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December 10, 2022

As we were finishing up yesterday’s morning newsletter, word arrived of President Biden’s deal to free WNBA player Brittney Griner from a Russian penal colony in exchange for Viktor “The Merchant of Death” Bout, one of the most dangerous arms dealers in the world. My immediate response was that I was glad Ms. Griner was coming home, but that sounded like the worst prisoner exchange deal ever. Since then, many people have had the same reaction, and the more we’ve learned since, the worse it gets.

For one thing, when pressed on why they didn’t also insist on the release of decorated Marine veteran Paul Whelan, who’s been held in a Russian gulag for nearly four years on bogus espionage charges, the White House claimed that Vladimir Putin just wouldn’t agree to it and insisted on releasing no more than one American in exchange for Bout. I can’t imagine Donald Trump accepting those terms, and indeed, he made it abundantly clear that he would not have. He blasted the deal as a “stupid and unpatriotic embarrassment” and said Whelan would have “been let out for the asking.”

Or at least he would have if any President other than Biden had asked. Putin would have easily given up two political prisoners and maybe more for the Merchant of Death (who will likely now help him obtain weapons to kill even more Ukrainians), but with Biden, he knew he didn’t have to. Note to Joe: Putin is the dictator of Russia, not of you.

Even Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called the release of Bout “deeply disturbing” and warned that it would incentivize dictators and rogue nations to take Americans hostage as bargaining chips.

Stephen Kruiser of P.J. Media had the most brutal take, writing, “Brittney Griner is a cliché America-hating lefty who was stupid enough to pack drugs for a trip to a hostile foreign nation. If ever anyone needed a harsh lesson about why America is better, it’s this idiot. She should have had to serve out her labor camp penalty in Russia until she was ready to wake up and sing the Star Spangled Banner every day…Bout was a HUGE bargaining chip. The U.S. should have been able to get a lot more than a dumb junkie broad for him. Paul Whelan is still incarcerated in Russia because our idiot communist overlords prioritize LGBTQ checklists über alles. Heaven help the Republic.”

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This may be the worst prisoner exchange deal in history, and Biden’s most tragic botch job since the Afghanistan pullout (I consider the tragic border botch job to have started on day one.) It’s also the latest example of Biden again leaving one of our service people behind. This link has more, including Whelan’s response to being abandoned, and Biden’s non-answer when asked what is being done about Whelan’s release.

Finally, another fact worth mentioning: Just 12 hours after speaking at a vigil for victims of gun violence (most of whom these days are victims of criminals released by Democrats), Biden released one of the biggest and most dangerous arms dealers in the world, a man who arms terrorists.

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Comments 1-10 of 17

  • Ron T. Wilder

    12/18/2022 03:50 PM

    Total screw up by Biden and his cohorts.

  • Rev. Judi Sorensen

    12/18/2022 10:51 AM

    Well... I still believe President Trump won and Biden is a trader of the worst kind, as well as the worst President as far back as I remember and I'm 73 ! I don't make these statements lightly ! Even the Democrats don't like Biden ! We need to take back our Country Now before we find out how CORRUPT Biden really is !

  • Shauna dickerson

    12/13/2022 02:12 PM

    Like most everything Biden does, it turns out to have very aspects to it. Bargaining for a terrorist? obviously an incentive for Tyrants and Dictators to demand more of this. At least, also ask for Paul Whelan to be returned. Biden, another item that could have been good turned wrong.

  • Samuel L. Smith Sr.

    12/13/2022 10:43 AM

    About all one can say is if the Right and Christians need to grow a backbone and stand up and fight if they don't then we "WELL LOSE" or Republic! This past election shows that, look at Georgia voting I would say 90% to 95% Georgia was RED and still LOST!

  • Beverly Hummel

    12/12/2022 06:58 PM

    Clearly the democrats are not supportive of Veterans. We need a Trump .strong president like we had in President Trump .

  • Charles Sigars

    12/12/2022 05:00 PM

    I didn't want the anti-USA Socialist whiner Griner back. I would have left her to her commie friends she thinks so highly of. But on Whelan - didn't he get a Big Chicken Dinner discharge from being Court Martialed? He was not in the Marines when he was arrested in Russia. What was he doing there? Supposedly attending a wedding? His whole thing seems fishy. So I will reserve judgement on him, for now. However, both Griner and Whelan together do not equal Bout.

  • Ardyce Palmer

    12/12/2022 11:04 AM

    Paul Whelan is a DISGRACED former Marine. He was court martialed and given a Bad Conduct Discharge. While I don’t want to see any American in a Russian prison, please be truthful in your reporting.

  • Ed Thompson

    12/12/2022 09:02 AM

    Ok good— an American citizen held in a Russian prison came home. Good. Glad that this morning she woke up in a nice bed and had her breakfast and everything else in a nice environment. Good. Anyone want to tell me what’s wrong with this story? Let’s not ignore how she got into that Russian prison in the first place. Total arrogance and complete self centered attitude towards rules for everyone makes you stupid! Add her attitude towards America that gave her a false sense of security in a country that has always had harsh feelings, politically, towards her own country, no matter what she was doing there, star athlete or something else, she gravely misread what can and did happen to an American in a foreign country, regardless of how other people there feel about you. Guilty of being stupid and guilty of what she was charged with. Was she actually worth who was traded to get her back home with? She probably thinks so. I don’t. Bur it’s done. Lets hope we never her again about her bad behavior towards anything American, like our National Anthem or Flag. If it happens I say send her back.

  • Gary Baldwin

    12/11/2022 11:56 PM

    America is losing big in the fourth quarter.

  • Elizabeth Houghton

    12/11/2022 09:21 PM

    The entire episode is nausea-inducing. The Biden administration will go into the books as the most incompetent in our nation's history.