June 26, 2017

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, last seen watching a court throw out his attempts to imprison undercover reporters who expose Planned Parenthood, is now playing politics with state travel. Becerra just added four more states - Texas, Alabama, South Dakota and Kentucky – to a “banned travel” list for state employees that already includes North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. The reason: those states’ laws on LGBTQ issues don’t measure up to California’s liberal standards. A spokesman for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott likely spoke for all the other states by brushing off the ban and noting that California’s leftwing leaders might be able to ban government employees from visiting Texas, but they can’t stop all the California businesses that are fleeing there.

What is it with liberals from the land of Hollywood that, when they aren’t making movies decrying the Blacklist, they just love creating blacklists?


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  • Sharlotte Qualls

    06/28/2017 10:15 AM

    When I see leftwingers and Obamaians squirm like worms and slither like snakes, I know God is working! When we trust in God, we are headed in the right direction and they go nuts, blabbering all time! They are finding out that money can't help them when God is in control! May God guide and bless President Trump and all who put God first and trust HIM to change the direction of this country back to HIM! The prayers of God fearing people will always trump any and all the money they can throw out! So, to me, the fact that they are fighting so hard to spread hate, lies, etc. is positive proof that God is in control! Thank you, Mike for all you do to #MAGA! May the Lord bless you and yours always!! BTW, your daughter is doing an awesome job. I know you and Janet are very proud of her and so should you be!!! You have always been a true warrior in God's army! We love you!!

  • Sue Barker

    06/27/2017 10:23 PM

    The party of supposed tolerance (Democrats) is only tolerant of their issues and no one elses. They are absolute hypocrites and paralyzing the state of California with the obstructionist, liberal issues and laws.

  • JoElla Marion

    06/27/2017 04:53 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    Your political insight is greatly appreciated. Liberal Democrats are the problem, and not a part of the solution. Governor Jerry Brown and the states that are following his example are, in my opinion, committing acts of treason.
    That being said, my concern is our National Security from a terriost EMP attack on our electrical grid system. The catastrophic results would cripple everything in the USA from medical care, communications, transportation, utilities, water, food, and the ability to rebound in a timely fashion to save lives. Survival mode would kick in and reasonable, rational people into ...savages. The hospital generators would also be fried and inoperable, and people that depend on life sustaining medication couldn't get it. Medication requiring refrigeration would perish. Anything from cell phones, electrical appliances, cars, etc, would be useless. People WILL die, and this is what needs to be addressed ASAP.


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    06/27/2017 04:08 PM

    does Q stand for Queer?? they have their proclivity and normal people have theirs,.,.,,East is east and west is west...They should not expect mainstream health care systems to cover them when they contract aids or sids,,,Do not play if you cannot pay...

  • Mrs. Gloria Leclerc

    06/27/2017 11:22 AM

    That judge ought to be fired!! But I have a different concern. To me, to my husband, Medicaid & Medicare! Social Security too, are vital to so many!!!
    Been trying to find a way to get a message to Pres. Trump about these. Ppl need them, and the disabled need them. Meals on Wheels is so important, too. Not for illegal ppl here though. Isn't right!! Guess my comments are way off topic.... Oh well, but they're needed so badly...

  • Catherine Milne

    06/27/2017 03:28 AM

    So why didn't they ban travel to Muslim countries where LGBT people are imprisoned and/or beheaded!!!!

  • Terry L Story

    06/27/2017 02:21 AM

    The words "elections have consequences" have never been truer anywhere in the country than i California. We have elected all of those nut cases to the offices that they hold and the fact is, most of them have secure lifetime elections to them. or through moving around in state and lower offices they manage to stay attached to the public trough without any consequences for their actions. Most of the people in California are so detached from the political processes that they don't even bother to vote, and that leaves the illegal voters and the extreme liberals to fill the offices of the political genre. Sad, but no solution if the voters don't vote in large enough numbers to overwhelm those that are currently holding sway in the state. Time to leave, along with all of the other normal's and leave this state to them.

