April 10, 2019

Wonder why weekly news magazines are dying? The Internet is not solely to blame.  There’s also the blindly partisan, leftist elite bubble in which their editors reside.  Last week, Time’s cover story was a glamor photo of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gushingly captioned, “The Phenom.”  And now, Newsweek one-ups them with this cover story on Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, which they touted with the line, “How (she) is changing the conversation about Israel…”


You can see the cover at that link.  I chose Dana Loesch’s tweet about it because she offered an excellent reply listing the ways Omar is “changing the conversation about Israel.”


Rep. Dan Crenshaw also had some choice words about Omar’s latest offensive jaw-dropper, in which she tried to change the conversation about the 9/11 attacks (when a group of Islamic radicals murdered 3,000 innocent people at once) into a claim that Americans started persecuting Muslims just because “some people did something.”


I sincerely hope her comments are changing the conversation among her constituents into questioning why they did something so regrettable as electing her to Congress.  Unlike 9/11, that’s “something” that can be rectified.  As for Newsweek, their editors seem determined to prove that when the entire operation was sold for one dollar back in 2010, the buyer was overcharged.  

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