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February 4, 2021

While President Biden is frantically working to destroy the entire US fuel industry and countless jobs in the name of fighting the “climate crisis,” one brave University of Colorado professor of environmental studies is trying to tell the world that those catastrophic predictions are based on obsolete data.

Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. is no “climate denier” (a stupid term; nobody denies that there’s a climate, or that it changes.) He believes that human activity has an effect on the climate. But he says the doomsday scenarios about climate as an imminent threat to humanity are a result of “the unstoppable momentum of outdated science.” He writes that “responding to climate change is critically important,” but “so too is upholding the integrity of the science which helps to inform those responses.” That’s where politicians and the media are letting hyperbolic claims and panic override the “science” they claim to be following.

Pielke points out that not only are these apocalyptic predictions taken from the most extreme hypothetical scenarios, they’re also based on data about CO2 emissions and other factors that’s so far out of date that we can look at charts and see how much reality has already diverged from the predictions. He says there are now almost 17,000 peer-reviewed articles on climate change that are based on this outdated data.

In fact, rather than CO2 exponentially increasing and no action being taken to curb it (a common assumption in these studies), carbon emissions, particularly in the US, have been drastically reduced over the past 25 years. They dropped another 7% last year due to the pandemic lockdowns. He says it’s possible the world has already passed peak CO2 emissions.

Yet we keep getting these apocalyptic scare stories that he says are "untethered from the real world." He calls them “climate porn.” He also describes the current politics around climate change as “Manichean paranoia,” or a worldview “in which your opponent is considered to be malign and willfully ignorant, whereas your own side is noble and uniquely enlightened.”

Wow, does that sound familiar!

I doubt that anyone will heed his warnings because the scare stories about climate change aren't about reporting on science, they're about increasing government power and control. For all the talk about "following the science," I notice that science is only followed as long as it's useful in advancing the left's agenda. When scientific facts undermine the agenda (whether they relate to climate, gender or abortion), science goes right out the window.

Read the whole article. If you were a Keystone Pipeline worker, I’m sure you have plenty of time now.

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