April 8, 2020


President Trump has become the first President in history to officially label a white nationalist group as a terrorist organization. Extra head-exploding points for the left: the group Trump condemned is also pro-Russia.


Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the Democratic Presidential race - although it seems odd to call it a "race" when it consisted of two men in their late 70s standing frozen in place.

As usual, the humor site The Babylon Bee had the best headline: "Bernie Sanders drops out of race to spend more time with his many, many houses."

Bernie told his heartbroken followers that they know the truth: the path toward victory is impossible and his battle for the nomination cannot be successful.

Now if he and his followers could just accept the same truth about socialism, America would be a lot better off.

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One of the strangest delusions of Trump Derangement Syndrome victims is their insane belief that Donald Trump only ran for President to enrich himself. Sure, he was already a billionaire living a life of unimaginable luxury, but he chose to give that up to take on the hardest job in the world (at no salary), knowing he would have to divest himself from his business empire, which would suffer a tarnished brand because of all the slanders that have been thrown at him and the loopy leftist protesters trying to drive people away from his hotels and sue him if a foreigner stayed in one… but somehow, it was going to make him richer. Of all the nonsensical mischaracterizations of Trump, from wannabe dictator to Russian secret agent, the “he only ran to get richer” narrative just might be the stupidest.

Yet here it comes again…

When Trump first said there had been hopeful results treating the coronavirus with a combination of drugs that includes hydroxychloroquine, and that people might want to ask their doctors about it, you’d think the media would have seen that as good news, or at least researched it honestly. Instead, because the drug hadn’t yet undergone years of clinical trials (on a disease that appeared only a few months ago), the media discouraged people from trying it by impugning Trump's motives and slamming him for pushing “false hope” (if I were anything like them, I might suggest that the deaths of anyone who didn’t try it because of that are now on the media’s heads.

Then we started hearing anecdotal evidence and seeing studies showing that in some cases, the drug does make a positive difference. So shouldn’t the narrative have changed to “Trump was right, we were wrong, we apologize”? If you think that, you really don’t know our modern news media. No, they’ve shifted straight from “Trump is pushing snake oil!” to “The snake oil works, so Trump must be profiting from it somehow!” They have zero proof of that, but since has having zero proof stopped anyone from reporting a negative story about Trump?

It would be nice to live in a world where reporters aren’t afflicted with TDS, and they could simply accept that Trump mentioned that drug simply because he wanted people to know about it because it might save their lives. But to concede Trump actually cares about saving lives would force them to admit he’s an actual human being rather than the evil cartoon image they’ve spent three years creating. Only in “The Wizard of Oz” is a straw man allowed to act like a human being.

PS – For reporters who think the Washington status quo was wonderful and any failings in the response to the coronavirus are all Trump’s fault, here’s a list of 30 existing government regulations (I would call them “pre-existing conditions”) that stymied his efforts to deal with the pandemic.

My questions: Why only 30? And why were most of these regulations ever created in the first place?


The pushers of the old poison of socialism under the snazzy new label of “Democratic Socialism” want people to believe their version is different from the old tyrannical dictatorships because it will be implemented by caring, compassionate people like them. You know the old saying: Socialism works great, it’s just that the right people have never been in charge of implementing it.

Well, if there’s any upside to the current coronavirus lockdown, maybe it’s opening the eyes of a lot of misled young people. They’re getting a firsthand lesson in one of the biggest problems with socialism: it doesn’t take human nature into account. Specifically, that power corrupts, and that the people who really want a lot of government power (leftists) are the last people who should be trusted with it, because they’ll use any excuse to expand it.

And so, we’ve seen stories about a surfer being arrested for surfing on a deserted beach, a teenage girl fined for taking a drive by herself in a closed car, and now, a Colorado man being handcuffed by police for playing catch with his wife and daughter in a deserted park. How any of these people were spreading the coronavirus is beyond me, but their real “crime” was in not abiding by a one-size-fits-all government encroachment on their personal freedom.

Meanwhile, liberal elites, as always, carve out exceptions for themselves, such as New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio continuing to go to the gym (he needs the exercise because his job is so much more important than yours) and now, Chicago’s Mayor violating her own strict stay-at-home order to get a haircut. She even became indignant when questioned on it because she’s the “public face of the city” and is on national media and in the public eye. Naturally, her hair needs to look good while you can look like a llama with bed head.

