March 12, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Republicans finally saying yes to a special counsel -- Three cheers for the Attorney General -- More mental asylums -- Holding someone accountable -- Kudos to Meghan McCain -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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If we could all climb into our time machines and visit any day in the months leading up to Robert Mueller’s appointment, we’d find the same thing on every news channel: absolutely everyone with a “D” after his or her name going on about the need for a special counsel to investigate “Russia Russia Russia,” with a laser-beam focus on finding ties with the Trump campaign. Not that there was any evidence of a crime, which is normally called for when a special counsel is appointed; Democrats proclaimed that the issue of “collusion” was so important, we HAD to have a special counsel! It was as if a memo had gone out: “Remember –- Special. Counsel. Talk it up! Consider the benefits --- even if there’s no evidence, we can tie Trump up for years and cast suspicion on his entire administration! We can snare him in a perjury trap (doesn’t matter if he’s deliberately inaccurate or not) and impeach him! You owe it to your party: keep the drumbeat going until a special counsel is appointed!”

I suppose there wasn’t an official memo, because if there had been one, WikiLeaks surely would have leaked it. But the effort was just as coordinated. Everyone used the same talking points and the same relentless hammering. And they finally got what they wanted. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams: not only did they get a special counsel, but it’s about as packed with pro-Hillary, anti-Trump investigators as the upper echelon of the 2016 FBI.


Mike Huckabee

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Three cheers for the Attorney General

By Mike Huckabee

I haven’t had occasion to say this much in recent years, but three cheers for the Attorney General and the US Department of Justice. Jeff Sessions announced this week that as part of his commitment to transparency and the rule of law, the DOJ will release all documents related to Fast & Furious, the infamous Obama-era botched sting in which taxpayer-paid guns were delivered to Mexican dealers for tracking, then lost track of. They ended up in the hands of drug gangs that killed many people with them, including American border patrol agent Brian Terry.

For seven years, Terry’s family fought in court to try to force the Obama DOJ to release documents related to the operation that resulted in Brian’s murder. This week, his brother Kent Terry called on President Trump to reopen the scandal, and the very next day, Sessions announced that all the documents would be released. Maybe now, at long last, the truth will be exposed. Let’s hope that those who played Fast & Loose with the truth, the law, the Freedom of Information Act and other people’s lives will finally be held to account.


More mental asylums

By Mike Huckabee

We might also help prevent mentally ill people from acting out violently by opening more mental asylums, a suggestion so obvious that the New York Times seems shocked that psychiatrists agree with President Trump that it makes sense. Don’t worry, though: they still try to find a way to argue that even when Trump is right, he’s right for the wrong reasons.



Holding someone accountable

By Mike Huckabee

Some survivors of last year’s deadly mass shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, have filed a lawsuit to hold someone accountable for the heinous actions of the killer. But it’s not a lawsuit against the gun maker or the NRA or to ban AR-15s (that rifle was actually used by a neighbor who was an NRA gun safety trainer to stop the shooter).

They’re suing the Air Force and the Department of Defense for failing to report the shooter’s history of violent felonies and mental instability that resulted in his court martial and discharge, and that should have been entered into the FBI database and prevented him from buying a gun. The suit claims this was not a one-time oversight, and that the Department of Defense and Air Force knew “as far back as 1997…that the U.S. Air Force (as well as other branches of the U.S. military) routinely failed to report such required criminal arrest and conviction information.”

This is just the latest in a growing pile of infuriating examples of people entrusted with upholding laws failing to perform their duties. Until that issue is cleared up, any new gun control laws that are passed will amount to nothing more than yet another pile of dusty paperwork on the desks of bureaucrats who are taking a nap.


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Kudos to Meghan McCain

By Mike Huckabee

Kudos to Meghan McCain, for giving her fellow co-hosts and viewers of “The View” a perspective on International Women’s Day that they weren’t likely to hear anywhere else. These days, the media are doing a lot of cheering about women’s voices finally being heard, which is a great development. But if you’re a conservative, pro-life woman – or one of the millions of female victims of abortion – silencing your voice still seems to be business as usual.



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