March 11, 2020

If this toilet paper shortage continues I might be forced to subscribe to home delivery of The NY Times!


Vice President Mike Pence, head of the President’s task force on the COVID-19 coronavirus, announced that the Administration had struck a quick agreement with the heads of major insurance companies to waive all co-pays on coronavirus testing, making it free for 240 million Americans. They also agreed to extend coverage of the disease on all plans, to cover telemedicine, and to prevent any “surprise billing” of unanticipated charges. Also, Medicare and Medicaid will now cover coronavirus testing and treatment.

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer continued to contribute all he is capable of contributing to the battle against coronavirus by calling the President incompetent.


Let’s play a game of “What If?” I’ll start…

What if President Trump had a brother who was being sued in a lawsuit that carried allegations of potential fraud and trading on his powerful brother’s name? How many thousands of hours of breathless coverage would that story get on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC?

Don’t worry, there’s no incorrect answer because that didn’t really happen. The lawsuit actually involves Joe Biden’s brother, so none of those channels covered it at all.


Yesterday was “Super Tuesday 2,” with primaries and caucuses in six states. There’s probably no better way to express just how badly it went for Bernie Sanders and his socialist “movement” in general than to note that the results were so bad, they actually forced Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to acknowledge reality.

Best I can tell, that’s never happened before.

At this writing, votes are still being counted, with quite a few still to go in some places. But it looks grim for Bernie. Biden won comfortably by 7 points in Idaho, and absolutely shellacked Bernie in Mississippi, Missouri and Michigan. At present, Bernie is slightly ahead in North Dakota, with Washington State too close to call.

Biden’s win in Michigan was especially devastating. In 2016, Bernie’s campaign was revitalized by an upset win over Hillary Clinton in Michigan, but this time around, he lost to Biden 53-36%.

Exit polls showed bad news for Bernie and good news for America in general. First of all, it appears that the bloom may be off the rose that the Democrats were growing in the manure of socialism. Bernie and his enablers in the media had done a pretty good job of hiding the true nature of socialism (“Oh, no, this is just ‘Democratic socialism!’ It means free stuff and caring, with none of the firing squads or rationing! It’s like...Denmark!”) But when he recently started explaining to us how Cuba is also like Denmark, the rose-colored glasses fell away.

Other good news in the exit polls: Bernie’s base is still mostly the young, far-left college crowd. Leftists think this means they’re the inevitable wave of the future, but I am optimistic that most of those kids will grow wiser as they grow up and look back on their Bernie worship the way children of the ‘80s now turn red-faced over photos of their Flock Of Seagulls hairdos. For generations, young people have had flirtations with leftism before going out into the real world and discovering that they’re expected to work and pay taxes for all those programs they thought were “free.” That problem has a way of solving itself, as evidenced by the quote (misattributed to Churchill) that if a man is not a socialist at 20, he has no heart, and if he’s still a socialist at 30, he has no head. That’s been floating around in various forms since the 1700s.

Another bit of good news: the blue collar working vote that supported Bernie in 2016 switched to Biden. And no wonder: in 2016, their only other choice was a candidate who openly held them in condescending disdain. I trust that many of those blue collar Biden voters are the last diehard Democrats, while many of their co-workers will be voting for Trump (a lot of yesterday's Biden voters might be voting for Trump in November as well.)

This bolsters a point I made a few weeks ago: that Bernie’s deflating support was less a sign of the strength of his current rivals (especially Biden) than of just how supernaturally awful a candidate Hillary was. As I noted during the first caucuses, even Bernie’s early wins were nowhere near his 2016 totals, because back then, the only other choice was Hillary. Just as some wary Trump voters decided to take a chance on a bombastic billionaire businessman than cast a vote for her, many Democrats thought, “He’s a cranky old socialist with crazy ideas that would destroy America…but at least he’s not Hillary.”

It’s a comforting thought to consider that there really aren’t as many Americans as we thought who are actually falling for the siren song of socialism. Maybe they were just willing to risk vote for anybody who wasn’t Hillary Clinton. Bernie was that day-old tuna casserole you try to choke down when the only other choice on the menu is the week-old kale salad.


There’s supposed to be another debate, and there are more primaries to come, but Party powers are pushing Bernie hard to drop out and face reality (being a socialist, he’s had a lot of practice at resisting facing reality) so they can dispense with all that "democracy" jive. The next primary states are not good for Bernie anyway (Florida, anyone?), and the Party establishment wants to get down to the serious business of Biden their time and hiding Joe from the public until after the election so he doesn’t have any more Grandpa Simpson moments.

