December 9, 2018

It’s been an extraordinary week in Washington, watching so many political rivals of both parties set aside partisanship to honor the late President George H.W. Bush.  Despite his notorious primary battle with Jeb Bush, President Trump not only attended the elder Bush’s funeral, he went out of his way to welcome and accommodate the family, from providing Air Force One to transport Bush’s body to inviting the Bush family to stay at Blair House, the presidential guest house, and giving them a personal tour of the White House Christmas decorations.

Meanwhile, reporters alternated their coverage of the funeral between lamenting the passing of Bush’s ability to be gracious and bipartisan, and relentlessly slamming Trump for any little thing that might be interpreted negatively. Like CNN…

And the Huffington Post, where Trump was savaged as a phony Christian simply because his lips weren’t moving during the reciting of the Apostle’s Creed.  Of course, if his lips had been moving, they would’ve accused him of reading from the program and then attacked him as dumb for moving his lips when he reads. (Note the correction at the end, showing that the HuffPo editors who assailed Trump for allegedly not knowing the Apostle’s Creed didn’t know what it was themselves.)

Stop for a minute and let this turn over in your head: The media (the self-appointed moral consciences of politics) are relentlessly attacking someone who’s going out of his way to be kind to his political rivals at a funeral because he…Trump…doesn’t understand how to behave appropriately during solemn occasions and doesn't meet the high standards of bipartisan politeness and gentility they claim to miss so much.  Yep, “lowering the tone of political discourse” is all Trump’s fault.  You know, just like the national debt. 


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  • Lynda Case

    12/10/2018 10:25 AM

    I never recited the Creed as it does say that you believe in the Catholic church.. I would be a hypocrit

  • Roger Sommerfield

    12/10/2018 09:38 AM

    You are definitely spot-on Governor Huckabee, Satan is Alive and Well on planet Earth and deeply entrenched in Democratic party and has breached the Republican Party. They are happily finding themselves going against God, they think they are fighting a man, but who is he that can harm you if you'll be followers of God. You do a great work Governor Huckabee, you're a stand-up type of guy, always like to hear what you have to say.

  • Eleen On Hing

    12/10/2018 07:39 AM

    I enjoy reading your articles and I am live in South Africa!

  • Anita Mae Barker

    12/10/2018 04:46 AM

    We can pray for a miracle of good spirits this Christmas season?????

  • Linda Black

    12/09/2018 11:23 PM

    Have attended the Baptist Church every Sunday, except when ill, for many decades. I couldn't say the Apostles Creed because it's never been used in any church I've ever attended.

  • rodney burke

    12/09/2018 09:26 PM

    It's to the point where It is pointless to pay any attention to the MSM. They are so idiotic it is laughable. your comments about HW and the press were right on, they were as merciless as they are now. Well some day, they will learn. I guess a good humiliation by DT for their role in Spygate will do the trick. The stuff is about to hit the fan and things are not going to be pretty in DC. Matter of fact, I think it's about to get downright ugly. And it NEEDS to.

