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February 9, 2021

Congratulations to Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady, who set three new records by winning his 7th Super Bowl (or as I now call it, “The Woke Bowl”) out of 10 appearances and by being the oldest player ever in the Super Bowl. Brady struck a massive blow against ageism by showing up the critics who said he was past his prime at 43.

Of course, that didn’t stop the criticism on Twitter that it was somehow racist of him to win the Super Bowl against the Chiefs’ black quarterback Patrick Mahomes during Black History Month. No, seriously. As this article assures us, this is not the Onion. But I do hope that at least some of the tweets they quote were meant sarcastically.

Of course, many people only tune in to the Super Bowl to see the commercials. Here’s a site where you can watch the best (and the worst, if you must) ads without having to endure the politics and virtue-signaling.

But this is my choice for the best Super Bowl ad, and I wonder if its makers realized just how pro-life it is:

Finally, how about a moratorium on celebrities preaching to us over tinkly, minor key piano music about the importance of “unity,” now that their preferred leftist pols are in power and waging war on conservatives? Instapundit reminds us of how Bruce Springsteen, Jeep’s chosen spokesman for “unity,” has practiced it for the past four years, along with more good commentary on how "woke" politics have ruined the Super Bowl, just like they ruin everything they touch.

Be sure to click on the first story at that link for the Babylon Bee’s hilariously spot-on satirical report about how advertisers now create commercials designed not to sell their products, but to keep leftist Twitter mobs from attacking them.


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