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April 23, 2023

Megyn Kelly isn’t known for being a staunch conservative, so if she’s fed up with Democrats pushing “trans” rights as the expense of destroying women’s rights, and so enraged that she openly defied cancel culture threats, then maybe the tide of “trans” lunacy is finally starting to turn.

Kelly said she used to try to be nice and use “trans” people’s “preferred pronouns,” but she realized those are “gateway drugs” to the “co-opting of female sports and the word ‘female.’” Now, she says she is “done” with knuckling under to this “nonsense,” and if women and the men who support them don’t start speaking up, “we can kiss every woman’s space goodbye; we can kiss women’s rights goodbye; we can kiss sororities goodbye…” She also brushed off the predictable accusations of “transphobia,” saying, “You can be supportive of trans people and what they’re going through without surrendering to this madness!”

And in response to Dylan Mulvaney and other males insisting that they are really women, Kelly said this: 

“You don’t know the first thing about being a woman. You have no idea what the average woman has been through the course of her life, the challenges we have, the beauty of being a woman, the softness of being a woman. And you never will. You’re never going to have it, doesn’t matter how many surgeries, doesn’t matter how many hormones, and I am done engaging in this fiction. I’m done! I have empathy, I have compassion, but I am not willing to abandon truth in the name of sparing feelings.”

You can also add comedian Rob Schneider to the growing list of those who refuse to say that the Emperor’s new ballgown makes him an Empress.

I think they speak for many millions of Americans who are sick of being told they have to pretend to believe things that aren’t merely false but beyond crazy. People who, when they hear someone like Rep. Hakeem Jeffries astonishingly claim that the issue of men in women’s sports “doesn’t really exist,” want to shout back at him, “Do you know what doesn’t really exist? PREGNANT MEN!!!” Or sanity in today’s Democratic Party.

By the way, I would suggest Rep. Jeffries ask Riley Gaines if that issue doesn’t really exist. Or North Carolina high school senior Payton McNabb, who suffered a concussion and neck injuries when a “trans” male athlete who never should have been playing on a girls’ team spiked a volleyball into her face. She was hit so hard, it ended her playing days, and she’s still suffering from impaired vision, partial paralysis of the right side of her body, constant headaches, anxiety and depression.

In fact, I would suggest that Republicans bring both a female athlete and a hulking male in a wig to Congress and give these Democrats who insist there’s no difference between the two their choice of which one they’d rather have punch them in the face. If they’d rather be punched by the teenage girl than by the big bruiser in the wig, then they just admitted their entire argument is a lie.

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