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January 8, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • President-elect Biden
  • The Gov. answers readers on Jan. 6 violence
  • US Capitol Police Officer dies after violent confrontation
  • President-elect Biden and VP-elect Harris accuse the Capitol Police of racism


Mike Huckabee

President-elect Biden

By Mike Huckabee

While Democrats continue to express newfound outrage over violent riots and to vilify President Trump and all his supporters over the actions of a few idiots, Trump issued a statement calling for reconciliation and condemning what he called the “heinous” attack on the Capitol and saying, "Like all Americans, I am outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem."

He also signaled that with Congress confirming Biden’s electoral victory, his legal challenges over alleged voting irregularities are over and that a new Administration will take office on January 20th. He said, "Emotions are high now, but tempers must be cooled and calm restored. We must get on with the business of America. My campaign rigorously pursued every legal avenue to contest the election results. My only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition…This moment now calls for healing and reconciliation."

In accordance with that statement, we will now start referring to Joe Biden as the “President-elect,” a title incorrectly conferred on him by the media right after the election. Our decision not to fall in line was not made out of partisanship or resentment but a virtually obsolete respect for factual accuracy. As I stated two months ago, Trump had the right to legally challenge the vote, just as Gore did in 2000, and until the challenges were dropped or settled and the vote certified, nobody was “President-elect.” While the suspicions over the vote have unfortunately not been settled, and I fear will continue to fester for years to come, the legal challenge has now ended.

Some conservative sites are referring to Biden as “President Asterisk” or “His Fraudulency.” I heard that a compromise for those who think he’ll be living in the White House but not really be President would be the title “Resident Biden.” That’s all well and good as political satire, but I don’t want to be like the leftists who spent the past four years letting their anger over Trump being President lead them to show disrespect to the office and root for America to fail under his watch.

So out of respect for factual accuracy and the legal and Constitutional system, and for the sake of American unity, we will refer to Joe Biden as “President-elect,” and after his inauguration, as “President Biden.” But we will do everything within reason to ensure that we no longer have to type those words after 2024.


The Gov. answers readers on Jan. 6 violence

By Mike Huckabee

Our initial condemnation of the Capitol Hill violence has, so far, drawn close to 600 responses. It’ll take a while to go through them all, but here are a few examples from across the opinion spectrum…

From Sherry:

You are so right! This election is so wrong, but this is what we have. The Republican Party is better than this; this is NOT how we behave. Even listening to our President was very disappointing. Somehow the Republicans need to be tough and stand up. We have got to be better than what we show and be stronger! I'm sorry our President lost but HE did NOT help our cause by much he has to say. Our elections need to be better.

From the Gov:

Thanks, Sherry. One important note: Even if elections are tainted by fraud, we HAVE to continue voting. If Georgia Republicans had voted in their senatorial run-offs at the same level they voted on Nov. 3, we'd still have the Senate. People who stayed home turned the whole government over to leftists. Remember: the closer the margin, the easier the fraud!

From David:

As an avid listener and reader of your material and a big fan of yours, I have to disagree. I don't condone violence but "We the People" are fed up with the hypocrisy of our government. Sometimes we need to take a stand and take our country back. As a Christian and a conservative, I will do what's necessary to protect my God given liberties. God bless you and your family!

From the Gov:

David, I appreciate that you wrote, but this action did not “take our country back.” It SET our country back and gave the left a gift tied with a big blue ribbon. With everything good that Trump should be remembered for, his legacy has been largely destroyed, at least for now, by a relatively small group of protesters. We have to find better ways to protect our liberties, ways that don’t backfire spectacularly as this one has.

From William:


From the Gov:

Thank you; I’m glad you like the show. William, we’re all angry and have a right to be. But just lashing out is not going to help the cause of conservatism, and this time, it did a tremendous amount of damage.

We’re in no position to condemn violence on the Angry Left if we’re going to use the same tactics. We can’t become the very thing we hate. The double standard exists, to be sure, as those on the left get away with violence, and as realists we have to be mindful of that when contemplating our actions, as they will be turned and used against us by the left whenever possible. The challenge will be how to channel this anger into responses that will do some good. If I CAN make a difference right now, I hope it will be in helping more people understand this.

From Nick:

I am saddened by the violence. If these people were Trump supporters, it makes us all look bad. Trump did rile up the crowd when stating there would be ‘fireworks’. The media will label all Trump supporters as overzealous conspiracy theorists. My brother says I look silly when I say the election was stolen. He tells me to be quiet. Indicative of the left’s view of us all!

From the Gov:

Thanks for writing, Nick. Unfortunately, all true, except for the part about you looking silly. Don't let your brother intimidate you.