So, kids, if you want to know what a “Democratic socialist” America would really be like, take a good hard look. The government using heavy-handed enforcement to tell you what you’re allowed to do and what’s banned because they deem it “non-essential,” while the politicians exempt and indulge themselves because they’re more important than you.

Oh, and all those empty toilet paper shelves at the supermarket? Imagine them being empty permanently.

That’s socialism.


Yesterday, I said that one way for China to be held accountable for the WUHAN virus from WUHAN, CHINA, was for us to tally up the astronomical financial hit we’re taking and simply subtract it from the amount of U.S. debt held by the Chinese. I see I am not the only one to be thinking along these lines.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham, appearing on Monday’s SEAN HANNITY show, said, “If it were up to me, the whole world should send China a bill for the pandemic.” He went on to say that this is the third pandemic to come out of China, that they come out of “these wet markets” that sell bats, monkeys and many more species of exotic animals “intermingled with the food supply.”

Of course, in this case, it’s not just the food supply we have to worry about –- it’s very likely the “Level 4” biolab and another infectious disease lab near the market, both of which study coronaviruses. (I use quotation marks because the actual level of containment in these labs seems to be much lower.)



By “Huckabee” writer/pop culture historian Pat Reeder 

The family of legendary singer/songwriter John Prine announced last night that he had died at 73 after being put in critical care several days ago with the COVID-19 coronavirus. He is the most famous person yet to die of this disease, a chilling reminder that it can strike down anyone. And having already survived lung cancer and stage 4 throat cancer, you would think that if anyone could have beaten this, he could.

Here is what some fellow entertainers are saying…

John Prine was both one of the most influential songwriters of the past half-century and, ironically, one of the most inimitable. Some critics called him “The Mark Twain of modern songwriting.” In both his musical style and his decision to quit major labels and sell his albums direct to fans, he practically created the genre of indie Americana music.

I confess that this is a really hard story for me to write about, since I am a lifelong John Prine fan who has all his albums and has seen him live numerous times. As someone whose job is to rearrange the contents of the dictionary in ways nobody’s thought of before, I was in awe of his ability to create stunning images in words. A few favorite lyric quotes:

“Naked as the eyes of a clown…"

“Drinks his beer like it’s oxygen…”

“There’s a hole in daddy’s arm where all the money goes...”

“You may see me tonight with an illegal smile…”

“Sally used to play with her hula hoops, now she tells her problems to therapy groups…”

If you don’t know his work, anything is great, but I particularly recommend his first album where almost every song became a country/folk standard, “The Missing Years” and “Bruised Orange.” And here’s a full live concert you can watch from “Austin City Limits”:

And a short concert from PBS’s “Tiny Desk” series:

Finally, even now, when I am feeling incredibly sad and depressed (and furious at China) about this news, I know that if I watch this next video, I’m going to smile. That’s probably the greatest legacy anyone could hope to leave:

By the way, I hope you’ll also remember to include my fellow Texans, Christopher Cross and Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel, in your prayers. Cross calls it the worst illness he’s ever had. Fortunately, Ray said he believes he’s “licked this thing” and is recovering.


Dr. Anthony Fauci has been one of the more pessimistic voices about restarting the economy, but he seemed to backtrack a bit yesterday, saying he expects that by fall, kids will be return to school and we’ll be back to gathering safely in public again. He cautions that the virus isn’t just going to go away and it’s impossible to predict accurately, but click the link for details on why he thinks things will improve fairly quickly.

And here are some hopeful comments about the coronavirus and the economy from HUD Secretary Ben Carson, who, unlike every one of the reporters attacking the President and spreading gloom and doom, actually is a brain surgeon.

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Comments 1-25 of 67

  • Lynn Benson

    04/10/2020 03:03 AM

    I have read predictions that Michelle Obama will somehow win the Democratic Presidential Election at their Convention this summer. She hasn't announced as a candidate. Do you think she will win that nomination?

  • Edelia Willis

    04/09/2020 03:49 PM

    Keep informing the people.

  • Marilyn Robideaux

    04/09/2020 03:34 PM

    I’m tiring of the anti-Trump and anti-USA journalists’ mantra. Would they be paid/controlled by a communist country or a very rich socialist/globalist? Don’t these journalists know they will be the first dispatched by their controllers?