  • Edward Mack Daniel III

    12/09/2018 09:10 PM

    Pastor Huckabee, I was born in Prescott, Arkansas in 1954 and was raised in the south where social respect and respect, in general, was one of the very first things that you learned as a child. Today it seems like the word is almost completely forgotten. Even the respect for God has decreased to the point that you can get ridiculed, cursed at, even beaten up for just mentioning God. The churches that I attend have turned to the view that you have to be politically correct just to survive to keep the doors open. The church that I have been going to for years has changed and now the pastor believes that it has to be an experience. The worship part of the service has turned from singing to God to a complete concert experience. The music is so loud that someone put earplugs in the foyer last Sunday. I am sure that it was not meant as a joke. All of this new age movement in the church makes me feel left behind and very irrelevant. I don't know what has happened to my world and I feel so left behind as if I don't matter. I know that I matter to God, but still, I have to live in this world. What has happened to the old-fashioned Bible preaching gospel that formed this great nation? I am at the point that I would move and change states just to hear the real gospel again. I miss my country, and I miss my gospel-preaching church. I must apologize; it was not my intent to cry on your shoulder, but at 64 years of age I have no one that I can talk to that I feel will be real with me. There is no way I can even discuss this with my Pastor as his views have so radically changed in the last few years. I try to hold on to love and hope; then I look at the world around me decaying daily, and it is very hard. I do thank God for you and your daughter because it is obvious that you brought here up with awesome Godly principles. It is my great wish to God that he would multiply this earth with so many more people like the both of you. Right now the two of you are the earthly Christian inspiration that helps me keep moving forward in Christ and not giving up. Thank you both for just being who you are. With a mutual love in Christ, Edward M Daniel III "ED."

  • James k carnine

    12/09/2018 07:07 PM

    Love your comments, Governor. And your TV program on TBN. And the job Sarah is doing. Praying for all of you as you do the Lord's work!

  • michal rowe-taylor

    12/09/2018 06:21 PM

    My question has to do with a video I saw of you at some sort of talked of a "One World Order" and that our President was working towards that end. Please clarify. Thanks

  • connie l arneson

    12/09/2018 06:02 PM

    prayers for our President and our country

  • joseph orsini

    12/09/2018 05:51 PM

    The success of 2 years of Trump hostility on this year's election results will only mean that we can expect even worse hostility and divisiveness over the next 2 years.

  • Elizabeth Slack

    12/09/2018 05:30 PM

    Dear Mike:
    *I am a Christian who left the Catholic church as a teenager. There are many theological points as to the reason. I, therefore, applaud president Donald Trump for his failure to recite words wherein he says he believes in the Holy Catholic church. To add anything to the finished work of Christ is to twice crucify him.
    * It is my opinion that, notwithstanding the universal chorus of applause, the two Bush presidents destabilized the middle east.
    * The funeral of president HW Bush was a public event. Past presidents historically speak at the funeral of a former president. Omission of Donald Trump as a speaker was an intentional and personal slap in the face. It also denigrated the presidency. I applaud our president for taking highest moral road of love as exemplified by forgiveness.
    May you and your family be blest this Christmas,
    Elizabeth Slack

  • Beverly K. Mather

    12/09/2018 05:23 PM

    Please Media!! Stop Bad mouthing our President!!!

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    12/09/2018 05:15 PM

    I continue to support our President. He's a good man, maybe a little rough around the edges, but, aren't we all.
    I pray that God will use him in a mighty way and that God will continue to bless America.

  • Marie Dahl

    12/09/2018 05:13 PM

    Does anyone even watch CNN anymore? I certainly don't. I don't want to waste my time listening to their garbage. I enjoy reading your commentary. you hit the nail on the head and I can trust what you say. I like to read other people's comment too. I like to see that there are other people that think as I do. Thanks for the great job you do every day. God bless you and God bless America.

  • Charles Teachout

    12/09/2018 04:58 PM

    The word that strikes me as appropriate is fiend. To criticize Trump systematically is appropriate for some journalists, if they are partisan. While systematic partisan journalism is acceptable, journalism that criticizes persons regardless of their actions is fiendish. Fiends are evil. Evil is of no use to anyone as journalism. Why do professional journalist administrators pay for fiendish journalism? They themselves are fiendish adminisrators. Dante's Hell is full of such people who chose hate over love.

  • Amelia Little

    12/09/2018 04:39 PM

    As is said often, President Trump is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. Just because many of the msm seem to be low-class citizens without an ounce of civility, they project that trait on anyone they don't like. They wouldn't understand class if it slapped them in the face. What I did see of the funeral, all the Presidents and their wives (with the exception of hilary, I am told) and President Bush's family acted decently, civilly and with class. And, at least hilary didn't start a cat-fight with anyone. I guess it could be called civility to turn away instead of starting something.