From Gennifer (excerpt):

Yes, January 6th events in Washington were unfortunate. This is an example of Conservatives being pushed to a breaking point. No person is strong enough to watch day after day, month after month cities being decimated AND nothing was/is done about it and, what’s worse, no one cared...I am one of the people who are outraged over the Presidential election. I might have been more accepting of the results had ANY of the profound evidence been examined by anyone of authority. One more example of adding kindling to the fire!

From Karen (excerpt):

I agree with you. Our Constitution should be followed to the letter. But where was the SCOTUS? They could have stopped all this...By not ruling on the States not following their own Constitution, the States brought forward illegitimate electoral votes. THIS FACT is what lit the powder keg. This is America, we are Americans and we get mad when our rights are infringed upon…All we asked for, or wanted, was an honest election. We would have tolerated a legitimate Biden win. It was not a legitimate win; we have been blocked from proving either way. And now, God worshipping, law abiding, Deplorables are ANGRY!

From the Gov:

Completely understandable. Even so, Karen, we cannot allow ourselves to be the powder keg. The left WANTED to ignite it. Just two days later, we’re already getting an idea of how they plan to use this turn of events. Plus, they’re blaming Trump –- Biden is grotesquely exaggerating on that point –- to the extent that they’re now talking about impeachment (again) or using the 25th Amendment to destroy any political future he might have. Maybe the rioters intended to “help” Trump, but they hurt him immeasurably. If they wanted to change the course of history, they certainly did, but in a very, very bad way.

The way to help Trump would have been to have all 200,000 people show up in peaceful support of him, while legislators offered words of wisdom and truth inside the chamber. Imagine how differently that would have played. How I wish we could get in the Way-Back Machine and go back two days to fix this, but we can’t.

Finally, this from Nancy:

I, too, am appalled at the violence and disrespect shown for our institutions. I share the belief that the election results were fraudulent, but they will not be overturned by behavior that echoes the despicable rioting of the anarchists. I am praying for America that God's mercy would heal our land. I am praying that He will foil the plans of the wicked and give wisdom and courage to His followers.

From the Gov:

Thanks, Nancy. Wisdom and courage are definitely what we need right now. Certainly we all must exercise that wisdom to see what you have pointed out –- that even a fraudulent election will not be overturned by violence. That just results in tragedy and compounds the problems we and our country face.

I’ll end by offering some stories told by people who were there in the crowd on Wednesday, describing what it was like for them that day and what they think of what happened.


US Capitol Police Officer dies after violent confrontation 

By Mike Huckabee

The Capitol Police reported last night that an officer had died following Wednesday’s violent confrontation with Trump supporters at the Capitol. There was some initial confusion, with CNN reporting an officer’s death and the Capitol Police denying that. But the police later said that officer Brian Sicknick had returned to his division, not realizing the seriousness of his injuries, and later collapsed and died in the hospital. His death is reportedly being investigated as a homicide.

There were three other deaths among Trump supporters reported during the day, but none seem to be associated with the protests. One suffered a stroke, apparently before Trump’s speech began; another had a history of high blood pressure and died of a heart attack; and the third died of an unknown “medical emergency.” We extend our prayers and sympathies to all of their families and the family of the police officer.

President-elect Biden and VP-elect Harris accuse the Capitol Police of racism

By Mike Huckabee

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris demonstrated how they plan to practice “unity and healing” by accusing the Capitol Police of racism and claiming that had those protesters been black, the police would’ve used tear gas and shot them.

I don’t know if they’ve been keeping up with the news, but one of the unarmed Trump supporters WAS fatally shot by a police officer. And as Prof. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit pointed out, if the police had shot a black protester, it would have been major news, while the deadly shooting of a Trump supporter has barely been reported in mainstream media outlets. Also, they did use both tear gas and pepper spray. And Washington was heavily vandalized by BLM protesters over the summer, and the police mostly stood by and did nothing.

The cynical attempt to rewrite history to practice race-baiting did not go unnoticed by people who haven’t been in a coma for the past eight months.

And with House Democrats accusing Republicans of “insurrection” and demanding their expulsion while condemning the violent protesters as “domestic terrorists,” here’s a reminder courtesy of Instapundit that last June, House Republicans proposed a resolution condemning violence and rioting. House Democrats unanimously blocked it.



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Comments 1-25 of 52

  • Kevin F Flynn

    01/10/2021 07:15 AM

    On Parler, Lin Wood suggested that we turn off Auto Update on the IPhone. That Apple is going to do an update that will block the Emergency Broadcast System. Anyone else hear about this? I find Lin Woods to be honest and credible.

