"Fake News" round-up

September 20, 2018 |

Today’s “fake news” round-up is a triple header, led off by the New York Yankees…oops, sorry: the New York Times.

First up at bat, the New York Times ran a hit piece Tuesday on the Trump Administration headlined, “U.S. Loses Track of Another 1500 Migrant Children, Investigators Find.”  Why, that’s horrifying!  Losing track of all those children!  But wait…it turns out that means they placed 1500 children with sponsors, at which point the government’s legal responsibility for “keeping track” of them ends.  HHS officials do call the sponsors 30 days after they take custody of the kids to check on them, but they’re not even required to do that. This is how the system is set up, regardless of who the President is. Sorry, Salon, you'll have to scrap that follow-up story you were no doubt working on about Trump abandoning 1500 children in the Mojave Desert. 


Next up is President Trump’s favorite “fake news” team, CNN.  On Twitter, CNN’s Chris Cillizza summarized Trump’s comments on the Brett Kavanaugh dispute by writing, “No big deal: Just the president telling the FBI to ignore an allegation of sexual assault.” Actually, no…not at all.  Here’s what Trump actually said:  "I don't think the FBI really should be involved because they don't want to be involved; if they wanted to be, I would certainly do that, but as you know they say this is not really their thing." 

Get that?  Trump didn’t tell the FBI to ignore Kavanaugh’s accuser, the FBI told Trump this was not something they should investigate.  So aside from being the exact opposite of what actually happened, Cillizza’s tweet was completely accurate.


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At least our third “fake news” story offers a slight ray of hope that the media might one day redeem itself and become a source of journalism again instead of DNC talking points. It involves the New York Times actually admitting a previous negative story about Trump was wrong. In a tweet, the Times noted that they had predicted Trump’s vacating of the Iran nuclear deal and reimposing sanctions might cause oil prices to spike and tank the economy, or Iran to restart its nuclear program, “but so far, the policy has been effective without either of those consequences.” 

I know it doesn’t seem like much of a concession to acknowledge the plain truth of something that’s right in front of your face, but when doing so means admitting that Trump was right (“so far”) and the Times editors were wrong, that’s the biggest leap forward that journalism has taken since the printing press was invented. 



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  • Angela Marie Walls-Windhauser

    09/25/2018 04:59 PM

    Rev. Mike,
    We pro-Jesus People get it; however, if you never call into question a U.S. President's bad behavior (i.e. Bill Clinton's lie about having sex with a young intern, Obama's "red line" for Syria' chemical attack, Trump's
    Access Hollywood "grab 'em by the p***y comments); then YOU are not worshipping Jesus the Christ, you are a Man- Worshipper.
    So, I respect you, but we cannot enable our President at times we must correct him. The unfair attacks many times will move God to bless him more.

  • Deborah McCallum

    09/24/2018 11:37 PM

    Regarding Florence victims and there are thousands: many are still waiting for insurance adjusters to evaluate home damage and process claims. Folks have trees still on their roof, water damage inside with mold spreading hourly destroying their possessions. They have paid insurance premiums for months, years. So why can't insurance companies respond in a timely fashion?? FEMA is on site, but insured individuals will not get FEMA assistance until homeowners' claims are processed.

  • J Howard Markley

    09/24/2018 07:29 PM

    Dear Governor,
    Our Congresspersons are apparently too weak to apply the "lying to Congress" penalties. When the public sees those simple but extremely important infractions go unpunished, it further undermines the legitimacy of that body to govern properly. Someone, somewhere has to begin to restore law and order to our system before it crumbles.

    Best Regards, from a fellow Arkansan

  • Lorena Dohl

    09/24/2018 05:23 PM

    I am tired of democrats using women and sex to destroy men whose political beliefs they don't share. And just as tired of women who allow others to use them in this way. Is this not another form of sexual abuse?

  • Karen McKee

    09/24/2018 04:18 PM

    Just curious. Did the NYT publish their admission of being WRONG anywhere other than Twitter? Most folks I know aren't on Twitter. (Smart people IMO).

  • Emmitt Luttrell

    09/24/2018 11:52 AM

    Are they still looking for the Children that Obama lost?

  • Elaine Bielen

    09/24/2018 11:03 AM

    Don't you wonder how much the left wing swamp is paying these women to take down our Supreme Court nominee? They must have a small army of people working on this to destroy good people and their reputation! I am praying that our Lord will guide and direct the Judge's and President Trump's response to this entire situation. Also that these evil people will be recognized clearly by we the people as they really are!

  • Walt M

    09/24/2018 11:02 AM

    Mike, look at what is really going on, once again the Libs with the help of their attack dogs are attempting another move on the presidents agenda and the midterms. Another lose-lose for the Republicans, if they push the nomination forward they are sexist, if they back down the country loses a great conservative justice. We need to see thru this veneer of fecal matter if we want to hold on to what we have left.