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January 8, 2024

First, the story of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s secret weeklong hospitalization following unrevealed elective surgery grew into a bigger scandal over the weekend when it became known that not only was the public not informed, even the Biden White House and the White House National Security Council were kept in the dark. For the past week, with wars and terrorist threats raging around the world, we effectively had no Defense Secretary on the job and nobody in the White House even knew it.

To be fair, considering how badly both Austin and Biden do their jobs, for the military to have no leadership at all was probably preferable to being led by either one of them. Still, when it comes to leadership, the United States military and the American people deserve better than nothing.

Derek Hunter at writes that this, among other recent stories, shows that not even Democrats respect Biden or trust his competence.

He notes that there are only a couple of reasons why this info would be kept from the President. One is that the Pentagon thinks Biden is such a nonentity that they didn’t feel the need to inform him. Another is that they wanted to keep him out of the loop so he wouldn’t step in and make things even worse. Neither speaks highly of Biden or what those close to him think of his abilities.

Meanwhile, Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media reminds us of what a useless disaster Austin has been as Defense Secretary, putting more emphasis on infesting the military with wokeness and trans activism than on winning wars. As for his mysterious surgery, Kruiser suggests, “Maybe he was having a procedure to have his pronouns changed.”

Another area in which Democrats are struggling mightily to keep Loopy Joe out of the loop is his own reelection campaign. Not only are people mocking his attempts to scare us into thinking January 6th was the worst attack in history and Trump is Hitler reincarnated, but his own campaign volunteers are un-volunteering in droves.

It seems that they are appalled that Biden doesn’t share their “values,” which apparently include siding with the murderous terrorists of Hamas against Israel.

As Matt Margolis at PJ Media notes, even Barack Obama is reportedly “extremely concerned” about the fecklessness of Joe’s reelection campaign (he shouldn’t be surprised; everything Joe touches loses all its feck.) Obama is reportedly “working behind the scenes with Biden’s aides and allies” to arrange for campaign officials “to have the authority to make decisions independently, without the need for approval from the White House.”

So his own campaign staff wants us to reelect a President who’s not even consulted on decisions about his own campaign because he’d just screw things up? Well, there’s a vote of confidence!

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