  • Sandra Duvall

    01/09/2021 04:09 PM

    It is unfortunate that a few destroyed the cause of the many yet again. However, the spectre of Pelosi and Schumer running like little girls from the 'mob' makes me smile....sorry, just had to add that. I conemn the rioting in all places. It should have been stopped back in Minnesota before this became a thing,. One other thought, I heard a commentator say that if this was a black movement, they would have been shot....well, what exactly happened earlier when the riots broke out in DC? In colorado springs the BLM supporters were mostly white.....go figure. Keep up the good work Mike!

  • Lew

    01/09/2021 12:16 PM

    The Capital Hill “riot” was a set up. The democrats expected it to turn out much worse.
    People dying of natural causes, police officer died of unspecified, perhaps accidental injury and an Air Force Veteran murdered.
    That was some impressive “riot”.

  • Chip Elmblad

    01/08/2021 11:20 PM

    Governor - it appears that there’s no way to prevent election malfeasance by the Left at the national level. If possible, it would be valuable to hear a comprehensive plan of action to begin competing effectively at the state/local level to ensure fair elections.

  • Lori Norvitch

    01/08/2021 10:05 PM

    I don't expect you'll post this, even read it through or respond to it, Governor, but I felt compelled to speak as regards the readers' letters and your responses.

    Governor, why does everyone in media, including yourself and even Christian news reporters, presume that the violence on January 6 was perpetrated by "Trump protesters?" There is evidence on Antifa and BLM websites of incitement of their ilk to dress as Trump supporters, show up and cause trouble to tarnish the image of this peaceful gathering of prayerful patriots. I would also like to say that your responses to readers' emails encouraging nonviolence when they'd already prefaced their remarks with a denunciation of violence does not address the underlying issue. No one is speaking of a violent overthrow of the government, they're speaking of resisting the destruction of this country by an administration that's policies will be disastrous to the republic and our American way of life.

    I stand with those who refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of this "president" and his administration, and while I will refrain from the monstrous acts of hostility the Left perpetrated on conservatives after the election of Donald Trump, I most certainly will not support his destructive policies and will resist with all my might. It is my fervent hope that the spineless leadership of our Republican party, who dismissed people of good faith, failed to defend the integrity of the vote and allowed this destructive force to take over our government institutions, will screw up the courage to stand against the wicked, evil and oppressive legislation the Left has told us they will seek to enact and inflict on the populous. (I don't know which is worse, the absolute lawlessness and overwhelming stench of the national Democrat leadership and the DC swamp or Republican leadership that allows the fetid filth to fester by acquiescing to its unscrupulous dictates.) No one is calling for violence but neither will we shrink from defending our God-given rights as Americans by any moral and legal means necessary.

    Many millions of people are angry, Governor, and rightfully so, we have been cheated out of our right to a free and fair election; and now we're expected to just roll over and pretend we're okay with the outcome? I don't think so. The founding fathers included the second amendment in our constitution for the purpose of resisting government oppression, and although true patriots abhor violence and hope for a more peaceful way to address our grievances, there are many who will not hesitate to take up arms, if necessary, to defend our freedoms. It would be nice if you and others we respect and admire would acknowledge our right to be angry, offer some solace and stop chuntering on about a violent act that we patriots had nothing to do with and most certainly do not deserve the effects of, as you seem to imply. I understand your desire to paper over the damage caused by this political upheaval -- no one likes political discord -- but going along to get along is seldom a means to bringing about an amiable peace; in fact, it very often has the opposite effect.

    The scurrilous injury inflicted on our nation in November by shameless anti-American zealots has deepened an ever-widening rift that threatens to destroy this nation, and having apparently now lost the one means by which law-abiding citizens may select and seat leaders dedicated to preserving the American ideal -- free and fair elections -- patriots are left to contemplate alternative means of achieving that end. How do honest, law-abiding citizens who "play by the book" compete against dishonest, lawless zealots who play to "win by any means?" Only time will tell. In the meantime, we pray God, in His mercy and wisdom, will restore the unity of our once united states ere there ceases to be a country to restore.

