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February 24, 2021

We receive far more reader comments than we can possibly reply to individually --- and thanks for every one! --- but here are a couple that we thought should have detailed answers.

From Steve:

Dear Mr. Huckabee. I love the show, and I really appreciate how you keep the replies and answers you provide to your letters and responses 'real' and honest. I do have a bit of an issue with the second impeachment attempt of our former President, Donald Trump.

Simply, if I or one of my friends falsified physical and video evidence, in order to try and indict someone of a crime, and then later came out and said it was all fabricated, well, I would be charged and thrown in jail. So why is it that Nancy Pelosi and her goon squad, along with House Managers, get away with falsifying video evidence and then aren't charged with making false accusations against our former President. In-office or not, Nancy Pelosi and her squad of goons should be locked up. How can Americans see to it that in the future corrupt politicians get what's coming to them, for making false claims and inciting stupidity? Steve, in Knoxville, TN.

From the Gov:

We have “a bit of an issue,” as well. To begin with, in case anyone has any doubt, the "goons" (managers) really did do it. Fortunately, when their turn came, Trump's defense attorneys were able to very skillfully expose what the House managers had done to heighten anti-Trump emotion and distort fact. It was masterful.

To cite just one example, House manager Eric Swalwell presented a tweet by Trump supporter Jennifer Lynn Lawrence that was false in two respects: 1) it had been doctored with a blue check mark to show it was from a verified Twitter account, when the original had no such mark, and 2) Swalwell misread the word “calvary” (as in Christ) as “cavalry” (as in large-scale military), giving the tweet a totally different meaning than the one intended.

It seems to me that if we lived in a world that made sense and Swalwell had been prosecuting a real trial, he would be disbarred, either for falsifying evidence or for being so stupid in mixing up those two words that they’d KNOW he must have cheated his way through law school. Of course, one of these possibilities does not preclude the other.

Sure, I'm kidding a little, but it sure looks like prosecutorial misconduct to me. And about a hundred counts of smarminess, though I don't think you can be disbarred for that.

Democrats denied the allegation that they had added the blue check to the tweet, and we can’t prove it wasn’t a mistake, but they even tried to weasel out of the “calvary/cavalry” mash-up. Not buying that one.

Here’s another example of false evidence, this one undeniable.

As for the slickly-produced video they presented, it's obvious that someone with serious editing and psychology skills created a piece of propaganda that would never have been allowed in an actual court of law. Of course, we all know they clipped off the key part of what Trump said about going “peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol, but their stagecraft went well beyond that that.

Still, the Democrats never "came out and said it was all fabricated." And the anti-Trump opinion sites and “fact-checking” sites (same thing) have pushed back hard against allegations that the prosecution cheated. If you’d like to see an example of how they dismiss those claims as “flimsy” while failing to successfully debunk them, here’s a sample. If anything is flimsy, it’s this so-called rebuttal.

The problem with holding Pelosi and her "goons" accountable is that this wasn’t an actual trial. It truly was political theater. They'd never have been able to turn a real trial into the kangaroo court that this was. (Well, maybe O.J.’s “dream team” did it, but that’s the only one I can remember.) The House managers had it both ways: they got the gravitas of a "legal" proceeding on the Senate floor, but when it came time to break the rules of evidence, they said it was political and the rules didn’t apply.

This is yet another case in which we’re unlikely to see accountability, at least with this crowd in control. The ballot box is the only solution, which brings me to our next letter...

From Julie:

Mr. Huckabee, I am a conservative, Trump-supporting, Huckabee-family follower! I don't normally reach out like this; however, I feel you are a person of integrity and a source I can trust. Could you please explain to me (and many other lay people), why the documentary from Mike Lindell ABSOLUTE PROOF is not being taken seriously? What am I missing? It appears that the folks appearing in the film are legit and it appears there is obvious proof of something going on with regards to election fraud. What am I missing? I am an educated and level-headed person but things are not adding up here! Please help us understand!! Thank You!

From the Gov:

Thanks for writing, Julie. You’re right; things aren’t adding up. I’ll list a few issues with ABSOLUTE PROOF that are keeping it from being taken more seriously:

--- It’s quite long, and the “proof” is saved for the very end. I’ll bet a lot of people started watching and bailed.

--- There are some statistics in the first part of his presentation that have been pretty successfully challenged.

--- If one tiny part is debunked, some will claim the whole thing is debunked, which is not the case.

--- Anyone who gives Lindell a platform is afraid of getting sued into oblivion, and/or canceled or boycotted.

--- Virtually all the powers on Earth are trying to bury this and to destroy Lindell for daring to present it.

Ironically, that last item might turn out to be what brings the story out in the open, because I don’t see Lindell backing down ONE BIT. After being threatened by letter weeks ago, he has finally been sued for defamation by Dominion Voting Systems. If he’s got some very sharp attorneys (because Dominion will try to stop him at every turn), he should be able to get some serious discovery. Truly, if Lindell is going to defend himself, his lawyers and computer/election experts will need access to EVERYTHING. And if they don’t give him access to EVERYTHING, they will be telling the world they have something to hide.

Dominion claims he started all this as a way to sell more pillows. That is ludicrous, considering the hit his business has taken.

For now, I wish he’d put out a shorter, more tightly edited version of his video that deals mostly with the “100 percent proof.” At this point, we’re not going to be able to do anything with any other evidence of irregularities; the Supreme Court has seen to that, to our great disappointment. But if there really is a problem with electronic voting machines –- or, if there isn’t –- we need to know this as soon as possible! We absolutely cannot have another election like the last one.

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