March 30, 2018

There’s a great debate going on in America now between the anti-gun groups who organized the recent “March For Our Lives” rally and Second Amendment defenders. The former claim that older people have failed to do what is necessary (defined as “what they want,” which is to ban and confiscated privately-owned guns and repeal the Second Amendment), so we must all, to quote an old Monkees song that only us fogies would know, “yield before the wisdom of a child.”

The other side questions the sanity of thinking that teenagers, who are too young to vote and have never even taken a class in Constitutional law or, apparently, American history – and who, according to their own arguments, are too irrational and immature to be trusted with a gun – are somehow magically blessed with a special knowledge of how to write laws and edit the Bill of Rights. They also note that even many teenagers disagree with radical anti-gun views, but they aren’t welcome by the march organizers and media because they don’t parrot the party line.

Well, it turns out that there is actually a third angle to this debate that is only now coming to light: that so-called “children’s crusade” wasn’t just organized by adults, it was also largely attended by adults.

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The Washington Times reports that a University of Maryland sociology professor with a six-person research team went to the rally and interviewed a random sample of 256 people to create a profile of the typical attendee. They found that 27% had never attended a protest before, which might illustrate a jump in support for gun control. However, they also found that many of the attendees were lured as much by free music as by the issue. But here’s the most stunning finding of all: the researchers estimate that only 9.7% of the crowd was under the age of 18. In fact, the professor reported that the average age of the adults attending was the highest of any crowd she’s studied since Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

So before you start thinking that young people have all been radicalized by the left, or that their youthful naiveté is being exploited by political opportunists, take heart in knowing that 90% of the people at the rally were not misguided youth at all. They were misguided adults, some of whom have probably been politically misguided since they actually were young in the ‘60s, and unlike most of their peers, they never got any wiser with age. It gives you a little more hope for the future, doesn’t it?



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  • Vickie Fiorentino

    04/01/2018 09:32 AM

    These "Children" do not understand what it takes to defend an attacker once they enter you home, school, work place, etc...What they need to focus on the MEANS it takes to stop this rather than the weapon. Lat month a BRIDGE killed 6 people, and KNIFE killed 3 people, and a BARBELL killed 3 people....So, for the sake of the MENTALLY ILL...what WEAPON is it than needs to be ban...and What WEAPON could be best utilized to STOP them?
    Why is the MEDIA even giving credence to this CHILD?

  • Guy Kraft

    03/31/2018 08:10 PM

    Recently switched cable carriers to Spectrum (Time Warner) and was disappointed to learn they don't carry your station so can't watch your show any more! Put some pressure on somebody! Keep helping the fight for Trump. He needs it! WE NEED HIM!

  • Charles M

    03/31/2018 03:51 PM

    Maybe it is time to reinstate the Draft - get them doing something productive like learning a trade or getting a degree in something useful, plus they would learn how to dress neatly, be punctual, and maybe even respect their elders as we had to do (but learned at home). Two grandsons come to mind - one enlisted in the Army, got a Masters and then a very good, well-paying job. He is neat, clean, punctual, respectful and takes care of himself. The other boy has a Bachelors, is not neat or punctual, seems clean, is disrespectful to authority, has no real job, lives off his parents hard work and has no plans to do anything with his life other than wait for an inheritance or a Powerball hit. Did I mention no military service? Is that the future we want for this country - more leeches living off of fewer contributors?

  • Mackie Braden

    03/31/2018 03:45 PM

    The simple fact is that gun violence is far less than in earlier years, and Concealed Carry licenses and layman’s gun ownership has increased. The numbers are easy to check so please do so for yourselves.
    That relationship is not accidental. When and where there are more guns available, thugs are less inclined to be reckless.
    So faced with this face alone, why do the Democrats want to take or limit your guns?

  • Ferdie Cassel

    03/31/2018 05:50 AM

    Thanks for another spot on article. I was taught gun safety and use at a young age and did the same with my children. The swiftness of these protests and marches point to a well oiled and funded machine and not children. And thanks for the line of my favorite Monkees song "Sweet Young Thing", which they performed on the last tour with Michael Nesmith upon his retirement. Where did those 52 years go? God bless you Sir.