  • James McDowell

    01/08/2021 09:51 PM

    It is my desire to convey just how angry I am without resorting to the words I feel like using. Yes, what happened at the US capitol was horrible and I wish our President would not have even addressed the crowd beforehand. The poor man has been hounded for four years and I really don't know how he stayed as nice as he did. I refuse to castigate him for anything, after all he has suffered through. This all comes with the biggest.....BUT.... I can muster. There is absolutely no proof yet that I know of to show that it was any Republican or Trump supporter that did damage or injured people or property. I do firmly believe there were planted ANTIFA and BLM people that actually incited the riot. Anyone who hasn't lived in the boonies for the last four years knows BLM and ANTIFA are agents of the Demoncrat party as is mainstream media. The lefties let no time go to waste in espousing their usual theory of "Never let a good crisis go to waste" with thanks to Rahm Emmanuel for his line. Old Joe the Groper and sidekick that got zero votes in her campaign for President are quickly doing all they can to incite further riots. There is much more I could say, but will stop now.

  • Jerry

    01/08/2021 05:17 PM

    Just the thought of Pelosi Biden Harris will be a look into the past of the Obama Presidency only Biden will make our life as American more miserable than Obama. The country's loss of 500,000 jobs is do to the lockdowns the restaurants small business has taken effect many have gone out of business leaving thousands without a job to go to. The increase in the tax base will not help bring the economy back shutting down the energy sector will only increase the cost of doing business inflation will be on the upswing. Forget the Capitol break down enforcement of law and order in Democratic run cities will be the norm no one will do business in these cities another reason for job loss check the U haul schedules the people are leaving democratic cities for law and order states where business can flourish and have a chance. Democratic cities are slums and that is what the Biden Administration will produce slums the decay has already begun and will get worse as the years go by. Biden's slogan America Last CCP first.

  • Giovanni Catanese

    01/08/2021 04:51 PM

    I wanted you to know that I enjoy your daily newsletters and I appreciate your support to our President Trump. If I may, I would like to pass this to the president: Facts are clear and undeniable that the election was stolen and unfortunately most of the GOP elected official failed to support the president (after he directly helped assure their reelections) in a legal and constitutional challenge to the results, and worst of all, betrayed almost 75 millions of voters. Therefore, if Trump plans to run again for the highest office in the land in the future, he must do it by forming his own "America First" party. The GOP is unrealiable, disloyal, and in certain instances, a nest of traitors (you and few others are the exception). America needs a third party because both the Dems and GOP cater only to the status quo where they, the establishment, dictate to us, the People. Again, thank you for doing the right thing and stand for Conservatism, the Constitution and our country.

  • Michael R Brannick

    01/08/2021 04:44 PM

    Another case of a Leftist involved in the riot: And this time I kjnow the source is pretty reliable.

  • George Murrey

    01/08/2021 04:31 PM

    Sooner than later the new administration will unleash their socialist, far left agenda on our country. From climate change, to letting illegals getting their citizenship without due process and opening up our borders, to the new green deal, to packing the courts, and higher taxes will dismantle everything that President Trump has fought for. We won't see a darker winter, which the new pres asserted to, but for four long years. Who it will hurt the worst are those that live above the poverty line, and the damage could last for years. I am praying that congress will to to their senses before enacting any laws. May God bless you and our country.

  • Sherry Lewis Henry

    01/08/2021 04:28 PM

    Gov. Huckabee: A similar example to this political experience of Injustice we are currently experiencing, can be found in a book titled: BLATANT MURDER, DENIED JUSTICE & THE TOWN'S DEMISE. This is a true story of a murder in Arkansas, 1964. A murder-victim's daughter went on a decades long experience trying to persuade AR officials to do-their-jobs; they refused. A form of justice occurred when the town itself dissolved, into a 'Walmart store.'
    The daughter later on, met You in the Yad Vashem in Israel....your picture is in the book, actually. She wished she could have met you earlier, when you were governor, but she lived at a distance for her own safety. God's serendipity in the Israeli Holocaust museum,..... helped, however. And, Thanks. Sherry Lewis Henry

  • Darron Tarr

    01/08/2021 02:56 PM

    John Adams stated: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” The profound truth of this comment has never been more apparent than in the USA today. Under the pretense of upholding the Constitution, through corruption and criminality of the highest order, the Democrats have manipulated this revered and sacred document into a grotesque representation of the 'will of the people,' far removed from its original intent. As a foreigner who fervently supports President Trump and the version of the USA we all know and love that he was in the process of restoring, never before have I been so disappointed in Americans as I am at present. What we all viewed as the world's bastion of true freedom and democracy, the shining light for so many other nations, is crippled by both systemic corruption in Democrat constituencies and a lack of courage and moral fortitude on the part of many Republicans, who have meekly capitulated to forces that hate their country and reject the Judeo-Christian principles upon which it was built. Both socialist and globalist ideologies have devastated my country and they will do the same to yours, unless patriots unite in defense of sovereignty, freedom, capitalism and the application of the principles espoused in your Constitution, as your founding fathers intended.