  • Dot Whitley

    04/09/2020 02:46 PM

    So far I like Ben Carson very much, and I hope he never changes.

    May the Lord spare those men, and very few women who go by the constitution,and may they fight hard for the rights of Americans. It's too easy to be led astray when we get overly anxious about ourselves.

    Dot Whitley

  • LeeMar Zarr

    04/09/2020 12:59 PM

    Who is the UN Who...doesn't "UN" mean Un Necessary?

  • Brenda Easterling

    04/09/2020 12:27 PM

    As always your comments are right on. It does seem to me that if everyone had common sense things could be a whole lot different. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. Sad about Mr Prime, but all deaths are sad ??. Keep up your honest reporting. We need a lot more of that!

  • Glendel "Glen" Peddy

    04/09/2020 11:40 AM

    Johnny Cash had a big hit with one of John Prine's songs.

  • Melinda Long

    04/09/2020 10:57 AM

    Sorry, I do not trust Fauci!

  • Bettye Martinez

    04/09/2020 10:44 AM

    Our world is a much sadder place because of the loss of John Prine. One of the funniest song writers to grace our presence. What a sad day it is to know that such a great folk artist is gone. See you on the other side John where we can hear you sing once again!

  • Willard B. Simmons

    04/09/2020 10:26 AM

    Good morning Governor ! I want to Thank You for you daily email. I trust your content more than any other!!! A thought, we are getting the daily casualty from the virus, would it be great if they also report how many births happened during the same time period. I trust you and your family and staff remain Safe, Healthy and Blessed !!!

  • Leo Draegert

    04/09/2020 10:11 AM

    I think OH! Yes I do think that the sending a bill to China for the cause of this virus is a good idea. And at 74 I am ready to lock and load to defend the sending of it. I really have nothing to lose because I am in the high risk to get it anyway. I still believe God is in control, and the draft goes back to before Jesus.

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    04/09/2020 09:58 AM

    The #I’M WITH STUPID MOVEMENT has really been growing. One politician does something TO HELP US and the other’s try to outdo the first one. Common sense has been lacking, really bad in treating this virus. Here in Omaha the Mayor is blaming the virus for decimating the city budget, when in reality it was poor decisions that led to that short fall. The virus is a problem, but not to the extent that the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST and their enablers in the media are making it. The old kill the patient to save it is looking more likely here in the US. Just wit till this paranoia passes and se what is left of the business community. Everybody will look to the tax payers to make up for their short sightedness in dealing with the virus. How much more money will they take from us to cure their budget short falls.

  • Dolores

    04/09/2020 09:34 AM

    Great, uplifting commentary as always. I live in New York and can barely suffer through the Governor’s interminable, condescending briefings. I can hardly wait for the virus to be over so I don’t have to flip the channel to Twilight Zone, which is much more credible. And even here in the Vampire State, the name of Pelosi is universally abhorred.
    Everyone agrees she is out of touch and so power-hungry that she plays politics while Americans die. Nice of her to discover a bridge to start bringing us together. Hey thanks, Nance!

  • Jerry

    04/09/2020 08:47 AM

    The left makes a good point I hadn't thought of getting rich, although I am in the stock market and have healthcare as one of the stocks adding investment into the drug that might buy us some time against the China Virus may be good advice to all to make an investment in it, why not take the chance to enrich your future or is the Left planning the end of time in 11 years still. Dear Lefties you will not determine the end of time you ignorant bastards our Creator will so join Donald and get rich by investing into the old safe drug that will buy us some time till the vaccine comes available and invest in that also or does that make sense? OK disregard stay stupid change is difficult for you on the Left. MAGA Lefties stay poor stay stupid when you grow up maybe we can help you when your ready to let stupidity behind. After you hit bottom we can help you up to Intelligence join conservatives and improve your surroundings and your life.

  • Thala J Susag

    04/09/2020 07:46 AM

    The Trump Derangement Syndrome originated in the bowels
    of cable news networks CNN and MSNBC. Billionaire owners
    were able to hang onto their failing empires by developing
    this false narrative about President Donald Trump, and by
    instructing their "correspondents" to use it often and at
    every opportunity. The worst of the small-brain, large ego
    "correspondents" turn our stomachs, but thankfully, one
    of these days their networks will no longer be in business.
    Fox News certainly beat CNN!

