May 7, 2019


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Today's Commentary ---  Attorney General Bill Barr and the problems of whistleblowers  --- Comparing Trump and Obama's poll numbers -- Bad news for youth voting push --- President Trump issues pardon -- All that we leave behind --- Congratulations to Meghan and Harry --- Quotes from our Presidents -- Booker goes all in on gun control -- Paul Ehrlich qualified to speak on CNN   -- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


It’s easy to see that, as far as Democrats are concerned, Attorney General William Barr has a target on his back. They are desperate to get rid of him, simply because he stated the obvious --- that there was SPYING going on against the Trump campaign --- and had the gall to say he wants to look into it. (They are shocked –- shocked! –- to find that gambling was going on at Rick’s!) Some people with a lot to lose are scared out of their minds right now, which explains a lot of what they’re babbling.

Of course, now that Barr has dared to tell the truth about this, Democrats have had to admit that they were wrong in thinking Trump “colluded” with Russia, express the relief all Americans should share now that we know the President of the United States is not a Russian agent, and work towards solving the nation’s problems, like border security and aggression from Iran and North Korea.


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Mike Huckabee

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Comparing Trump and Obama's poll numbers

By Mike Huckabee

We always hear from the media about how low President Trump’s approval rating is, so surely, he can’t be reelected, can he? (Remember, these are the same people who told us he couldn’t be elected in the first place.) Why then does Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll have Trump at 50%, tied with Obama at this same point in his presidency, while Gallup has Trump at 46%, one point higher than Obama at the same point.


Bad news for youth voting push

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s bad news for 16-year-olds who think they should be allowed to vote: if we took a vote on it, they’d lose, even if they could vote.  

A Hill-HarrisX poll of registered voters found that by a huge majority, Americans are opposed to lowering the voting age.  Seventy-five percent oppose letting 17-year-olds vote, and a staggering 84% oppose giving 16-year-olds the vote.

Democrats who are pushing the idea in hopes that it will help them appeal to the radical left wing in their party primaries (and get kids too young to know any better to vote for them) also might want to rethink it.  The poll found that while Republicans are more opposed to the idea, 65% of Democrats are also against 17-year-olds voting and 78% of Democrats oppose letting 16-year-olds vote.

Opponents argue that it’s crazy to let people vote who aren’t yet mature enough even to legally qualify as adults. Of course, judging by recent events, that’s obviously not something that keeps them out of Congress.


President Trump issues pardon

By Mike Huckabee

President Trump has pardoned former Army Lt. Michael Behenna, who was originally sentenced to 25 years in prison for unpremeditated murder in a combat zone after he killed a suspected al-Qaeda terrorist in Iraq while he was in custody.  Behanna’s parents say the Army prosecutors failed to disclose that their own expert’s analysis backed their son’s claim that he acted in self-defense, and the expert felt so strongly about it, he reached out to the parents personally. 

The Army Clemency and Parole Board reduced Behanna’s sentence to 15 years and paroled him as soon as he was eligible in 2014.  The Presidential pardon, which will clear his record, was backed by dozens of political and military officials. The full story is at the link.


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All that we leave behind

By Mike Huckabee

Was anyone really surprised to learn there’s a Starbucks in the Medieval fantasy kingdom on “Game of Thrones”?  I think if you squint just right during the new documentary “Apollo 11,” you can spot one on the moon, too.


Congratulations to Meghan and Harry

By Mike Huckabee

Britain’s Prince Harry and his American-born wife, Meghan Markle, are celebrating the birth of their first child.  Royal fans were anxious to learn the baby’s sex, and while Harry was reportedly hoping for a girl, everyone is very happy at the news that it was a healthy baby boy.  All this traditional-style talk about the baby’s gender seem a little surprising, in light of a much-repeated Vanity Fair article that quoted an unnamed “source” as saying the parents planned to raise their child as “gender fluid.” But Buckingham Palace quickly put the kibosh on that, saying, “This story is totally false.”

