October 5, 2019

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I don’t want to ruin your weekend by burying you with a dump truck full of more “IMPEACHMENT!” developments, but we have to keep them flowing to avoid a sewer blockage, so I’ll just dispense with some of them quickly and we’ll see if they manage to survive until Monday before going into any further detail.

The major story is how President Trump is forcing Nancy Pelosi to stop pussyfooting around with her vague “impeachment inquiry” gibberish and put up or shut up: either call for a full House vote to launch impeachment hearings or back off the witch hunt and get to work on the nation’s business.

It was reported that several notoriously anti-Trump committee heads had already subpoenaed the White House for documents and testimony. Former US Attorney Andrew McCarthy pointed out that this was wrong, those were not subpoenas. What the committee members sent were letters requesting documents and voluntary testimony and threatening obstruction charges if the White House didn’t comply. But they can’t charge anyone with obstruction for refusing to comply with a voluntary request. McCarthy said it’s all just “political theatrics.”


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"Huckabee" Preview

By Mike Huckabee

Join me tonight for a very special episode of “Huckabee” when we’ll prove that civility is not entirely dead by welcoming Democratic Presidential candidate John Delaney to the show.  I guarantee I’ll give him more airtime than the DNC debates will! Al and Lisa Robertson of the “Duck Dynasty” clan will share the secret of getting past your baggage and building a solid marriage.  A great spiritual leader, author and daughter of the Rev. Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, will tell us how the Holy Spirit comforts us in times of trouble.  And if you want a variety show, boy, are you in luck: we’ve got an amazing acrobatic act, hilarious news “In Case You Missed It,” a sneak preview of Janine Turner’s upcoming Lifetime movie about the great Patsy Cline, and we’ll top it off with a country classic from Nashville superstar, Louise Mandrell.   

That’s one jam-packed hour, and it’s coming your way tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and the same times on Sunday, on TBN. Just visit and click on the “WATCH” menu at the top to find all the ways to watch, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming. You can also stream full previous episodes of “Huckabee” and see highlights.  And be sure to check out all the Internet-only “Digital Exclusives,” like extended interviews and extra musical and comedy performances, all at


CIA Member, Obama Democrat?!?

By Mike Huckabee

We still don’t know who the so-called “whistleblower” in the Trump-Ukraine phone call story was, but various media reports (and I’m not saying they’re confirmed, just that there are media reports) are claiming it’s a CIA member and Democrat who worked on Ukraine under Obama. There’s also a report that the person used to work for a current Democrat presidential candidate…

…And there could be more serious credibility problems, since the person apparently didn’t disclose all those contacts with Rep. Adam Schiff’s office on the federal whistleblower form, even though failure to do so can be considered a felony for making a false statement.

That led Trey Gowdy to note that in addition to managing to earn “Four Pinocchios” from the Washington Post (!) for his lies, Schiff may have made himself a fact witness in any proceedings relating to it, allowing Republican members to grill him under oath.  I just hope Rep. Schiff remembers to put on gloves that don’t conduct lightning before he places his hand on the Bible and swears to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.




Bernie Sanders Update

By Mike Huckabee

Sen. Bernie Sanders is already out of the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery to repair a blocked artery after he started having chest pains at a campaign event, and his doctors confirmed that he did have a “myocardial infarction” (a heart attack.) 

Sanders said in a statement, “I want to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff at the Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center for the excellent care that they provided. After two and a half days in the hospital, I feel great, and after taking a short time off, I look forward to getting back to work.”  He also used the scare to note that he’s lucky to have good health coverage, adding, “Medicare for All!”

I am sincerely glad that he’s feeling so much better so quickly, and my prayers are with him to make a full recovery.  But now that we know he’s all right, it shouldn’t be distasteful to point out a couple of elephants in the room. 

First of all, some pundits are already suggesting that while Bernie survived the heart attack, his viability as a Presidential candidate did not.  He’s 78 and was already seeming a bit past his shelf date this time around. While his donation figures were still strong (the great thing about socialism is that there’s always a lot of other people’s money in it, at least at first), the support of the loony left had already started shifting to Elizabeth Warren.  Knowing that Bernie has now had a heart attack will only plant more doubts about his ability to stand up to one of the most high-pressure jobs in the world, as will word that his appearances have been canceled for the immediate future and (worse) his ad buys are on hold.

Second, if you really believe you’d get the same level of fast, top-notch personal care Bernie Sanders if we were under “Medicare for Call,” then I have a crate of “Bernie 2024” bumper stickers I’d like to sell you. 



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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

If you don’t like the Dems’ current whistleblower, don’t worry: they have so many partisan Deep Staters in DC lining up to toot whistles on Trump that it’s like a crowded disco in 1978. Word is they already have one from the IRS who was shocked…shocked! how Trump allegedly tried to influence the IRS audit program to keep his tax forms private. Why, we all know that the IRS audit program has an unquestioned record of being perfectly non-partisan and never unfairly targeting Republicans or releasing their tax information for political reasons or…

I’m sorry, but my fingers just went on strike in protest and refused to finish typing that.



A fifth parent has been sentenced in the scandal over rich elitists trying to bribe their kids’ way into top schools.  Former California wine businessman Agustin Huneeus pleaded guilty to one count of fraud and conspiracy for paying $50,000 to rig his daughter’s SAT exam and planning to pay $250,000 to bribe her way into USC. He got five months in prison, the longest sentence so far in this scandal.

Still not explained: if you have that much money to spend on bribing your kids’ way into college, why don’t you just spend a fraction of it on a tutor and make them study? Is risking prison for bribery really that much easier than parenting?

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"For we walk by faith, not by sight."

-2 Corinthians 5:7

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  • Stephen Russell

    10/06/2019 08:29 AM

    whistleblower 2: why cant WH vet Obama holdovers?? A-Z positions or is Deep State so entrenched we cant do anything?
    How many have Obama Admin on resumes??
    Remove them, transfer out of WH, resign, retire? or is this from another source?
    Who vets WH personnel
    Maybe WH needs IG who reports to President or other ONLY?
    Enough of this "leaks" etc.
    ID all incoming transfers to WH from any agency? Needed or NOT needed.
    Delete positions