  • Linda Starr

    06/27/2017 01:09 AM

    I hope and pray that the people in Cal. wake up and vote common sense back in. I've read articles and comments about Cal. seceding but that would be dangerous for the rest of America. That is the Pacific coast and knowing the authorities in California they would let our enemies come in and dock. Very dangerous!

  • Ronny Webb

    06/26/2017 11:35 PM

    Don't know about other Ms. Residents but I hope those that think that way stay in Calif.We have all the troublemakers we need. Thanks for putting us on the list ! ! ! !

  • John Samuel

    06/26/2017 11:32 PM

    I think that it is time for the San Andras fault to split and dump California into the Pacific Ocean.

  • Kathy Hopkins

    06/26/2017 11:06 PM

    I consider myself a moderate independent, but I often wonder how much easier life in these United States would be if we didn't just give California back to Mexico, since they're almost there now... IF Mexico would take the problem. Splitting it in half might prove difficult, but also a fair solution.

  • Mackie Braden

    06/26/2017 10:04 PM

    Is it just the State government and and the movie industry that produces all the stupidity in California ? If there is more, please advise. Thank you.

  • Floyd Kimmel

    06/26/2017 10:00 PM

    Guess there is to much pixie dust, fairy godmothers and peter pan which is leading California to believe its the utopia of all the 50 states. And when you add in all the liberal Hollywood elites you have nothing but the land of make believe, fantasy island, which then turns them into thinking their the only authority that matters. In other words a bunch of phony's.

  • Amy Syrell

    06/26/2017 09:36 PM

    There is no rational explanation for the Hollywood liberal attitude. There is no rational reason for Gov. Brown and the powers that be in California to be so insulated and ignorant as to why we have the federal laws we do. Some of the worst crimes committed by illegals have happened in California but they see no reason to turn the perpetrators over to ICE for deportation or to even keep them in jail! I think that possibly Jason Chaffetz is correct in saying that the threats that are being said, or taken action on, should have been handled beginning on the day that President Trump took office. These people that are sending or voicing threats on the lives of others, or crimes against our country, should at the very least receive an extremely adversarial visit from the Secret Service, FBI, or DHS. This sort of behavior is against the law - isn't it?

  • Nan Wysock

    06/26/2017 07:39 PM

    I wish I had never heard about the Chinese torture of dogs before eating them! It's bad enough that they eat them in the first place. This is not nice, but I read a sign once that sums up my attitude toward those who torture dogs: May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits! Then, of course, as a Christian I have to work on forgiving them...maybe after the fleas do their jobs!

  • Kevin Springs

    06/26/2017 06:05 PM

    This is all from the party of tolerance. There is nothing less tolerant than a progressive liberal. Lol, but it's all about love. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Leslie Calianno

    06/26/2017 05:24 PM

    The people of Hollywood need to be reminded that they are not better, smarter, more astute or all knowing. They should just stick to what we pay them to do, ACT...If they think its appropriate to use their position to influence us, they should know that it NOT!!

  • kathleen wood

    06/26/2017 04:47 PM

    Wouldn't that type of "ban" between states be unconstitutional? One thing all states have in common is the ability for citizens to travel between state borders unhampered and unrestricted. I'm guessing this decision by CA. Attn General needs to be challenged legally. He certainly is imposing his belief system on others to the extent they are losing their freedoms.

  • Dennis Brock

    06/26/2017 04:24 PM

    Perhaps it's time to ban travel to California and see how they make out in tourism $$$$$$$. I don't understand how those morons find their way home every day.

  • Barbara Howard

    06/26/2017 04:18 PM

    My concern is that the liberals will move to Texas or other conservative states and ruin them to. It's already happening in Austin, Texas. If these individuals like all the taxes and liberal agendas they need to stay in California. I don't understand why they can't see the problems with all the high taxes and over doing welfare system. Texas will be a mess just like California. So very sad.