  • William C. Lane

    03/30/2018 07:18 PM

    Pastor Mike, the saddest thing about all of this, is the "adults" that are clamoring for the banning of our guns, are NOT students of history, especially of Pre-World War II Germany (circa 1934 to 1938) and they have NOT served in the military or any other service to their country.
    I dare say, if we re-institute the "draft", so these people would serve a minimum of 4 years, in the military, Americore or other service to their country, this attitude would change drastically.
    While I like what President Trump is doing, I really had hoped you would have become President. But I know you would have taken a "beating" as well. Thank you for Your service to this great country of ours and to the populace that understands what is going on.

  • David Bevil

    03/30/2018 04:40 PM

    I wonder why no one is addressing the gang rap music that, for decades has produced so called lyrics calling for murder or all types as well as the degradation of women, use of drugs, and so on; additionally no one has called out the continued production of the ultra violent video games depicting violence in the extreme, the more you kill the higher you score. This doesn't even start to account for the Hollywood movie industry. Too popular I guess easier to fix the blame on inanimate objects rather than fix the problem, the culture.

  • Steve DeZwarte

    03/30/2018 04:27 PM

    When the students and other protesters are marching to save lives of the unborn and the lives lost through careless use of drugs, including alcohol, I will listen.

  • Gregory Weinman

    03/30/2018 03:43 PM

    Personal interviews of teens and other youth that TV showcased demonstrated as much coherence as did Jack Godell during his interview in the movie The China Syndrome.
    All most heard was open ended rhetorical questions without any proposal, typical for a supportive press.
    Youthful rhetorical question "Why can't we get rid of all assault weapons?".
    Intelligent response "There are more than 100MM in the US. How would you do that?"
    Youthful rhetorical question "Why does anyone need an assault weapon?"
    Intelligent response "If you were under attack by someone wielding an assault rifle what weapon would you prefer for defense?"

  • Richard Robb

    03/30/2018 03:07 PM

    The 'facts', as you have outlined above are not all that heartening because the perception among the general public which is continually and fervently bleated is that the 'youth' of the country have been awakened, stimulated, and bonded in this great humanitarian crusade to 'save our children!' Realities are of no concern to the media, - who knows this better than you? Funding, manipulation, coercion, exclusion of different 'facts', and all the other facets of tried and true "propagandizing' are embedded, repeated, dramatized and exploited all day, every day. I love your voice, 'crying in the wilderness', and I know you will continue doing it, but there are so many facets, backers, inter- connected avenues available to these lies and so few to fight them that it is very discouraging! But, according to Scripture, 'thus has it always been' and the fight against evil in all it's disguises, tricks and guile will eventually and totally be defeated! In the meantime, we will continue to support you in all your efforts! Thank you!!! R. Paul Robb

  • Art Schefler

    03/30/2018 02:52 PM

    Those students need to look in the mirror to see just who might be responsible for these shootings. Most all shooters were ostracized, bullied and shunned by their classmates. I doubt that very many had good feelings for their classmates. In their jaundiced minds, they needed to get even. They tried.

  • John Parker

    03/30/2018 02:41 PM

    And a child shall lead them, Mike. Suffer the children to come unto me. For of such is the kindom of heaven. You are the very face of evil, a wolf wearing sheep's clothing going about seeking whom you may devour. And you know it, too.

  • raymond smeal

    03/30/2018 02:32 PM

    The communists are the organizers of this childrens march. They have brainwashed these people to no end. Look at the one photo of David Hogg with his clenched fist in the air. The caption might as well be "hiel Hitler" or"long live Stalin". These kids are too naieve to know what they have been forced to stand for. If the second ammendment goes, America will certainly die.

