October 6, 2020

One of the downsides for the media during Trump’s quarantine is that it’s so hard for some of them to practice basic human decency. Even if they can restrain themselves from celebrating that someone they disagree with politically has a potentially lethal disease, they still can’t stop themselves from hurling groundless accusations, spinning ridiculous conspiracy theaters and making up fake news. It’s hard to break a habit when you’ve been doing it every day for nearly four years, and besides, fake news is a multi-billion-dollar industry now.

So over the past few days, with Trump briefly out of commission, they had to struggle, but they came through. There were accusations that Trump wasn’t really sick and is just faking this to get out of debating Biden again (you know, the guy Trump keeps trying to talk into more debates.) But there are also accusations that Trump is much sicker than we’ve been told because the White House says he’s doing well and they’re “LYING LIARS WHO LIE!!!”

One “journalist” tried to prove that Trump isn’t really working by tweeting a photo of Trump signing a document that he claims is blank, as if you could actually tell that from a fuzzy vidcap taken from 15 feet away. I’m still trying to figure out the point. Even if he did just sign a paper for that photo, he’s still sitting up and signing things, not on a respirator. Oh, well, TDS is a sad disease itself.

The press’ desperation to spin everything Trump does as evil even extended to blasting him for putting on a mask and driving in a closed car past the crowds of well-wishers outside to wave thank-you to them. He’s putting police at deadly risk! (Wait, I thought masks worked to prevent the spread of the virus? If not, why are we all still wearing them?) Some even accused him of committing attempted murder and demanded he face criminal charges and be removed from office. Then, they do that every time he puts ketchup on a steak, so I think we can just wave and drive on by them.

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  • Sandy Dado

    10/08/2020 09:05 AM

    I’m getting tired of Fox News supporting Chris Wallace on his abysmal performance on the 1st debate between Trump and Biden. He has never been fair where President Trump is concerned. Please pass my feelings on to Fox.