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December 2, 2022

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Mike Huckabee


But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.

1 Peter 5:10 KJV

The November Jobs Report

This morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that job growth in November greatly exceeded expectations. Economists expected 200,000 new jobs, but the figure came in at 263,000.

However, as we’ve come to expect lately, every silver lining has a dark cloud around it. The hope was that a drop in job creation would show that the labor market was cooling, which would convince the Fed to stop its aggressive hiking of interest rates to reduce inflation. The news sent stock markets reeling.

So if Americans are taking two or three jobs to keep up with rising interest rates, the Fed will take that as a sign that they need to raise interest rates more? I guess that kind of makes sense when you realize that the people in charge of major economic decisions, like our current Treasury Secretary, believe that inflation is your fault. Yes, it wasn’t all those trillions of dollars in government spending flooding into the system. It’s you, the average, hard-working American, who are responsible for high inflation because after being locked down for so long, you “splurged” on things like “grills and office furniture.”

Well, I hope that barbecue grill was worth it! Just look at what you did to Joe Biden’s great economy, you selfish spendthrifts!

By the way, as Spencer Brown writes at, despite the strong job numbers, the economy is still struggling.

Brown writes, “There are still 6 million unemployed, and another 127,000 Americans became ‘permanent job losers’ in November to bring that number to 1.4 million. Meanwhile, the labor force participation rate for November was 62.1 percent, still 1.3 percent lower than in February 2020 before COVID-19 hit, proving yet again that President Biden and his administration have not, despite their claims, ‘built’ America ‘back’ or ‘better.’"


I’ve always hated the ridiculous term “election denier.” Like “climate denier,” it’s just a stupid pejorative invented by the left to smear the motives of anyone who questions their policies and practices, whether they be ill-founded or outright shady. They trivialize the original, truly reprehensible charge of “Holocaust denier” by stealing its gravity and applying it to their personal issues. Besides, I don’t know anyone who denies that we have elections or a climate, they just disagree with the left’s policies on dealing with both.

So I’m glad to see that this week might spell the beginning of the end of the use of “election denier” as an effective smear tactic. First, House Democrats let a lot of air out of it by electing an open “election denier” as their Minority Leader. Now, a new Rasmussen Survey finds that so-called “election deniers” (really, just people who suspect our elections are not being conducted fairly and it’s affecting the outcomes of races) make up a majority of Americans, and even a large majority of Democrats.

In Arizona, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (herself constantly attacked by the media as an “election denier” for questioning how the 2020 election was run) was ahead in the polls by an average of 3.5 points, yet somehow lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs by just 17,000 votes. This followed mysterious “tech glitches” in heavily Republican districts of Maricopa County, where voters were forced to stand in line for hours and many had to leave without voting.

Rasmussen found that 69% of likely voters believe people were denied “the sacred right to vote” by polling problems in Arizona, and 71% believe those problems likely affected the outcome. And prepare for a shock: 72% of voters and even 69% of Democrats agreed with this statement: “This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats. This is about our sacred right to vote, a right that many voters were, sadly, deprived of on November 8th.”

And here’s shock #2: That’s a quote from Kari Lake, explaining why she’s taking legal action to block the certification of that vote. Again, 69% of Democrats agreed with it, and that includes 35% who strongly agreed with it.

Maybe the Democrats thought that branding someone an “election denier” makes them so toxic that nobody would dare protest blatant election shenanigans, but when the problems are so obvious, all their use of it has done is render the term meaningless. Arizona’s elections were so screwed up that questioning them doesn’t make you an “election denier.” But accepting them without question implies you just might be an idiot.


The good side of Hitler and the Nazis?!?

As much of a defender of free speech as I am, even I can’t bring myself to defend Alex Jones. So you can imagine how insane and offensive rapper/entrepreneur Kanye West’s (or “Ye” as he now calls himself) interview with Jones was that Jones seemed the more reasonable participant. There should be a rule taught to all celebrities that if you find yourself feeling the urge to point out the good side of Hitler and the Nazis, it’s time to claim you have a headache and leave the microphone.

A few months ago, when West was making some fairly conservative comments and some conservatives were eager to embrace him since he was so big a part of the pop culture world that normally demonizes us, I tried to subtly warn them that he could occasionally express some exciting and thoughtful ideas, but he was also capable of some weirdness we don’t want to be associated with. Maybe it’s the very costly backlash for his anti-Semitic comments or his poor choice of associates, but lately, the weirdness seems to have ramped up considerably.

