October 15, 2020


The New York Post obtained a 2015 email reportedly recovered from a computer Hunter Biden left for repairs and never picked up. It’s from Ukrainian businessman Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the infamous Ukrainian energy company Burisma that paid Hunter $50,000 a month for his invaluable contributions as a board member. The email reads, ‘Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving me an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together.” In another email from May, 2014, Pozharskyi asks Hunter for “advice on how you could use your influence” on Burisma's behalf.

This was less than eight months before Joe Biden threatened to withhold foreign aid money to Ukraine if they didn’t fire a prosecutor who was looking into Burisma. It’s a big deal – or should be – because Biden has angrily denied having any ulterior motives or ever speaking to his son about his foreign business deals.

If you don’t hear about this, it could be because other outlets, from Facebook to the Washington Post, are doing everything possible not to report it and to keep others from sharing it. Not because they're biased and are treating any stories about Hunter as gingerly as radioactive waste. Perish the thought.

No, it's just that media outlets that have run countless anti-Trump fake news articles based on anonymous sources and “leaked” documents have suddenly become extremely concerned about repeating a story based on leaked documents. Facebook is limiting sharing of the story until its fact-checkers have time to verify it as genuine (I’m guessing that job will take until, oh…November 4th.) No bias, just standard operating procedure, you understand.


For your convenience. If this is a hoax, someone went to a lot of effort to make it a good one, even creating a deep fake Hunter Biden sex tape, complete with crack smoking for added authenticity.


Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana nails it again, this time on the Joe/Hunter Biden story and, in particular, the social media reaction:

"These accusations are as serious as four heart attacks and a stroke."

He went to praise the NEW YORK POST as a responsible, reputable news organization, subject to libel and defamation laws. Social media are trying to pick winners and losers, and that is wrong.

He said this story about then-VP Biden and his son suggests to the world that "the foreign policy of the United States can be bought and sold like a sack of potatoes." Because of its importance, every news organization around the world needs to be investigating the veracity of this story. We need to get this right, "and that's why we have the First Amendment, and why we have a free and fair --- supposedly fair --- media."

Emphasis on the word "supposedly."

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  • Robert Kirkland

    10/18/2020 06:53 PM

    The bias of ABC (apparently all the mainstream media. I can only speak about ABC as I don't watch the others) can only be called nefarious at best. Their continued obsession with Russian collusion is a ruse to divert attention from the network's blatant attempt to influence the election. Well that and their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  • Bernard Kiljanski

    10/17/2020 09:51 AM

    We are in a full scale coup (revolution ). And it's going to get very ugly, Saul Alynsky is smiling in his grave.

  • Sarah Menne

    10/15/2020 04:42 PM

    Lately one feels as though we went to sleep in America but woke up in China or Iran or N. Korea where honest news is no longer allowed by the liberal press or on Social Media. Last I heard, this was still America with free speech under a great Constitution. I don't know the answer, but I do know we have a President who's exposing the swamp and we most definitely still need to empty it fully. What is discouraging is how many American citizens remain so completely blind to the obvious dangers of the Democrat Party and their road to Socialism/Communism. HOW did the Socialists get in such control of our press and educational systems? America surely needs to WAKE UP and TAKE ACTION before it's too late!!!

  • Margaret

    10/15/2020 03:16 PM

    Sad to read this, but it will become Trumps fault no matter what they have done. THEY NEVER FACE THEIR OWN FAULTS.

  • MARGARET B Sands

    10/15/2020 02:27 PM

    Twitter needs to be broken up and sued for Bill Ins if dollars!!!

  • chrissy dapremont

    10/15/2020 02:14 PM

    They need to be charged but they won't nothing will happen as usual

  • Gerald Hill

    10/15/2020 02:03 PM

    It’s time for the truth to be made public for all Americans to see we’re only as informed as good reporting keep up the good work

  • Marilyn Stacey

    10/15/2020 01:27 PM

    Please investigate. I do NOT want dishonest people in congress padding their pockets instead of doing what they are elected to do; for the good of the American citizens. Hunter Biden’s job and Joe Biden getting the person investigating this company fired should be a red flag for ALL citizens. This is not acceptable whether Democrat or Republican! Do the right thing. Prosecute the guilty. Thank you

  • Susan

    10/15/2020 12:54 PM

    So disappointed in Trump’s promises on cleaning the swamp. It’s more like a cesspool. If the Dems take over this will be eradicated from all news accounts and then some. I wanted to see accountability and all I have seen is two years with both houses Republican and nothing done. Then two more years of a better AG that wasn’t traumatized into a place holder and powerless. What happened?

  • mary alice phillips

    10/15/2020 12:52 PM

    This is appalling..this needs to be investigated,,,the BIDENS need to be held to ACCOUNT !!!

  • paul cook

    10/15/2020 09:21 AM

    The FBI has had this since Dec '19. Why are we only hearing about with 3 weeks until an election and 15 million people have already voted. Deep state FBI yet again dragging their feet to get biden elected. It should have been dealt with Jan '20

  • Skip thomas

    10/15/2020 09:16 AM

    The Swamp has been in control, even though citizen journalists have been researching and sharing this story for years, throughout the world.

    Projection, gaslighting and censorship has been MSM media and Deep State weapons. The swamp creature media is out of ammo.

    This is painful for me, as most of my kids, through education, media and peer indoctrination, have embrace this Marxist agenda. As so far, as my son is the current president of the News Guild in DC - as he fought their election corruption for a revote and won. Yet, his choices, I told him was - 1. Just collect pay and do nothing. 2. Submit to the powers of the swamp and work to keep the journalist in a submissive herd mentality or 3 to use this as a historic opportunity to save journalism and fight for the integrity and Truth that should be a oath for all journalist. The last choice would be extremely dangerous but heroic.

    All I can do is pray now.

    Oh, an continue my own path of Truth seeking and sharing as a filmmaker and voice of Truth!