    He was excoriated for singing the National Anthem, seeming to forget some of the words, or maybe it was he sang too loudly, or off-tune. BUT now, of course, he is being excoriated for not saying the Apostle's Creed out loud. If he HAD said it (or read along, and that is no crime, I had to read it even in my younger years) he would have been labeled a hypocrite although HE has promoted religion all along--whereas the democrats and msm seem to ridicule and denounce the same.

    I sure do wish for the good old days when news was reported and that's it. Even back in the day, when Huntley/Brinkley anchored a Presidential address or a campaign address, I turned the channel (or, way back in the day before cable, turned the tv off) when their political "analysts" came on. Each analyst put his personal spin on the address--HEY!!! I WATCHED and LISTENED to the address, I don't need anyone to 'splain to me what was said. I didn't even stick around for Huntley/Brinkley to recap what was said.

  • Ronald Gustine

    12/09/2018 04:07 PM

    Just thought about a hero you may never have heart about. Elijah P Lovejoy. Died or was killed in Nov 1837. Abraham Lincoln made this statement about him, "Lovejoy's tragic death for freedom in every sense marked his sad ending as the most important single event that ever happened in the new world.
    You might like to check this out at memorial of Elijah P Lovejoy at Alton, Illinois. Lovejoy set on fire the north in the battle against slavery and the right for free speech. He was a fiery preacher and was in the mouth of the lion that took his life.

  • Judy Whitfield

    12/09/2018 04:04 PM

    I found it shameful that Hillary couldn't put aside her political anger to even acknowledge Mr. Trump at the church service. She couldn't even tip her head toward him, whether she shook his hand or not. Just confirms how small she is.

  • James R. Norvell

    12/09/2018 03:58 PM

    Even Fox News could not restrain themselves from making thinly veiled comparisons. It's why I watch FOX about one-fourth the time I did three years ago.
    I am ashamed of trend of our entire country, the part that has a megaphone.

  • Connie Carlisle

    12/09/2018 03:58 PM

    There are many Christian denominations that do not quote or memorize the apostles creed. Those who judge the Christianity of anyone because he/she does not know the apostles creed by heart seem to misunderstand that Christianity is not a club or organization that requires quoting of alligence or creed in order to be a faithful member. Christianity is a relationship with Jesus, a gift from God, not of works, which includes the uttering of creeds. However, I would not refuse to quote or read the Apostles Creed and anyone who is a true American patriot should not refuse to sincerely pledge alliegance to the U.S. flag or the republic for which it stands.

  • Suzanne Marienau

    12/09/2018 03:50 PM

    Honestly, I think the crazed actions of leftist celebrities, fake news outfits and the like should just be ignored. I am tired of these people getting any notice at all. We should focus on positive things and should look for news that is true and relevant.
    The left is neither true or relevant. It's time to move on, away from them. Thanks, Gov. Huckabee.

  • Elizabeth Matthews

    12/09/2018 02:50 PM

    I am 95 and my husband and I took early retirement to work with Billy Graham. We were actively conservative. There is no Republican (or) Democrat who could have done as well as Pres. Trump. The Lord has used him to bring Jerusalem HOME. The pastor who brought my husband and me to the Lord together asked us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem ---that was 74 years ago. It has happened==not in peace but it had to happen according to the Word. My husband wasMan of the Year for Oxnard, Calif. and everyone knew he was a Christian. Thank you for standing firm for our Lord. Betty Matthews

  • Missy Cunningham

    12/09/2018 02:45 PM

    I think it is disgraceful that the media treats our President in this manner.
    He was elected by the American people and they can not accept the fact that Hillary lost.

  • John T Stewart

    12/09/2018 02:38 PM

    I like your excellent writing informative and fun...I want to take this opportunity since I may never be able to do it person to thank you for Your Daughter as her work as Press Secretary is the best that I have seen!