September 28, 2017

There was a recent survey of atheists and agnostics in Great Britain that revealed something startling. It found that just as some religious people struggle with maintaining their faith, so do many non-believers struggle with maintaining their lack of faith, particularly when faced with unanswerable questions about life, evolution and the universe.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. While atheists in recent years have become more strident and “in-your-face” (probably because they can band together on the Internet in atheist bubbles), it’s long been obvious to anyone with an understanding of theology that atheism is a form of religion.

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For all the atheists’ talk about how irrational it is to make a “leap of faith” and believe in God with no hard empirical evidence, it takes just as much faith to decide emphatically that there is no God. They must know that it’s impossible to prove a negative. I’m sure this nagging doubt about their lack of faith must trouble them. But who knows? Maybe it’s the doorway through which they will one day find genuine faith.

After all, the Lord works in mysterious ways.


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  • Jerry L. Holden II

    10/01/2017 11:13 AM

    Mr. Huckabee
    I couldn't agree more....sometimes when the ideological fight is dark we are not as aware that we serve a living GOD. Thanks for the reminder.

    BTW in response to the NFL Anthem/Flag issue I wrote this satirical note....hope it makes you laugh..

    I don't believe they (NFL) truly understand the degree of upset that exists in the fan base. Just stopping a protest and expecting me to view their games again is like your best friend hitting
    you continually in the face because he had too much whiskey to drink. When he finally stops he asks to take you out for a beer like nothing bad happened between you (because he doesn't remember anything). You might forgive him because he is your best friend..... need to have some assurance that he's not going to wack out the next time he hits the Jack Daniels. You might want an apology for the bad behavior that caused this little road bump in your friendship. You also might want an intervention to help him to come to terms with his relationship with Jack Daniels. Then after you are convinced there are sufficient boundaries in place in your friendship with him you can start thinking about going out with him again socially. After all you're still single and he has a cute cousin and he really is your best friend. NFL ....relationships can be repaired but it's not going to happen between game nights. We need to be convinced you actually understand that you damaged this relationship. We need to know you are very very sorry and have installed procedural safeguards to ensure there will be no reprise of this unfortunate incident. It would help if you had a cute cousin....cause I am still single.

    God Bless You Always
    Jerry Holden II

  • Corinne Buschmeyer

    09/29/2017 06:08 PM

    I can't imagine not believing in our Great God! He uses so many to shake up mindsets that come up against Him. One day, they will discover that He does exist as they will be standing before Him. Great post sir! And your fabulous daughter Sarah is a treat to watch as she addresses the very 'in submission' press she has full control over. Oh I love it! God bless her and your whole family for being so strong and true to your faith. I hear there's a TV show...I will be looking for it up here in Canada. We watched 'Huckabee' faithfully. Hope God blesses your socks off with it! Signed, a supporter in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. :)

  • Bruce Kuykendall

    09/29/2017 09:38 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, doesn’t this bring all the decisions concerning the removal of religious symbols and practices from government spaces into question based on constitutional protections? In effect, dont these decisions give deference to one religion (atheism) over all others?

  • Lisa Marie Lansing

    09/29/2017 06:20 AM

    Someday every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father amen

  • Ian Morris

    09/29/2017 02:36 AM

    Clearly the evidence is overwhelming that evilution has bred so much violence in Rwanda, Hitler's Germany, Mao's China, Eugenics, Abortion, Euthanasia... then the evidence mathematically demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubt it is impossible that any form of evilution every occurred. We don't even see evilution happening in the evilution textbooks! They continue to print things that have long ago been disproven. Clearly when mankind rejects their Creator making them male and female and starts lying to their own DNA making a third gender... we need to question their sanity and their false belief system. From the fine tuning of our Moon's exact size and precise distance from the Sun, to the orbits and positions of stars and galaxies, down to the tiniest one cells organisms... it is clear evidence of a very wise, loving Designer. So logically it is a dangerous place to put yourself on the throne of your own life and face the JUDGEMENT of such an awesome God, for the moment showing great mercy. Whether with microscope or telescope it is obvious you need a lot more faith to believe there is no God! Never before in His Story have their been so many professing themselves wise to actually look like fools.

  • Christian Burnette

    09/28/2017 09:53 PM

    That was excellent! I'm looking forward to your show on TBN! God Bless You, and Janet as well as that daughter of yours who toughs it out with the media everyday!