  • Nancy Nurnberg

    06/26/2017 04:14 PM

    Mike, I've voted for and loved your commentary on previous primaries, your show on Fox, and this newsletter! I've forwarded to friends and relatives and find myself on the same page everytime. I still think Conservative Christians are the silent majority, but glad you and your daughter are not afraid to speak out! She's a very much needed tough cookie in the White House!!

  • Gloria Ward

    06/26/2017 04:13 PM

    I live in California and I don't like the politics here any better than anyone else outside of the state of California. I know a lot of other Californians don't feel the same way. So I hope this next voting cycle we see some changes in the right direction.

  • Roger LaFarlette

    06/26/2017 04:06 PM

    I know what LGBT stands for but what does the Q stand for in LGBTQ?

  • Cheryl Jongeneel

    06/26/2017 03:35 PM

    Wow. I did not realize that Hollywood was still complaining about blacklist. I mean... Wow. STILL? But, yes, they are attempting blacklist by the score these days. They are in severe trouble and the only way they know to fight it is to get into even more trouble. Disgusting. May many more and
    more companies leave that state in protest!!

  • Elizabeth Honaker

    06/26/2017 03:11 PM

    Hollywood's fantasy market has infected all the Democrat leaders of California. They actually BELIEVE that "if it's in the script, we can make it happen." Does any rational person think for one MINUTE that Texas and Tennessee and the other states give a fig about California's edict? What happens if someone from California has to LAND in one of those states in order to reach Washington, D.C.? Psalm 2 -- "The Lord laughs..." and I'm joining Him!

  • Bill Gannon

    06/26/2017 02:41 PM

    California is a fantastic state when you view the geographical features: the mountains, deserts, and beaches. The unfortunate side is the liberal politicians that are so entrenched that they can openly state that they break the law and nothing is done about it. When you go on camera and admit that you have forged legal documents it would seem that someone would have an "Aha" moment and pursue legal charges. Not in California. When you continue to tax people routinely and then utilize the funds for purposes other than the original intent, you would think that again, there would be an "Aha" moment. Not in California. Personally, I would love to see California split into two states where the coastal area could secede from the USA and we could wall them off too.

  • Pat Raduziner

    06/26/2017 02:13 PM

    These states should suggest to their residents that they not visit my state, California, until they stop this nonsense! They should spend their money elsewhere. Our smug Attorney General and our city council are crazy and out of control!! They get nuttier every day. The democrats are ruining this beautiful state. What fools they are.

  • Donald R. Heath

    06/26/2017 01:43 PM

    The best thing that could happen is if the West coast of California would break off at the SA fault line and fall into the Pacific Ocean

  • Hal Klaus

    06/26/2017 01:22 PM

    Please let Pres. Trumps team know that they should bathe the White House in red, white and blue on the 4th, similar to what Obama did a few years ago when SCOTUS ruled in favor of LBGT.....

  • Patricia Olson

    06/26/2017 01:21 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee, your newsletter is the only one I read anymore. You were my first pick for President. Wish you had made it. My question is: does President Trump know everything that Governor Jerry Brown is up to? He's ruining our state & we republicans can't do anything about it. The democrats outnumber us & we get no vote on anything. I feel so hopeless. Instead of building more reservoirs & desalination plants to help our problem with drought, he wants to build a "faster than a speeding bullet" train to San Francisco. WE DON'T NEED THAT. Who in Los Angeles commutes that far? NO ONE. He's mismanaged our funds to the point that he had to recently ask President Trump for assistance. He turned our entire state into a Sanctuary state so now we have to live with criminals. He negotiated with President Ci in China, which is President Trumps job. Now he's banned his government employees from traveling to certain states. He's nothing more than a Dictator. If you read Facebook, you'll see how many people hate what he's doing to our state. Please ask President Trump to fire him or something. Something needs to be done before he talks all the dem's into seceding from the nation, which is another asinine thing he wants to do. We desperately need help Mr. Huckabee. Please talk to President Trump about this.
    Thank you
    Patricia Olson

  • Jim Evart

    06/26/2017 01:09 PM

    Yes, the hypocrisy and practical disconnect from reality (read-sane, healthy thought and reasoning, let alone logic), are suffocating here on the left coast. To think that this used to be a solvent, republican state?!

