October 23, 2017

Welcome to Huckabee at our new home on TBN from our beautiful theater in Hendersonville, TN just outside of Music City USA, Nashville, TN. For the next hour, we want you to enjoy a different kind of television show intended to inform, encourage, and entertain. I won’t be screaming at you or have guests scream at each other. To be blunt, I may have been raised poor and without money, but I was raised with manners. And I promise to treat you as my honored guest each week. I take God seriously, but I don’t take myself that seriously. I hope to put a smile on your face with some humor and variety. But to be honest, some things going on around us just aren’t funny.

Everyday in America, 91 people die a totally preventable death. The weapon of this death is not a gun, a knife, terrorism or even a car wreck. The killer is a chemical. Almost every day there’s a news story about opioids, the highly addictive drugs that are designed and sold to ease pain. If I asked if you or someone close to you have been impacted by opioids—a son, daughter, mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister, niece, nephew, uncle, aunt, or close friend—chances are you’d say “yes.” Drug abuse and addiction touches rich and poor, white and black, urban and rural, even those of faith and those with none. And most people hooked on opioids got started legally and under the care of a physician because we begged for relief from pain. Pain is the underlying reason a person first takes an opioid drug.

Here’s a confession--I tell every doctor and nurse who treat me that I’m allergic to penicillin and pain. I have the pain threshold of a 3 year old. I’m not a tough guy and don’t even play one on TV. John Wayne is dead and I wasn’t hired to replace him. But escaping from every tinge of pain has been marketed to us as the Holy Grail. Pharmaceutical companies create drugs, then convince us through aggressive marketing that we need them—must have them! Doctors prescribe them because we want to be free of any and all pain and are willing to pay handsomely for them. And politicians of BOTH parties rake in the campaign cash as they purposefully protect the legal pushers while getting tougher on those who push the cheaper versions of dope on the streets. Big Pharma companies pour over $28 million into the purses of political campaigns and PACS. To compare, all gun groups (pro and con) give $5.8 million. The legal pill pushers get invited to the White House and mingle with the swells and members of Congress; the street dealers get sent to the Big House and mingle with the dregs of society. But the victims of opioids are just as dead whether their source was a name brand manufacturer or a 20 year old selling from his car in a Dollar Store parking lot.

I don’t want to experience pain, but pain isn’t my worst enemy—being artificially numbed into a drug-induced euphoria is my worst enemy. People and civilizations have survived millenniums of pain and suffering, but no civilization will survive a population addicted to being free of all pain but becoming even more addicted to the drugs that trade pain for pharmaceutical slavery. Pain actually has purpose. It’s necessary to know what is wrong with us, and it actually develops a toughness that drugs take from us. Even emotional pain motivates us to overcome and move forward. Therapeutically masking or subjugating our hurts that suppress all reality may not work in our best interest.

And it’s the pain in our souls and the profound guilt of our imperfections that cause us to see the frailty of our human condition and which drives us to seek God’s grace through forgiveness and find something narcotics can never give-HOPE and PEACE within.

The opioid crisis is real…it’s killing more people than the wars we’ve fought and far more than the numbers lost to terrorism or violent acts. It’s one of the topics we’ll dive into on this edition of Huckabee. Keith, what do we have for our show tonight?


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  • Wayne Beahr

    10/24/2017 01:39 PM

    Mike love you brother, keep up the good work for God and Country. Saw your show for the first time Saturday, it was great

    You missed the chance for a little history and some humor, on your information about Andrew Jackson I was hoping you

    would play Johnny Horton's Battle of New Orleans. Looking forward to Kenny Rogers this week.

  • Dolly Palacios

    10/24/2017 12:49 AM

    When a person is pulled over for a traffic violation their license plate, and drivers license is run through dispatch. Would it really be that difficult for a pharmaceutical drug registry to be implemented? With the technology available today it certainly seems that prescribing doctor's ought to have access to their patients prescription records. Hippa laws should not interfere with Healthcare facilities having liberty to cross reference medication list's. There are alot of med's that cannot be taken together without serious consequences, or death. I can only imagine how difficult it would be for someone to get multiple doctors, with multiple prescription pads, to write lethal doses of pain med's to one patient. Why does DMV have such broad information (via computer) at their finger tips, yet someone with a doctorate degree writing life altering drugs does not?

  • Christopher (Chris ) Hodge

    10/23/2017 06:47 PM

    I couldn't help but notice in the comments made last night on your show about drugs, nobody mentioned that doctors push drugs on their patients because many of them are getting kick backs from the drug companies. I know this to be true because of a recent incident envolving my spouse. Because of numerious illiness she has to include; cancer, parkinsons, dibeties, sesiures and anxiety she sees more than one doctor. Because her internal medicene doctor refilled an expired medicine for an oconologists we ran into an issue with both doctors the next time the medicine was due for refill. Her previous doctor placed her on 11 meds for different issues and over half were opiat based. Our current drug problem should be layed at the feet of our doctors who over prescribe drugs to get their kick backs from the big drug companies which are in bed with our Washington politicians.

  • Therese Davis

    10/23/2017 03:17 PM

    Thank you so very much for all you do for our country.
    I am a Catholic and wanted to share that we believe in offering up our pain with Jesus for others. Knowing that we do not suffer in vain or that it may help others...allows us to tolerate pain in some cases with a broader understanding of giving to others. Please read more about is very interesting how well it helps Hospice patients. Who may even decide to write about it and share with your readers.
    Thank you~

  • Michael Egbert

    10/23/2017 02:33 PM

    I haven't had the honor of seeing your new show yet but looking forward to when I can. I did have the honor at meeting you in person at a quaint little bump in the road in Iowa at a place called the Dinky Diner. You are an impressive man Mr Huckabee, I will always remember that day...when you spoke to people you looked them in the eye, not around them and actually gave the impression you cared...

  • Bob Boynton

    10/23/2017 02:12 PM

    Islam is the opiate of the unsuspecting. Time to shut down the Mosques and secure the borders of this (last) nation under God.

  • Bob Boynton

    10/23/2017 02:08 PM

    Islam is the opiate of the unsuspecting. Time to shut down the Mosques and secure the borders of this (last) nation under God.

  • Gma Karen Winters

    10/23/2017 01:54 PM

    I Thank GOD For You, Governor Mike, for Someone Who Knows and Loves HIM Enough to Tell the Truth!!! May HE Continue To Bless You and Yours Always, In JESUS Name, Amen!!!!???


    10/23/2017 01:43 PM


  • Nancy Roberto

    10/23/2017 01:26 PM

    The media are just as affected by this crisis as the rest of boggles my mind that they do not report how increased border enforcement is preventing a lot of the smuggled-in opioids. Trump's wall would be a plus!