  • william backs

    04/09/2020 07:27 AM

    im 82 and ican rememb er a lot of preidents but Trump stands at the top also i watch you every sat. night and you lift my spirit

  • Wallace Rowan

    04/09/2020 07:16 AM

    Dear Mike,

    Glad to see that you and hopefully more of our so called "leaders" in Congress are finally coming to grips with calling out China for what they have done.

    In mid-March I began contacting my U.S. representative and both senators that since this came from China and was caused by China, we should seek reparations in the form of not paying back any of our debt they hold and instead use that money to clean up their mess.

    Everyone should be doing this, if they haven't already. Maybe if those idiots up there in D.C. hear it enough, they will realize we are serious and that reparations are the proper way to punish them.

    There should be severe consequences to China's actions and that would be a good way to mete out punishment.

    And it would get our government off our backs to pay for their ridiculous handout proposals.

    Wallace Rowan

  • Rose Wade

    04/09/2020 05:50 AM

    Please keep up your editions you are so spot on it just amazes me how the liberals just can't or won't see their lies and backstabbing and how it hurts Americans.

  • Mona Kramer

    04/09/2020 05:06 AM

    Test everyone and put them back to work. Put the money into testing kits and stop giving away money. We can go back to work - stop the madness.

  • Eugene Gee

    04/09/2020 03:12 AM

    I think Dr. Fauci is an anti-Trumper. After this is over and President Trump starts his second term, I hope he gets rid of him.

  • Virginia Rodriguez

    04/09/2020 02:10 AM

    We believe strongly that this virus was created to bring down our President and our economy. Safety measures are good but not that good to shut down our nation. We call it "control of the masses". Praying for our President and the people in his administration. Keep safe and blessings to you and yours!

  • Gail Benensohn

    04/09/2020 12:48 AM

    Thank you for introducing me to the amazing music & talent of John Prine. A comforting break from the madness of this virus nightmare!

  • Bruce Deming

    04/08/2020 11:47 PM

    Pres Trump said at his briefing today that Bernie had left the race but hadn't moved his delegates to Biden. He still has 30 delegates. If you listen to Bernie, he actually says he's leaving the campaign. Something fishy going on.

  • Gary R. Heitz

    04/08/2020 11:40 PM

    Simply billing China for the costs of the Corona virus is not enough as there are human costs that are priceless. Sure losses of businesses and in the economy can be charged against China, but if I lost a friend or family member no amount of money can pay for that. I do think, however, that China should be taken to court and sued for criminal negligence for how they intentionally mislead people and caused the spread of this pandemic. I would suggest a charge of at least $10,000,000 for every person outside of China who died due to the virus. Additionally, there should be pain and mental suffering compensation for every person who contracted the virus and for every person, that means all Americans, who have had to be isolated and not allowed to work. The cost of the government stimulus programs should be added into the bill and all other contingent fees and services provided to treat people who have contracted this virus. The world as a whole should come in this action in a class action suit and seek both real and punitive damages. All assets owned by China and China backed companies that are in actually owned by the government along with their assets should be confiscated and seized and all funding sources stopped worldwide for China. They must learn that the world will not allow them to be a bully and treat the rest of the world with disdain and lack of respect. If this is done China will be brought to her knees and the people of China might have a real chance to have a government that respects them. We should pray that God would look favorably upon such efforts and seek His Grace for the needs of all the suffering people of the world.

  • Tom Carson

    04/08/2020 11:21 PM

    The focus of the left that make up the Democratic Party are well funded and supported by the one-world government whose followers have, as their primary goal, a created world without boundaries and governed by an elite of their own choosing to govern and direct everyone else's lives. This kind of philosophical thinking and twisted idea on what is believed to be of a higher moral ground is what is being promoted at nearly every level in our public school system especially in most of our so called institutions of higher learning. These people who have been indoctrinated do not believe in America and they support any effort at all costs to bring about a communist-like system that makes the lives for everyone essentially the same without freedom and governed in one way according to the what the elites believe the world needs. They believe that to support one nation and its founding principles built on freedom and God creates a temporary block for them in their efforts to accomplish their aims. President Trump is one of those blocks. He is a patriot who believes in America first which is completely counter to their goals.