July 11, 2017

An unbelievable case of the IRS goose-stepping over the constitutional rights of small business owners is unfolding in Garland, Texas.

As first reported in the Dallas Morning News, Mii’s Bridal and Tuxedo, co-owned by husband and wife Tony and Somnuek Thangsongcharoen, who immigrated here from Thailand long ago and opened their store in 1983, was raided by 20 armed IRS agents in March of 2015. With no due process, they were told that if they couldn’t produce a check for $10,000 within two hours, their property would be seized to pay a tax bill of $32,422. They didn’t have the cash, so the IRS immediately took possession and auctioned off essentially everything that wasn’t nailed down --- even, they say, property that didn’t belong to the shop.

Read the full story to see how the IRS used their own bureaucratic standards to justify auctioning beautiful bridal gowns for as little as $4 apiece –- inventory worth $615,000 was unloaded for a grand total of $6,000 –- and how their lawyers argue now that the couple have no standing to sue the IRS for damages. The couple dispute their tax bill, but the big issue here is that the forfeiture of their property took place outside the court system –- no due process of law. It happens all the time, right here in America, and it has to stop.

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The couple seem to have an on-the-ball attorney; he filed a FOIA request that turned up an internal IRS document that he claims orders agents to “shut down this failing business.”

It’s too bad that politics didn’t go another way and we weren’t able to get rid of the IRS in favor of the Fair Tax. (That would have been one of my first orders of business, but I digress.) We all know the kinds of things their agents have been up to, even as they plead the Fifth before investigators. We should destroy the IRS just as thoroughly as it has killed the dreams of these and many other people. Put a stake through its cold, cold heart. In the meantime, forcing it to toe the line of constitutionality would be a good start.


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  • Sonja Wooten

    07/11/2017 06:50 PM

    I believe that all IRS agents are sadistic cruel hearted individuals who enjoy picking on people and "finding things" to destroy our lives. Obama hired hundreds of new agents to stalk hard working Americans. We must stop the abuse! Get rid of the IRS PRESIDENT TRUMP. They are making up rules and spinning the ones that are written to "get someone". As much as we suffered under Obama for 8 years, I propose everyone who is u see investigation that allegedly owes 100,000 or less be given a pass. Null and void their alleged debt because of the deep corruption that was proven in the IRS !!!

  • Helen Miller

    07/11/2017 05:47 PM

    You have the eyes and ears of the President - let him know about this story and put it on his "agenda". I would>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Bob Sullo

    07/11/2017 10:53 AM

    I've been behind your "Fair Tax" proposal from the beginning. As a small business owner I know the threat the IRS holds over our heads. Holding their feet to the fire on due process is a good first step but the real villain here is congress. They write the laws and policies for the IRS, lets get them to address these abuses of power and do some real tax reform. keep up the good fight Governor.

  • Bobby Taylor

    07/11/2017 10:03 AM

    There should be no IRS. With a federal tax of one 10th of 1% of gross income, no deductions, no loop holes. If you gross income is 1 Billion, you pay one 10th of of 1% of that income. If you gross income is 1 Thousand, you pay one 10th of 1% of that income. That is a fair tax and the Federal Government would have more money than they have ever had and our country would be out of debt.