Like this from just yesterday…

(It should be noted that not only was his pugnacious, foul-mouthed lashing out at a voter worrisome in itself, but everything Biden so emphatically said was demonstrably incorrect, from claiming he never said he’d take away guns to calling AR-15s “AR-14s.”)

This is why some Bernie supporters are urging him to stay in the race, in case Biden’s behavior worsens and can’t be hidden. They even pointed out that Biden appeared to forget which office he was running for during his victory speech…

And even his 25-second recorded victory message required several edits.

I suspect that for the debate with Trump, they’ll insist on doing it by satellite TV (to avoid the coronavirus! Yeah, that’s the ticket!) They can call on their Hollywood supporters to provide the same “youthening” CGI effects used in Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” to make Joe look like a fresh-faced lad of 65 again, and get a celebrity impersonator to dub in some lucid responses. They could even call it “The Irishman 2.” Put it on Pay-Per-View and it might actually turn a profit, as long as they let Trump produce it.

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  • Edward J Burdick

    03/12/2020 01:44 PM

    I keep thinking about Biden expounding to the patriot in the Yellow Hard Hat....that could have been me.....and I couldn't get the thought of Max Headroom out of my head. Every time Biden trys to produce chicken salad he outputs ch ca ca (chicken ca ca). Now if that isn't Max Headroom I wil eat your shorts!

  • Carmen Price

    03/12/2020 01:27 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    This virus thing has gotten out of hand and I am thinking the media should be blamed, they are not reporting the high numbers of deaths from the regular flu! And those numbers are very high. But no, they want to blame Trump and tear down his administration as well as scare the entire country, kill the stock market etc. all over the fact they don't like him. Gimme a brake!
    I know that when this is over the market will come back but at what consequences?
    Carmen Price
    Reno, NV

  • Larry S. Grubbs

    03/12/2020 12:42 PM

    The United States of America: A Republic Powered by Equality

    The USA is a Republic of free people, a Nation created by God fearing people who acknowledged that righteousness and justice is a way of living intended for all people by God who gave commandments, explanations, a living example, and eternal assurance that we would not be abandoned in spite of failure to always live up to his expectations.
    There is no other form of government on earth committed to this noble principle – not socialist “republics” or other nations which identify themselves as “democratic republics”.

    Collaboration “with” God is made possible because He has “done His part”, by establishing a permanent foundation and unbreakable covenants that allow people to “do their part” willingly. The evidence of our collaboration is found in our ability to collaborate with one-another to show our gratitude for the shared benefits of success.

    God’s Kingdom is real and it is eternal. The King is never absent from his citizens. His Spirit is always “on-call”, available to help people maintain unity and bonds of peace for all who call upon the Father of all, there is “one hope – one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” Ephesians 4:4

    There is no other source of power for the good of mankind except God. We need God’s power because we were weakened by deception of one man – Adam, and we remain vulnerable as he was vulnerable to the forces of evil intent upon opposing God “by all possible means”. (Sound familiar?) This is why there are so many cultures of the world which at their core are found to be “wolves posing as sheep”, claiming “peace” even as they plot destruction.

    We have nothing to fear IF we elect to follow Christ in obedience to His commands, teachings, and example. The reasons we suffer from anxiety is because in our hearts we prefer to live worldly lives, pursuing worldly treasures.

    As I was sent from place to place – city to city, country to country – I assumed and imagined that I would encounter people who would be essentially like me – wanting , receiving and giving care for family, friends, neighbors and strangers according to common needs. Being very naïve, I was surprised, disappointed, discouraged and frustrated - UNTIL – I began to study and understand the effects of cultural differences and started to look for common heart traits to be found because I remembered that we are all created equal.
    With hearts, souls and minds in common, we suffer when we abuse ourselves, allow others to abuse; or worst – must suffer wanton abuse – to our hearts, souls and minds. Because I was so fortunate to receive godly training and discipline as a child, and continued to be disciplined throughout my life (not always welcomed), I have become more and more aware of my gifts of heart, soul and mind waiting to be discovered, developed and used - all for the good of mankind as well as myself and for the pleasure of God.

    Therefore; I am obligated to my conscience to exercise patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control in order to show to others in the world whom may not have been provided comparable training, all that they are willing to consider of what I have discovered, so they also may celebrate their unique gifts, expand their horizons, discover the joy of collaboration, the wonders of true success and the peace of true contentment, whatever the circumstances.
    I believe that anyone who becomes truly content cannot be deceived by temptations for that which they do not have or need.

