Alan Dershowitz isn't buying the hype

November 1, 2017 |

Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz has some words of caution for those on the left who hope that Robert Mueller’s laundry list of questionable charges against Paul Manafort will pressure him to implicate President Trump in something criminal. Dershowitz says he’s been fighting for decades against the power of prosecutors to threaten people with prison to get them to implicate others. He says it can lead to defendants making up testimony, and if anyone else were doing it, it would be called “extortion.” And he had an ominous warning for Democrats who want to brand things Republicans do as “criminal” just because they disagree with them: if prosecutors are allowed to broaden criminal statutes like that, they may be going after Trump now, but they could go after Hillary Clinton next.

Of course, that opens the question of just how broad a statute has to be before someone in Washington actually holds Hillary accountable for violating it. I’m visualizing the Grand Canyon.


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    11/02/2017 12:31 AM

    I'm just a common man not a law prof. but I was saying almost the same thing they needed to charge somebody because people on both sides are starting to see this is a scam from the left. Now I hear things might be ramping up for the Uranium One deal and I'd be willing to bet some of the 33,000 emails has some information on it. The funny thing with email is there is always a sender and at least 1 receiver even if she bleach-bit them there should be a receiver out there somewhere we know some of the players in the Uranium One deal and someone should hack their computer and see if they still have any evidence on them.

  • Moses Tracy

    11/01/2017 11:34 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee,

    You are elect. Ben Carson is elect. Rick Perry is elect. Mr. Trump is elect. Gen. Kelly is elect. Your daughter Mrs. Sanders is elect. Trump's entire family, believe it or not, is elect. But, steve bannon, clintos, aside from Chelsea, all obama's, all bush's, paul ryan, mitch mc'connell, 97 U.S. senators, more than half house of representatives, n.s.a. chief, former homeland chief, former c.i.a. chief, former national security director, and, many more, are all CHILDREN OF the devil! God talks to me. Plus, (1Co.12:10, kjv.). I don't blame you if you discount this. Is it Amos that says a prudent man will keep quiet b/c time is evil. Our "courageous" leaders & supposed N.T. prophets are hiding in FEAR?!