a great Huck’s Hero story about a conservative talk show host who gave away a month’s earnings from his YouTube channel ($20,000 in $1,000 increments) to local people living by the railroad tracks. And it notes that some things are finally being done to help the residents, but only after former President Trump announced that he was going to visit, which would force the national media to cover the story.


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  • Robert Martynowski

    02/21/2023 07:00 PM

    Great newsletter today but where's the Bible quote? I miss it.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    02/21/2023 04:17 PM

    "McCarthy had told reporters on January 12 that he supported making the videos public."

    What about prosecuting the "capital cop" who shot and KILLED an unarmed women???? WHY don't I hear ANYTHING from the rinos about hanging THAT cop???????????????

  • stephen russell

    02/21/2023 02:39 PM

    J6 Videos

    Use for all channels: NewsMax, OAN, TBN CBN Talk radio

    & for Docustory productions.

    Must share

  • Charles Sigars

    02/21/2023 02:25 PM

    Giving Carlson access to the J6 videos is not the same as public disclosure. To say that reducing 41000 hours of video to a one hour show is going to provide any proof is laughable. To even attempt to do so would require massive manipulation to cut and paste the "show" together, which would simply validate what the Leftist Progressive Socialists (aka Democrats) will claim about "fake" information.

    We The People deserve a Wikileaks style dump where citizen journalists and the general public can go over them at will.

    Oh, and keep the originals under secure "lock and key" to prevent Dimms from tampering with them.

  • JC Holland

    02/21/2023 02:00 PM

    It seems the sneaky socialist democrats are really the one's cutting Medicare.
    When Congress passed its year-end omnibus legislation in the final days of 2022, it included a 2% Medicare physician payment cut for 2023. As a result, the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) updated the 2023 conversion factor to $33.8872 for 2023.Jan 24, 2023

  • Jerry

    02/21/2023 01:43 PM

    I see a lot dishonesty within this administration and The most disturbing issue I have is that the possibility for accountability will not happen. Criminals continue to commit crimes why not? no penalty the DOJ has no boundary on what it will do right or wrong nobody can stop the insane working it does; I remember people saying Garland was a great candidate well respected man from both sides nomanated for the Supreme Court WOW that coward is the last person I want to have honesty upheld . Just to make my point a bit clearer an unfit Judge was put on the Supreme court as a woman and she can not define what a woman is after being one; she looks way past her prime according to another unfit person a CNN nitwit who can judge a woman if she is prime or not. This coming from a homosexual that doesn't know prime from a low grade low life because Lemon has never been Prime always a low grade person I take that back Lemon was a prime person that could only be dishonest.