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October 11, 2022

Since the story leaked to THE WASHINGTON POST about Hunter Biden possibly facing criminal charges, it’s been interesting to see the variety of reactions.

Knowing that this almost had to be a leak from our own ‘Justice’ Department –- would a grand juror risk being charged with a federal crime? –- and with the midterm election just over a month away, our first question was, “Why now?” There had to be some “strategery” involved.

As we related last week, Mark Levin, on last Sunday’s LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN, explained what he thought was a set-up of President Trump. It’s easy: The DOJ shows how even-handed they are --- “look! We’re charging the President’s son!” --- and gives itself an opening to charge Trump later. As in, “We did XYZ to Hunter Biden, so now we’re doing XYZ to Trump.” But what this does is the opposite of even-handed, considering that these tax and gun registration charges barely scratch the surface of what the Bidens, including the President, were up to: global influence peddling that was potentially an enormous threat to national security.

Some analysts speculate that the leak came from whistleblowers fed up with the DOJ’s hesitance to bring charges. Yes, there have been scores of brave whistleblowers coming forward in recent weeks, but on this, Mark Levin's theory makes more sense. WAPO is more typically an outlet for leaks that damage Trump. Whistleblowers would've gone to the NEW YORK POST.

On the other hand, WAPO did report that the White House is paying a couple of staffers, Richard A. Sauber and Ian Sams, some nice salaries –- about a quarter of a million dollars between them –-specifically to anticipate and fend off Republican-led Biden family probes. These employees and their salaries are listed in the White House Annual Report to Congress on Office Personnel. Sauter will respond to subpoenas and “oversight efforts.” Sams will respond to congressional investigations. So taxpayers are funding Biden’s damage control.

And to reassure us about the 2022 election, the FBI trotted out this guy, who led efforts to censor the Hunter story ahead of the 2020 election.

Meanwhile, an opinion piece by Jack Shafer in Saturday’s POLITICO, “If Hunter Biden Gets Indicted, There’s an Upside for Joe,” lends great credence, perhaps unwittingly, to Levin’s theory. It suggests that President Biden celebrate “...the political gain he stands to reap in the wake of Hunter Biden’s criminal justice misfortune.” It goes on to say, “A Hunter Biden indictment and prosecution would demonstrate the integrity of the Justice Department...” Well, there you go! Just as Levin said, once the DOJ has demonstrated its ‘integrity’ by leveling what are really bare-minimum charges on Hunter, they can feel free to turn both barrels on Trump. They’ll call it even-steven.

Former U.S. attorney Brett Tolman told FOX NEWS that something about this leaked story “doesn’t add up.”

Obviously, Joe Biden, with the influence he carried as VP and likely future President, is at the center of this story, not Hunter. If the DOJ can dispense with his scandal by charging Hunter, and then push ahead to charge its real target, Donald Trump, the political hacks who run that department will be delighted.

As Maria Bartiromo on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES noted yesterday, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson speculated last July that the Bidens’ compromised situation with China might explain Joe’s utterly baffling decision to cancel the China Initiative, which would have cracked down on China’s industrial spying and theft of U.S. intellectual property and data on American citizens. Kentucky Rep. James Comer, ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, has repeatedly noted the 150-plus flags of “suspicious activity” in Biden bank accounts, involving tens of millions of dollars. President Biden has consistently lied about having no involvement --- not so much as one tiny conversation with Hunter --- in Biden business.

With the stunning magnitude of this, it’s hard to believe we’re here –- that our government could successfully suppress the truth for so long. But this is the America we currently live in.

If the DOJ can stop at charging Hunter with a couple of crimes unrelated to his family, we might never know all the ways the CEFC and other companies around the world compromised President Biden. A few more examples: In September 2017, CEFC was in a deal to acquire 14 percent of Russian oil company Rosneft. A 2017 letter from Jim Biden to the Qatar Investment Authority said, “My family could provide a wealth of introductions and business opportunities at the highest levels.” Also, how might the Bidens’ ventures in Ukraine and Russia have impacted Joe's decisions regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict?

Bartiromo has obtained emails among Hunter, Jim and partners that show what appears to be the beginning of the partnership with Chinese energy company CEFC, in 2016, when Joe Biden was still Vice President. They described it as “very simple.” And, of course, there’s that infamous provisional dispersement list from May 2017, including 10 percent to be held by Hunter for “the Big Guy.” There is no question who “the Big Guy” was.

Yes, the list is “provisional,” but have the feds looked into where the money paid to them by CEFC actually WENT? Did 10 percent go to Joe Biden? Or did Hunter spend all the money in their co-mingled bank account on hookers, hotel rooms and blow?

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, likely chair of the Judiciary Committee next year if (when!) the Republicans win, told Maria the Oversight Committee, under Rep. Comer’s leadership, would probably take the lead in investigating the Biden influence peddling story, focusing on those “red flag” transactions. But with all we already know, the question is, what does the FBI do about it? Our thought is that perhaps this will be the coming role for whistleblowers --- to tell Congress what in blazes is going on over there. Will they continue trying to manipulate elections as they’ve done every two years for the last four cycles? And has the White House directed this?

It sure seems that way. JUST THE NEWS has been rolling out a story since the end of September on the ironically named “Election Integrity Partnership,” a consortium of four private entities –- including the Soros-backed Atlantic Council –- that were rewarded with big federal grants after Biden’s election for suppressing social media posts containing so-called “misinformation” relating to the 2020 election. This was revealed by former State Department official Mike Benz, who after Trump’s defeat formed the Foundation for Freedom Online to advocate globally for free speech and fight censorship.. In case you didn’t see that first story, here it is, outlining how the process worked. For when you have time –- it’s quite detailed –- this is a must-read...

Look at what they’re still doing leading up to the 2022 election, working tirelessly to differentiate “good information” from “bad information.” But, hey, they’re “non-partisan.” That’s a joke, son; they’re the definition of partisan, and what they say matter-of-factly about their mission will chill you to your bones.

Here’s a helpful breakdown of what they do, in a series of tweets from conservative pundit Robby Starbuck.


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