  • John Paloma

    03/30/2018 01:00 PM

    Hello Governor,
    I respect and am enthused by all your efforts.
    God Bless you!
    One question that keeps popping in my head is this: Was Obama covertly involved in the Parkland Florida shooting?
    Many feel the Obama Fast and Furious scandal was underwritten to promote the exact public responses that Lefitist organizations have deliberately provoked today. Is this Obama's (Katrina/Fast n Furious)?
    The Chicago connections from Obama, to Duncan, to Runcie sing in dark tune too well.
    If you have any details regarding this, please share with me.
    God Bless.


  • Maria Goodsell

    03/30/2018 12:58 PM

    I watched our children trying to get the attention of the Adults as they marched in protest to school shootings. I am totally for the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I am against Assault Rifles purchases by any one but military and/or law enforcement. The problem is more than Mental Illness, it is pure and simple evil as well. I believe we, the older generation are responsible why our youth feels left out and alone. We allowed abortions, thereby letting our young people no, there is no value to life. We leave our youth alone to fend for themselves, so that they feel they have no recourse. Put limits on age, background and weapons that take many lives and weapons that no one needs. We need the second amendment, private citizens that qualify for a handgun should be able to purchase one. Republicans both in Congress and Senate need to start standing with our President or I will switch to Independent next election.

  • Cheryl Bussell

    03/30/2018 12:43 PM

    Thank you for these stastics! It's apparent that homes run by a child (like protested on TV with 'stuipd' parents) want a child run society. So insane! Thank you for defending the 2nd amendment!

  • Betty E Phillips

    03/30/2018 12:30 PM

    First consideration - The signs and the organization seemed too "spontaneous" and sophisticated to be teen productions.
    Second consideration - The NRA was not connected in any way to the shooting. Or previous ones.
    Third consideration - This is my question- Did the march have any security (armed) present?
    Fourth consideration - Nearly everyone has keys to their own doors and for the most part, keep them locked. If they trust criminals to obey the laws already in place, they would not need to take such measures. Or need any more laws.
    Fifth consideration - History tends to repeat itself. How have rulers managed to enslave people. By getting their guns away from them.
    Sixth consideration - Lastly, what were adults (teachers, parents, etc,) thinking to encourage such actions?

  • Macie Bryan McGuffey

    03/30/2018 12:22 PM

    I do appreciate your emails very much. I don’t pretend to know a fraction of what people like you & Newt Gingrich know. There’s one thing I predicted though that we’re seeing come to pass. There’s a whole lot of DC bureaucrats that are receiving their (going home it’s over) papers & the swamp is being drained. Thank God for Donald Trump. NO ONE shakes him up & no person or group intimidates him.
    In Christ,

  • Chuck Bowman

    03/30/2018 12:16 PM

    That is GREAT to hear.
    I’m still very troubled and upset by the particulars form our ‘Budhet Approval’ last Week.
    I’m truly confused by it. Very disappointed in the mainstream GOP (no surprise there), but mostly My President. Why would he sign such a horrifying deal that only helps our military, does triely mothong for our country, aids the abortion clinics? And helps secure millions for foreign aid, and $15 million for Chinas economis development? Oh ya, the fave themselves a raise. Yes, I’m pissed off.

  • Carol Navarra

    03/30/2018 12:14 PM

    To make matters worse for these "children", David Hogg admitted as much (claiming Laura was attacking Children), after attacking Laura Ingraham for chiding him about not getting accepted into several Colleges. He was whining in order to get a boost in colleges he was interested in joining (Sure the Lefties would Love Him). Using his platform to get a perk, on the deaths of 17 of his former students? Pretty pathetic to say the least.
    If I were Laura, I would not have apologized to Hogg at all.
    Hogg had the audacity to try to get all of Laura's advertisers to drop her. He succeeded in getting three to drop her program. I really find this hard to believe that he could have done this all by himself. His CNN employed Mother probably gave him the idea, or the rest of the stale media outlets, or others of the Left.

  • Angela Weiland

    03/30/2018 11:55 AM

    .......this is a mental problem......every single shooting event, authorities, families, school personnel....
    Knew about the individuals mental problems!

    We have had 2 killings in Boston recently.....Weapon ...Knives..... Killers will use any weapon to fufill their aims