    Larry S. Grubbs March 2, 2020

  • Phil Fulton

    03/12/2020 10:59 AM

    Governor. Why is it that there is such hysteria over the Coronavirus in our nation
    When we have had only eight reported deaths and fewer than one hundred reported cases yet under President Obama the swine flu killed over twelve thousand people and affected thousands more, yet there was no panic, and no national emergencies.

  • Melinda Long

    03/12/2020 10:36 AM

    it must be a face to face debate...and check Biden's ears for earpieces feeding him responses!!!

  • Fred Wilmers

    03/12/2020 08:12 AM

    I was surprised to see an ad for Jay Kinzler in your report. He is in a primary against Jeanie Ives, the pro-life candidate who did so well in the last Illinois governors primary.

  • Douglas M Bell

    03/12/2020 05:59 AM

    Dear Gov Huckabee,
    Here a Scripture verse confirming The new US Spaceforce has a place, in History.
    Moffatt Translation, Mark 13:26-27:
    "Then will the Son of man coming in the clouds with great glory; and he will then dispatch His angels and muster the elect from the four winds, from the verge of earth to the verge of Heaven."
    This verse could be used for "Burial in Space."
    Shalom, Douglas Bell

  • Kay DeWitt

    03/12/2020 05:32 AM

    The statement in this newsletter that grabbed me was: " For generations, young people have had flirtations with leftism before going out into the real world.... "

    Substitute the word "leftism" with the word "evil" and I can lay claim that this statement confirms what I have stated about the Democrats' evil of hatred being the same kind of evil that is killing our kids!

    If you are not aware OF the crisis we are facing here in Charlotte.... with a kid being shot to death almost on a daily basis now....I beg you...and your readers....
    to Google "kids shot in Charlotte" ... "crime in Charlotte" ...or any other appropriate search title......because I want people to HEAR the cries for help from these kids ' parents....from our police department....from our whole city.....

    You will understand WHY I keep saying that....if President Trump could make an analogy between the hatred that he has been a victim of and the hatred that has killed our kids...he could pull on the heartstrings of a city that is order to DO this, President Trump has got to state to those who hate him, "because I AM a Christian, I can say to you, I love YOU, but I hate your sin OF hatred toward me because Jesus hates your sin of hatred toward me because it is the sin of hatred that is killing!

    In view OF this crisis here in Charlotte, I find it interesting that this is where the Republican convention is due to take place...assuming that is that, by then, the coronavirus will not cause it to be cancelled....and I say that because, when one of our news commentators was announcing all the events that were BEING cancelled in Charlotte, because of the coronavirus, he made some kind of remark about no decision has been made YET about the Republican convention.

    After every tragic shooting here, the cry is, "The VIOLENCE has GOT to end!" , and I want that cry changed to, "The HATRED has GOT to end!" Amen?

  • Sherry Stone

    03/12/2020 04:28 AM

    Can you please tell me what is being done about Chuck Schumer threatening the lives of two Supreme Court Justices? No one is talking about it, and I really want to know. If he gets away with it, then I totally give up on any justice ever being dealt on the unlawful actions of the Democrats.

  • Jerry Korba

    03/12/2020 12:02 AM

    I just don't believe this virus from china is the killer CNN MSNBC and the rest of media is saying it is. If Jim Acosta is reporting on it the material is compromised Schumer and the rest of the deadbeats do not have clue and still make outrageous remarks everyday if they are talking I am not believing Americans do what we do best take care of ourselves this pandemic will fade in 45 days the warm and humid air will slow this virus down.

  • Ruth Ferraro

    03/11/2020 11:16 PM

    I love all your commentaries! I'm anxious to see who Joe Biden picks as his running mate.

  • Jerry Korba

    03/11/2020 10:56 PM

    Biden actions in public are either or; he does not plan on being President or he is close to a mental collapse his recent behavior shows he has no ability to handle questions that represents what he said in the past and what are normal enforceable laws. the two just do not add up. Having Beto O'rourke as your gun control enforcer will not be a normal but an unlawful agent of gun control was all the guy was saying to Biden; then out of control Biden goes off the deep end; a reasonable question and an angered and tauting and a invite to violence response from Biden and you wonder why his handlers want to hide him, The using of Biden by the Dems should be abuse just like they used Mueller, hell most people probably want him in a straight jacket and taken in for observation. One might want to take Biden's guns and ammunition for everyone's safety.

