Tuesday's primary elections - a recap

June 6, 2018 |

At this writing, ballots in some of Tuesday’s primaries all around the nation are still being tallied (some might not be settled for days). But the big news is already in, and it’s not good for Democrats: voters in California will have a choice in the Governor’s race, after all.

In California’s “jungle primaries,” there is no party split. The top two votegetters become the candidates. Democrats had hoped their stranglehold on California would result in a Governor’s race between two liberal former mayors, Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa, leaving Californians a Hobson’s choice between the guy who screwed up San Francisco and the guy who screwed up L.A. Instead, they are reeling over the news that the second-place finisher was Trump-endorsed Republican businessman John Cox.

While the “smart money” (i.e., the same people who bet the farm on Hillary winning) says that Newsom is a shoe-in, Cox has no intention of coasting to a gentleman's loss. He immediately pivoted from thanking his supporters into attacking Newsom on his record of making San Francisco a filthy, homeless-besieged sanctuary for violent illegal alien criminals that nearly half the residents want to flee.


In other words, this is going to be a fun race to watch. Even if Cox can't win (which might actually be impossible for a Republican, considering how many working people and business owners have bugged out in recent years), his campaign is still to fire up the GOP base and give whoever is still there a reason to turn out. Since the Dems’ hopes of retaking the House are built on surfing to victory in California on a “blue wave” of lopsided leftist enthusiasm, having Cox on the ballot lead to a gnarly wipe-out. Bummer, dudes.



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  • Sara Carpenter

    06/08/2018 01:42 PM

    As a conservative
    .Rep.... I didn't think that Cox would win...but one can only hope!! Maybe by some miracle..Cox will win.
    California continues to degenerate until these liberals are out! I hope Californians wake up to this reality!! San Francisco used to be such a beautiful city years ago...It's a garbage heap now and I will never visit there again!

  • Arlene Waggoner

    06/08/2018 02:35 AM

    Hi Mike. Mike, I’m believing, no matter how impossible it may seem, that my home state California is going to have a major upset come election time. Something resembling our last presidential election. ?? I believe in a God that specializes in the “impossible”! Please be in agreement with me... much can happen when two or more come together in agreement. A positive, Godly change is coming to California. I take it by faith, in Jesus name ~ Amen

  • Lu Scannell

    06/08/2018 01:46 AM

    I was behind John Cox from the very beginning 100%. I made it a point (and will continue) to pray for him and his family every day just as I do our President and Vice President and their families. I believe God heard and answered my prayer for my state (California)... for such a time as this ????.
    God bless you!

  • Connie Winters.

    06/08/2018 12:56 AM

    So thankful that John Cox won the primary...for the sake of us who have built our homes, raised our kids, now retired, praying that he wins in November to save our once beautiful state. We appreciate all who will pray with us??????????

  • Joanne Hamm

    06/06/2018 05:48 PM

    SO thankful Cox won here in California! Not all of us in this state are loony liberals!!
    Another voter for Trump!!!
    Appreciate your comments too!