August 8, 2020

You would think that the idea of a city doing away with its police force would be idiotic enough just on the face of it that no sane person would actually suggest it. But if you think beyond the surface inanity, there are also further negative consequences that advocates haven’t even considered. Here’s one of them.

City dwellers don’t like to think about this, but they are heavily dependent on us rubes outside the city to create all the products they consume, like food, and to deliver them into their barren concrete jungles. Trucking companies aren’t too thrilled about the idea of sending expensive trucks loaded with valuable merchandise into cities where the police have allowed armed gangs to take over the streets. Just because the people were foolish enough to elect politicians who left them at the mercy of criminals, that doesn’t mean trucking companies outside the cities have to risk their drivers' lives, trucks and merchandise to keep them afloat.

As the trucking company owner at the link says, any states that defund the police, truckers will avoid for safety reasons. He estimates that the food chain will collapse, the people will run out of food, and there will be complete chaos within 72 hours. Then again, in places with no police, there may already be so much chaos that they won’t even notice more.

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  • Susan Nelson

    08/09/2020 01:34 AM

    How does anyone with any common sense defund the POLICE?? There is no realistic view of how that is going to work anywhere. I don't want to leave where there is no protection. Liberals are ruining the US. It has to stop!!!

  • Karen Marie Schultz

    08/09/2020 01:30 AM

    Then they will seek our rural folks. Load your gun and pray.

  • James A. Sanders

    08/08/2020 01:11 PM

    I believe that any city's that defund the police and burned their city should go without