  • Georgia C De Salvo

    06/26/2017 01:05 PM

    I need dental insurance that covers dental implants. Medicaid only allows 6 teeth to be pulled in 1 year. I have about 15 teeth left. Eating is a miserable excuse in futility. I have a partial. It slips constantly. Even using accident adhesive, they still slip & its highly embarrassing!! I can't get a job because my remaining teeth are disgusting and nobody wants my nasty mouth representing their company!! Would you want me to represent you or the President, with this disgusting looking mouth?? I've paid taxes since I was 15 yrs old!! Great way to treat a law abiding citizen, isn'nt it??

  • Shirley Mapes

    06/26/2017 01:03 PM

    I think we have to know what the Left's real agenda is beyond controlling us. Have you heard of the Liberal International Order? I believe they and others are pushing for world socialism and Obama is helping through his foundation and Hillary thru hers and John McCain thru his! Obama is organizing the youth around the world. So what are we doing to offset them? And is all the violence, hatred and fake news because they lost an American election and we are moving things the opposite direction? Their hatred isn't any different from the terrorists and their teachings. Whoever writes their news narratives is pure evil. Thank you for all you and your family do to keep America strong! God bless! Shirley Mapes

  • Sherion Klepper

    06/26/2017 12:12 PM

    I love, love your newsletter. look forward to it every day. I have a request, please have Donald Trump tell the people what he means by obstructionist. These sheepeles only know what they're told by the Democrats, so lay it out obstructionist equals not wanting to help the American people.

  • Linda Kay Coss

    06/26/2017 11:45 AM

    THANK YOU for informing us with issues that will effect us now and into the future. Grateful for your stand to "Make America Great!" God IS in total control!

  • Juanita Sterling

    06/26/2017 11:38 AM

    Shades of McCarthyism! Is that what we are back to? What a waste of resources!

  • Kirk Sanford

    06/26/2017 11:33 AM

    Thank you, Mr. Huckabee for your your newsletter, which I always find interesting and often refreshing. The liberal left are so blinded by their hatred for conservatives that they can't even see their own hypocrisy - just as the Pharisee's couldn't see theirs. While we must resist them in ways that scripture and our Lord instructs us, we must never forget that our main opponent is not flesh and blood. It is the spirit of darkness and destruction that we fight, and we must continue to stand our ground and speak the truth. We must be willing to forfeit all for the sake of Him who forfeited His life for our redemption. Thank you, for being a public voice that speaks out for all true conservatives and our Christian values. May you be blessed beyond all imagining!

  • David keen

    06/26/2017 11:28 AM

    Thank you for standing up for what is right.

  • Audrey Skarness

    06/26/2017 11:26 AM

    Next on the list...get VA Healthcare out from under the ACA.
    Do not let Transgender be allowed to serve in the Military.

  • Jay ONeill

    06/26/2017 11:07 AM

    As a longtime California resident I can only shake my head as I watch state lawmakers and officials making radical liberal decisions that are akin to taking over the cockpit hell bent on crashing the plane that is the Sate of California. Everywhere we turn we are adversely affected by extreme liberalism in our daily lives with decisions like this travel ban that defy reason and fly in the face of sensibility. Pray for us!! Jay ONeill (Vietnam Vet, Small business owner)

  • Patriot34287

    06/26/2017 11:03 AM

    Well, the rest of the States can stop traveling to CA - no vacations, no ball games - especially collegiate. Wonder how CA would like that? We can stop buying their produce in our markets. On another note, what about State's Rights? Looks like CA has chosen to ignore that. Hmmm...would would think ATTORNEY General Becerra would be aware of that "tiny" issue.

