April 30, 2019

California State University-Long Beach is doing away with its longtime team mascot, Prospector Pete, to appease the protests of students who claim the image is offensive because “the 1849 California gold rush was a time in history when the indigenous peoples of California endured subjugation, violence and threats of genocide” so the mascot represents “colonization, white supremacy, racism and exclusion.”


Seems like an awful lot of guilt to heap onto the shoulders of a crusty old guy with a pie pan, leaning over a creek.


Even though Prospector Pete was chosen in 1949 simply to represent that students had “struck the gold of education” by coming there, officials caved and not only yanked the mascot but removed a statue of him.  So I guess the real message is: “This is no longer the gold standard of education.” 


Now we can add the old Gabby Hayes-like prospector to the long, long, and ever-lengthening list of things from American history that must be thrown down the black hole of history, never to be seen nor spoken of again; everyone from Thomas Jefferson to Robert E. Lee to Kate Smith to…well, name your favorite contemporary celebrity who accidentally slipped up and said something too reasonable. 

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A spokeswoman for the university said, “This is not about political correctness; it’s about correcting the historical record.” But is it really about “correcting” the historical record, or erasing it?


I can’t help wondering what these people really think they’re accomplishing by vanishing everything in history that’s even marginally related to something that’s not in line with their current, ever-changing standards.  Do they think it changes history to pretend it didn’t happen?  Are they seriously stupid enough to think that not looking at mistakes of the past will make them less likely to repeat them in the future?  Do they think that whatever negatives they can dig up should obliterate everything positive?  Do they believe that simply depicting or putting up a statue of something from the past means we wholeheartedly endorse everything about it?  FDR did a lot of things Democrats think are great.  He also limited the number of Jewish refugees from the Nazis that we would take in and put Japanese-Americans in internment camps; so let’s remove all monuments to him and scrub him from the history books. 


For many years, the left complained that American history classes only glorified the accomplishments of white males. So textbook writers started adding the contributions of women and people of color, as they should, to give students a more comprehensive view.  But apparently, that wasn’t enough.  Instead of learning about every important figure of history (good, bad and in-between), those who displease leftists are first smeared, then banished to the corn field.  Once again, students receive a biased, inaccurate and incomplete picture of American history, except now it’s an entirely negative picture.  


For example, this new textbook that may be coming to your kids’ school in 2020...


And here’s some information on its author…

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If your kids’ school wants to use it, you should react as if they were welcoming a measles carrier into the classroom.


This sort of thing doesn’t arise from wanting to give students a more complete view of American history.  It comes from a desire to obliterate American history and convince students there is nothing redeeming in this nation’s heritage.  Anyone who hears the slogan “Make America Great Again” and angrily responds that “America was never great” should not be in charge of teaching our kids about their nation’s history since they obviously know nothing about the subject. 


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  • Julie Miller

    05/01/2019 07:26 AM

    I would be much less afraid of a measles carrier and wish you had chosen something else for comparison...and the same day you are running a poll on mandatory vaccines!

  • Rachel R Gillis

    04/30/2019 06:57 PM

    Blame the Board of Trustees who voted to allow it. They are the adults in the room, or they should be.