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April 6, 2021

Good news for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: the mainstream media must think he’s the frontrunner for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination. Of course, you can only tell that because they’re obviously so determined to destroy him that they’ll trash their own reputations with garbage “exposes” like the one “60 Minutes” ran on Sunday. So there’s a downside. But I doubt many Republicans put much trust in CBS (“Fake but accurate!) News anyway.

Jennifer Van Laar at has a good rundown on the “60 Minutes” hit piece and why it’s complete hooey.

In short: the claim is that DeSantis let Publix drug stores have the coronavirus vaccine first because they donated to his campaign. And since Publix serves Palm Beach County, DeSantis let wealthy seniors “cut the line” to get vaccinated first.

The Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, who is a Democrat, denounced that claim as “utter nonsense,” saying that all major pharmacy chains were offered the vaccine, but Publix was just the first one that was ready to distribute it.

Worse, DeSantis already spoke about this, but “60 Minutes” deceptively edited the video, cutting it off before he got to the part explaining the vaccine rollout.

Read the Redstate article to see how low the media will go to kneecap any Republican they see as a threat to Democrat power. Meanwhile, I’d like to address another aspect of this story, and that’s how it’s based on a ridiculous false stereotype that the Republicans only care about the rich.

That one’s been repeated until it has a gray beard longer than Santa Claus’s. But I’d like to ask the “60 Minutes” reporter and others who parrot this outdated old saw, just WHO are these ultra-wealthy people the Republicans cater to? Are the tech billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey Republicans? Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos? Mark Cuban? All those Wall Street bankers that Trump hated and Obama bailed out? Hollywood celebrities and entertainment moguls? Jay-Z? The CEOs of Delta, Coca-Cola and Major League Baseball?

It’s Republicans who tried to secure the border and create jobs for working Americans, who finally saw their wages rise for the first time in decades. The minute he got into office, Biden issued a flurry of executive orders destroying those jobs and flinging open the border to insure a steady supply of low wage workers - great for wealthy corporate CEOs but terrible for workers, whose wages are depressed by mass immigration.

The GOP has become the party of the working class and the Democrats the party of wealthy urban elites. The reason they have to keep screaming “racist” at everyone who tells the truth about them is because their biggest fear is that minorities and working people who’ve been voting Democrat for decades out of force of habit will wake up and realize that times have changed, this is no longer their grandpa’s Democratic Party, and the people running it couldn’t care less about what’s good for everyday working Americans.

About that CBS interview with Hunter Biden

By Mike Huckabee

While some of us were dealing with much more important news on Easter Sunday morning, CBS aired an interview with Hunter Biden, and as always with him, the truth remained harder to find than an Easter egg.

There’s yet another twist in the story of his “alleged” incriminating laptop: the one that the media told us during the campaign was possibly Russian disinformation (the FBI, DOJ and Director of National Intelligence all agreed that it wasn’t), then banned the New York Post’s story about it from social media for being based on “hacked data” (it wasn’t: Biden left it at a repair shop until it became property of the shop owner.)

This time, he admitted that it “certainly” could be his laptop, although he also claimed he had “no idea,” and added, “It could be that I was hacked, it could be that it was Russian intelligence. It could be that it was stolen from me.”

Note: it isn’t any of those things (see above.) It could be a brilliant forgery created by space aliens of the 24th century and dropped off at a repair shop in Delaware via time machine, but that’s probably not true, either. But I wouldn’t be surprised if NPR ran with that story next.

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  • Pamala Pritchard

    04/06/2021 02:00 PM

    The dems are getting desperate..Anyone who is standing up to them..
    They try to DESTROY.
    Just keep telling the truth..most of us, got their number..we need honesty, like yours Mike..this is your calling..KEEP STANDING AND PRAYING...AND INFORMING US
    SO DO WE