  • Helen Nees

    01/08/2021 02:37 PM

    I think the proper name for Biden is " Dementia Basement Dweller". He is not presidential material as we all know and the 25th Amendment would be the appropriate method to get rid of him. He needs to change his address on day 2 to an assisted living facility or go back to your Delaware basement. Then we're stuck w/the California ho who can't come up w/an individual thought on her own-Queen of plagiarizing-who also couldn't pass the bar on her first attempt.

  • Dave Smith

    01/08/2021 02:17 PM

    I am quite concerned about VP elect Harris moving to take over the presidency by whatever means as I do not think her motives are for the prosperity of the country or its citizens. One question, if VP elect Harris became president, would Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosy become VP as Speaker Gerald Ford became VP when Spiro Agnew lost his position?

  • JC

    01/08/2021 01:57 PM

    It's hard to believe that Joe Manchin is now the last hope to stop the socialist/communist democrats.

  • William Hunter

    01/08/2021 01:51 PM

    Awesome Newsletter! We support Samaritans Purse; Operation Christmas Child; and My Faith Votes @ National level. We operate a Food Pantry @ Christ Alive Community Church on U.S. 150 Edwards Illinois. We consider ourselves Conservative in terms of values. Enjoy your TV show and what you do for America and Christians around the globe! God Bless.

  • Donald Godard

    01/08/2021 01:39 PM

    I am not an American . I am a Canadian.
    I saw Mr Huckabee on FOX today,
    He suggested, I think, that opinions of people on the right and Left should be put out “as the Brits would say” and have at it.
    It seems to me that was done in 2020 and on Nov 3 votes were cast, counted, recounted and results adjudicated adnauseum . Tallies approx 80,000,000 to 70,000.00 approx.
    One side Won the tilt ,one side lost. Move on.

  • Donald Ray

    01/08/2021 01:33 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, what do you think about the Convention of States Action and do you think it has a chance to correct the corruption in our government by using Article V of our Constitution?

  • Richard Colston

    01/08/2021 01:31 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I am a loyal subscriber and reader of your newsletter...every one! I admire you and appreciate the wisdom and truth you share with the American people, as well as anyone else in the world. While disappointed with the outcome of the election, I too am glad its over as well as am appalled by the violence that occurred. My concern is that how do we go forward from here? How do we ever trust our elections again. With the political majority we have now , how will this not become worse. Ultimately my faith and trust in God will settle my soul and my spirit but my trust in the government as it stands today has been shattered! I pray that you and yours are and will remain healthy and that the Holy Spirit will keep and continue to guide your path. Many Blessings.

  • Bill Greenwell

    01/08/2021 01:25 PM

    Hi Governor! Just saw you on "Overtime", and Love the new glasses! They look Great!

  • Sherry Glascock aka Sharon Glascock

    01/08/2021 01:23 PM

    I have just finished my last letter to Our President Donald
    Trump, praising him for all he has done for us true Americans and I hope others will do the same for he needs us now more than ever as he leaves the White House. My prayers for him is an enjoyable golf games and no more stress. Mike you are one we will be looking to for the truth to be given to us, we can no longer believe the news media. Please do not leave us Mike Huckabee .

  • Renee Kendrick

    01/08/2021 01:13 PM

    Racism...oh boy! Here we go! Four years of such heresy!

    The ones that cry the loudest on issues are the guilty ones! Like the old saying, "The hem that cackled laid the egg!" What you dislike about others you dislike about yourself! Amen and Oh me!


    01/08/2021 01:11 PM

    I changed my party affiliation today. The Republic Party was either outwitted or complicit in the election / elections. They let us down and now many Republican Leaders are now letting President Trump down. Look at them scramble! President Trump has never called for violence and his mantra has been for Law and Order.

  • Kenneth Cossey

    01/08/2021 01:07 PM

    Since we can longer trust Republicans or Democrats I suggest starting a loose grass roots organization to support candidates that agree to:
    Term limits
    Yes or no vote on every bill with no add ons
    Introduce these every session for the years it will take to pass them

    We should vote against every incumbent in the primaries that has served more than. Two terms unless they can run on apro en record and agree on these items.

  • Mark Dais

    01/08/2021 01:06 PM

    Mike, you are telling us that if a mob comes starts stealing everything we have (Liberty & Freedom) we are to 'follow the rule of law'. "Law" will not hear our case. Justice has turned it's back on us. What is left for us to do? Meekly walk into the gas chamber?

    There comes a day when GOD fearing people have had enough. That day hasn't come for me........ yet, but if they keep pushing...........

    I pray to GOD that he steps in before they cross my line in the sand.