I guess that since the baby is now seventh in line to the throne and might someday assume a position of national leadership, the media wanted to get an early start at running fake news about him from anonymous sources.

Congratulations and prayers for the Royal couple and their precious new baby, and prayers for the day when every precious baby will be welcomed into the world like royalty, the way they all deserve to be.


Quotes from our Presidents

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.”

- Theodore Roosevelt


Booker goes all in on gun control

By Mike Huckabee

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is now averaging 2.5% support in the Real Clear Politics poll average of Democratic Presidential contenders, and he needs something to make him stand out.  So he’s going all-in on gun control.  Booker put out a 14-point program for making Americans jump through hoops and do flatfooted backflips before the federal government deems them worthy to exercise their Second Amendment rights (okay, those aren’t really two of the points, but when you have to wade through 14 of these convoluted “common sense” ideas, your mind starts to wander.)

What is it about liberals and their idealistic lists of endless ways (I don’t dare call Booker’s list “bullet points) in which they know better than the Founders or you and me about what rights we should be allowed to have?  This reminds me of Woodrow Wilson’s “14 Points” plan after World War I to impose peace forever on Europe.  French Prime Minister George Clemenceau complained that even God Almighty only had ten points. 

I also like the comment at the link from Eric Lopez: “What other rights in the Constitution will we need a license for?”  I shudder to imagine, but if one of these Democrats does make it into office, I bet there will be as many attempts at restricting the First Amendment as there are now at restricting the Second.


Paul Ehrlich qualified to speak on CNN

By Mike Huckabee

Doomsday theorist Paul Ehrlich, a professor at Stanford University, published his book THE POPULATION BOMB in 1968. It has since been thoroughly debunked, as its dire predictions failed to happen, but that doesn’t stop CNN from inviting him on to talk about climate change. (It also doesn’t stop Stanford University from having him as a professor, but I digress.)

“For a species that named itself homo sapiens, ‘the wise man,’ we’re being incredibly stupid,” he said in the CNN interview. Speak for yourself, Mr. Ehrlich. Your book was about as far from wise as it could be, as over time it was proven to be utterly ridiculous.

At the link, read about a bet he made in 1980 –- and lost in 1990 –- with another, smarter professor, Julian Lincoln Simon. Ehrlich bet that commodities would get more expensive as they became scarcer, but Simon bet that they would get cheaper as humans invented either more cost-effective ways to extract them or found cheaper alternatives. (That’s the ‘sapiens’ in ‘homo sapiens.’)

Hey, just because someone is virtually always wrong doesn’t mean CNN won’t book him, especially to talk about climate change. In fact, I’d say it means they’re more likely to.



Evening Edition - May 6

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse (KJV)

"Grant thee according to thine own heart, 
and fulfil all thy counsel."

– Psalm 20:4

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  • Dr. Michael Carver

    05/20/2019 10:23 PM

    Re: Allowing 16-year-olds to vote. As Judge Judy taught me, "Do you know how to tell your teenage children are lying to you?... Their lips are moving." And these are the so-called citizens that liberals want to help elect our so-called leaders?!?

  • Don Crumbley

    05/07/2019 02:46 PM

    Gov: 1LT Clint Lorance, US Army, a courageous decorated warrior, was "railroaded" for political Afghan purposes in his 2012 Court Martial, for authorizing his men to open fire, during an engaged hostile "fire fight" under duress, which killed two Taliban Bomb Makers, wounded one more and the evidence of same, was withheld from the Defense and never admitted to the Court's Board. 1LT Lorance's total horrendous detailed story can be found in the Book, "Travesty of Justice"...... by author, Don Brown, available on Amazon. President Trump needs to intervene to correct this tragic miscarriage of military justice, as he now has set in Ft. Leavenworth for 6 years, under a 20 year sentence for murder and attempted murder, for doing what he has been trained to do in protecting his men during a firefight in war, with the enemy.