President Trump was obviously surprised by how far he’s spiraled when he showed up for dinner unexpectedly accompanied by a prominent white supremacist, and now Trump is paying a big price for letting him in. But even fans who follow West closely may be shocked by how far around the bend he’s gone. Brandon Morse at thinks we should pity rather than condemn him because he’s entered the Vincent Van Gogh stage, where you’re still capable of creating great art but you’re also crazy enough to cut off your own ear, or in Ye’s case, to take a cleaver to his own career.

And in what I suspect is a very related story, the deal for West to buy the social media platform Parler has been called off “by mutual decision.”

It might be hard to buy Parler when he can’t even keep his free account on Twitter.

Energy solutions

In a study that will shock green activists but come as old news to anyone who reads this newsletter, researchers found that off-shore wind farms have substantial negative “physical, biological and chemical impacts” on marine ecosystems.

The good news is that we could stop destroying the oceans and killing millions of birds, and actually meet our energy needs without releasing CO2, by just building more modern nuclear plants. But national leaders who take their advice about science from teenage eco-warriors won’t do that. Like the politicians in the Netherlands who plan to forcibly shut down 3,000 farms to comply with a mandate from EU bureaucrats to reduce emissions.

Without all those farms, what will people eat? I guess they figure that won’t matter, since they’ll have so little energy for heat, maybe they’ll freeze to death before they run out of food. It’s the emissions from EU bureaucrats that they should be reducing.

Rail strike update

The Senate voted 80-15 to approve the House bill President Biden requested, forcing railroad workers to accept a contract to avert a devastating rail strike. It was sent to Biden for his signature. The Senate did not adopt measures pushed by pro-union members like Bernie Sanders to include sick leave. Opponents claimed those benefits were already mostly provided by smaller unions under local agreements.

But while this might prevent the immediate emergency of a strike, it could have long-term consequences politically, since railroad unions feel betrayed by Biden, who has long been a big ally of unions and vice versa. And for those who think the railroad workers are just being unreasonable, read this article from

It details how working conditions for railroad workers have deteriorated in recent years, to the point that there might now be only two engineers on a three-mile-long freight train. And as the author writes, the president of one of the four largest railroads wants to cut even that and is “advocating for ONE (!) PERSON to be at the helm of, and the only living soul ON, a three-mile-long freight train. Who might have been called in at the last minute. What could possibly go wrong?”

Trudeau the hypocrite

When truckers in Canada formed a convoy to protest draconian COVID policies and vaccine mandates, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time in history. He used it to surveil the peaceful protesters, arrest them, freeze their bank accounts and destroy their family businesses.

Now, China is brutally cracking down on protesters of draconian COVID policies, and what was Trudeau’s response? Well, at least he didn’t perform a cheerleader routine for the CCP. Instead, he went the blatant hypocrite route, declaring, "Obviously everyone in China should be allowed to express themselves, should be allowed to, you know, share their — their perspectives, and indeed protest. We’re going to continue to ensure that China knows we’ll stand up for human rights, we’ll stand with people who are expressing themselves."

Funny, when Canadians protested to demand their basic human rights, he stood on their necks with his boots on. This did not go unnoticed, and you can read some of the reactions at the link. They include words like “hypocrite” and “gaslighting abuser.” Not surprisingly, the most eloquent response came from Dr. Jordan Peterson, who tweeted on Twitter:

"The Chinese can protest COVID authoritarianism but supporters of Canadian truckers need to have their bank accounts frozen (the most totalitarian move made by a Western leader perhaps ever). I really don't understand how he can stand listening to himself talk." 

But perhaps the most succinct tweet was by Avi Yemini, a correspondent for Rebel News: “LOOK IN THE MIRROR, TYRANT.”

And that’s why leftists like Trudeau really want to bar conservatives from Twitter. It’s not the disinformation that scares them, it’s the information.

I Just Wanted to Say

Thank you for reading my newsletter.

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Comments 1-9 of 9

  • John

    12/09/2022 09:41 AM

    Gov. Huckabee,

    I was disappointed to see your interview with Matt Gaetz on your TV show.

    His non-support for Rep. McCarthy as House Leader is a blow to the Republican party, particularly conservatives.

    McCarthy has stated he will appoint Jim Jordan to a key committee. Another member Biggs has not said such a thing.

    Furthermore, McCarthy has kept the Republicans in line and will limit defectors to vote with Democrats.

    He may not be everyone's cup of tea, I have my reservations too, but he is a proven leader of the Republicans over the last several years.

