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February 10, 2024

Last night, Tucker Carlson posted his two-hour interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Twitter (X.) With so much other big news to cover, we haven’t had time to watch it all yet, but here are some recaps of some of the main points. The first one includes a link to the entire interview, but it's queued up to near the end, where Carlson presses Putin to release Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovitz, who’s been held in a Russian prison for nearly a year.

I noticed that USA Today once again tried without evidence to tie Trump to Putin, headlining a story about the interview with the claim that Trump’s plan for ending the Ukraine war “echoes Putin.” But in the article, they took another gratuitous slap at Trump for saying he would end the Russian-Ukraine war within days but without saying how. My question: If he didn’t say what his plan was, then how could it “echo Putin”?

Frankly, if Putin sounded like any Western politician, it was during his ludicrous defense of China as a peaceful, non-aggressive trading partner, which echoed Joe Biden.

Finally, show of hands: How many who watched the interview believed everything Putin said and were swayed to rally to his side? Nobody? Good, then free speech is working just as it's supposed to, and we don't need any government or media censors telling us what we're not allowed to hear.

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