  • Jo Ann Wilkerson

    06/26/2017 11:00 AM

    Mike, first of all I would like to thank you for being one of the few role models left for our younger generations. You exemplify constructive conflict resolution. We have lost the art of separating an issue from a person which causes violence and bad behavior resulting in more division. Thank you for attacking an issue without malice toward people. I find it very interesting that the people (mostly celebrities and the wealthy) who oppose a wall live their life behind fences and protection and the state that blocks a travel ban to protect our country initiates a travel ban based on prejudice about religious convictions. I truly am confused. Thank you again for all you do. God Bless you and God Bless America

  • Lou M. Ladson

    06/26/2017 10:50 AM

    The Liberals and Hollywood seem to think they own the world - and can dictate to the rest of us how we have to live. Their only obstacle - we conservatives get to vote. And hasn't our last vote just about driven them crazy! They were fine as long as they had liberals running the country. Now they are resorting to every means possible to attempt to control our lives by other means. Keep exposing them, Gov. Huckabee!!!

  • Juliette Bouma

    06/26/2017 10:43 AM

    Re: China, dog-eating
    Last year, I was surfing 2am cable, during an insomnia "attack" - HORRIFIED to see actual video that was AIRED(!!!!!!!) of an Oriental degenerate, hanging the poor dog by its zip-tied 4 paws, while he SKINNED IT ALIVE, and the howls the poor creature made as it attempted to bite the knife in this male's hands. I wanted to up chuck! I then had more understanding of what Jesus sacrificed His Life for: utter and complete disregard for either living WITH GOD -or- WITHOUT GOD (the tree of the knowledge of WITH GOD (good) and WITHOUT GOD (evil). Treating CREATION for the INTENT of the function of CREATION, is akin to the very small pieces of the smoothly-working combine during harvest of the grain crop- every ball bearing and every chain link, every cog and every belt, doing exactly what that part was designed for: its ROLE in the ultimate picture/goal. These ignorant of YHWH's teachings (whatever the culture) have no concept of "INTELLIGENT DESIGN" and respect for TRUE conservation of life/Creation as we know it : ... do not muzzle the ox in the field... do not take the mother with the young...

    Re: Free Speech
    A comic I have shows two long-haired and bearded men hanging in wrist chains in a dungeon with a rat looking on: "I sure didn't get where I am today by NOT speaking my mind...:

    Thanx for the venue/medium!

  • Norris Harod

    06/26/2017 10:41 AM

    Please advise President Trump to declassify all info concerning obstruction and the Russians hacking our elections that does not get a secret agent in trouble or divulge our top secrets. He should give the info to Fox, Breitbart, Dredge, the Wall Street Journal, the Judicial Watch, and Heritage to disseminate to the public. That will stop the leaks and educate the voters. Sessions should advise the investigation committees to provide proof of his wrong doing to the DOJ in 30 days, and give notice he will remove his recusal if none is provided. The DOJ must clearly define the Special Investigator purpose to a very narrow Russian topic and obstruction that is above the President's authority now.

  • Margie Rosamond

    06/26/2017 10:38 AM

    Thank you Mike Huckabee. You are great!

  • Gaye Harris

    06/26/2017 10:37 AM

    I'm finally taking the time to THANK YOU for your Newsletters. I enjoy them SO much and am educated and amused at the same time. Your humor is always delightful...sometimes getting a belly laugh out of me! I don't have TV anymore...Rush and you are all I need to be informed on a daily basis. I'm so thankful I am not exposed to all the fake news and leftist reporting that makes my blood pressure rise. Keep up the GREAT and APPRECIATED work. I am one loyal and grateful fan! May The Lord continue to Bless you!

  • Gregory J. Yankee

    06/26/2017 10:34 AM

    Indeed, businesses are relocating to Texas to get away from high tax and heavy regulation states. It may sound like a win-win situation, but it is effectively changing the "politics" in areas of Texas that have been traditionally conservative bastions. Beware of the Trojan horses.

  • Miguel Briseno

    06/26/2017 10:32 AM

    Political imposition. The very issue they tell voters they are against.

  • George L Mays

    06/26/2017 10:27 AM

    I have refused to travel to the PROC for many years for personal reasons and have reduced business travel because of the PROC attempting to export their progressive liberal agenda.