    BTW Rep Gaetz is my district representative too.

  • Wallace Rowan

    12/03/2022 04:39 PM

    Dear Mike,

    I'm really disappointed in your thinly veiled negative opinion of Alex Jones. Maybe you should pick up and read his book, "The Great Reset, and the War for the World."

    If you haven't yet read it, you will find it is very cogent and very well researched and portrays the threats we face in reality--the WEF and Klaus Schwab and his gang.

    At least Alex is brave enough to take on this dire threat and expose it and suggest some ways we can deal with it. The vast majority of "Republicans" are in reality RINOs or too milque-toast to face down evil. We need brave people calling evil out and facing it down. The vast majority of conservatives are fed up with the Republican party because it just doesn't represent us. We're looking for brave leaders who will face down the democrats, the deep state and the evil within the Republican party as well.

    Who else is doing that right now?

    Wallace Rowan

  • Janet Shilling

    12/03/2022 11:40 AM

    It is astonishing to me that Trudeau is still in office. I love your newsletter. I think you would like to know that I google your name in order to read your newsletter. What I find interesting is that Google does not pull up the latest thing you have written, instead it consistently produces something about 2 weeks old. I wonder if this is yet one more algorhythm designed to bury the conssrvative voice. Carry on, Gov. Huckabee. You have good things to say.

  • stephen russell

    12/02/2022 06:28 PM

    Trump Ye meeting;
    Gone wrong, OFF rails
    I would have done or Trump should have done:

    o Pvt meeting Ye only
    o Other guest left out
    o Use side doors for Guests
    Meeting done
    Then No circus for sure

  • Robin Rebhan

    12/02/2022 05:58 PM

    RE: "The November Jobs Report". Here in New York State there are more job positions open. The reason is in order to avoid paying out expensive benefits to employees, employers break the former full time job into 3 part time jobs to avoid costly Obama Care and other benefits. Employees have to work three or more part time jobs to earn what they used to make as a full time employee and still don't have benefits. The other problem is the WOKE, CRT, Common Core crowd just do not have a good work ethic. They feel everything should be just handed out to them like grades and free lunch in school while their noses are buried in their cellphones on social media.

  • James Evart

    12/02/2022 05:56 PM

    Why isn't some of the millions of wasted acre/feet of freshwater runoff from the Columbia River diverted from the Pacific Ocean down the coastal plain through Hoopa into the California aqueduct system near Shasta in northern California? Think of the work project for the homeless and the surcharge paid to Washington and Oregon by California along with the many other benefits.

  • John Murry

    12/02/2022 05:42 PM

    If citizens of Texas cannot be confident in other states holding free and fair elections is there any reason we should continue to be a part of the USA?

  • Jerry

    12/02/2022 03:14 PM

    It is amazing the MSM will tell the population of a job report that is not really telling the entire truth as usual while protest in Iran China Russia rage the MSM will tell you about fictitious Racism in America and will retell the story of slavery from 250 years ago the MSM does talk about the Inflation or the selling of our Farm land to the CCP that edges on our Military installations the plight of Brazil the complete lunacy to send Chevron to Venezuela to show the Dictator how pump out dirty oil and then use dirty fuel to ship the oil to the USA to be refined into dirty gasoline does this sound sane to any clear minded person Hell No its insane that is your joe biden thank you from the CCP you are brilliant joe keep up the good thought process and we will keep our mouth shut on our dealings.

  • Jerry

    12/02/2022 02:50 PM

    Most of the jobs included in the report were in the Hospitality sector with people taking jobs cleaning hotel rooms. About 20000 jobs were in the construction sector is a good sign however with damage to the coastal lines of the country and tornado damage done erasing communities to a landfill. The American Thugs Biden and Obama maybe at odds as Obama shot biden in the back with the statement Uncle Joe is not capable to make important decisions that affect the USA. No Shitff Surlock RU just noticing after a couple of years U dimwit. If only the Georgia voters were sharp enough to understand Warnock will go along with the Nitwit biden policies. One just can not make up the bizarre ignorance of a population it's like watching the Walking Dead. That show was a preview as to the half of the voting block today and here we are looking at some of most undesirable effects of the USA's version of its Public School Education. Disaster to elect people like Fedderman and reelect the old Democratic rubber stamps congress members to aid the collapse of the USA and other parts of the World America used to be at guiding light to help as that idea sinks with every sunrise that this administration is alive it is not well still functioning as an America murderer.