  • Marilyn Bidwell

    03/11/2020 10:40 PM

    Before the primaries started it was reported that a Geo. Soros company was supplying voting machines to various states. These machines could be hacked by junior high students who could change the votes cast and those changes are undetectable.
    Biden’s campaign was all but dead then all of a sudden he is winning big time. Are we seeing these voting machines being tested in the democratic debates between Biden and Sanders?

  • Vicki Smith

    03/11/2020 10:19 PM

    ...and let’s not forget that when it comes to old Joe, that he is running to “bring civility back to the presidency.” From calling a man fat and challenging him to pushups at a town hall to this newest episode portraying a lack of control of his anger and using obscenities...just what kind of civility are the Democrats offering? Really? They increasingly portray such hypocrisy that one would have to keep one’s head buried in the sand to not see it. My last comment...regarding coronavirus...I am infuriated at the mainstream media and Democrats blaming the President, accusing him of incompetency and purposely inciting greater fear among the American people. My 92-year old aunt who is immobile (and a Democrat) listens to all their political rhetoric about coronavirus and her fear of getting it has been heightened. They all need to STOP IT!

  • Kevin J. Cook

    03/11/2020 10:04 PM

    Well Bolshevik Bernie has shown himself to be a fraud. Will his rabid socialists stay in the corrupt establishment democrat party?

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/11/2020 09:55 PM

    Hmmmm...New York

  • David Molony

    03/11/2020 09:46 PM

    Have you ever met a public health physician who was not a rabid democrat? These guys are so anti-Trump that they will do anything to stain him.

  • Gary Stilwell

    03/11/2020 09:45 PM

    AND-----"This is why some Bernie supporters are urging him to stay in the race, in case Biden’s behavior worsens and can’t be hidden". you MUST be joking!!---biden's" behavior can't be hidden?????----the man can't say twenty words without lying--the sad fact is he doesn't even know he's doing it.--This mentality usually gets relegated to a home somewhere, with the staff admonishing him "ok yes, now we need to go to the bathroom--you know it's been a few hours, so we need to go, don't we?"
    As for the confrontation with the Union worker, I am frankly amazed at the worker's civil response and restraint. I would have expected after the blast of profanity from biden that he was not presented with a very large fist directly into his face.

  • Phillip Ridenour

    03/11/2020 09:37 PM

    Here's a scary thought: Biden picks Michelle Obama as his running mate, which forestalls the Blexit movement and gives the Democrats the victory. Two years later Biden is declared mentally incompetent and Michelle invokes the 25th Amendment. Constitutionally she can run 2 more times for a total of 10 years of a Socialist in the White House. Can you say Civil War II?

  • cleta kreutzer

    03/11/2020 08:49 PM

    IF..... Biden gets elected as president.... will he be allowed to serve as president or will the democrats say he is incompetent of serving as president, because he can't remember what he says or what he does. Then at that time, whoever the vice president is, they will take over as president. Will that be when Hillary Clinton will be named president? (If Hillary is his running mate.)

  • Rick Nelinson

    03/11/2020 08:48 PM

    Fortunately, we already had a good stock of tp. I really do not want to contribute to the NYT. I do believe more each day that the media and the democraps are gleefully exagerating the COVID situation in order to depress markets and create mayhem. Another attempt to dump Trump. ??

  • Dennis Merrell

    03/11/2020 08:46 PM

    There needs to be a public outcry regarding Biden’s mental state. He needs to be independently evaluated by a mental heath professional. As Americans we have a right to know where Biden scores on The Global Deterioration Scale for Assessment of Primary Degenerative Dementia. Having been a caregiver for my mother, who suffered age related memory issues, who was tested and scored I can tell you Joe Biden is having some degenerative issues. I am not qualified to professionally evaluate and score, but am concerned about a candidate who appears to be mentally incompetent to be president.

  • Joan Meyer

    03/11/2020 08:25 PM

    Hasn't anyone besides me questioned the news that Korea had tested 100,000 people for this virus when no one had even heard of it until recently? Where did they get the test kits and why did they have that many for something that hadn't been around yet? Really? How could they have all those kits on hand? A coincidence? I think not. Fact or fiction?

  • Jimmy Humphrey

    03/11/2020 08:07 PM

    Mr. Huckabee. I need to know your opinion, will our President TRUMP be re-elected ?

  • Linda Dixon

    03/11/2020 07:59 PM

    Your opening line had me in stitches, probably the best use for that newspaper! Keep up the good work governor, you bring laughter to my soul.