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January 12, 2024

Yesterday, the Labor Department reported that the year-to-year consumer price index rose by 3.4% in December. It was 3.1% in November, and economists had predicted 3.2%.

This resurgence of inflation has experts worried that the Fed won’t start reducing interest rates, as hoped. It’s also more bad news for the Biden reelection campaign, since he’s hilariously running on the claim that Bidenomics has fixed the inflation problem.

Even 3.1% inflation is higher than the Fed’s target of 2%, and higher than inflation under Trump. This is also another 3.4% price hike on top of the double-digit price hikes that have already been baked in during the first two years of Biden’s term. When the liberal talking heads claim to be mystified by why Americans aren’t giving Biden credit for the great economy, they should consider that people’s grocery bills are twice what they were three years ago while Biden is bragging about bringing inflation down to 3 percent.

Related: South Carolina Democrat Rep. James Clyburn bemoaned to MSNBC that Americans are listening to “disinformation” and just can’t “grasp” how great a job Biden has done as President.

Also related: Chris Matthews on MSNBC urged urban liberals to vote so they can save democracy by outvoting rural Americans, whom he compared to crazy cult members and terrorists and accused of exhibiting “rural rage.” Gee, I wonder why this guy doesn’t have his own show anymore?

Actually, the only real “rage” I see these days is coming from the left. Maybe they’re just upset at having to live in the cesspools that the Democrats they keep voting for have turned their cities into.

Also also related: Here’s an example of the kind of Matthews-approved liberal elite brain trusts that are running our cities. San Francisco’s city council voted 8-3 to demand that Israel call a ceasefire in Gaza.

My favorite Twitter comment on this was “Israel just voted to demand that San Francisco clean up all the drug needles and human feces.”

It’s really a tragedy what our cities have become under leftist misrule. The YouTube movie critic The Critical Drinker recently said something about LucasFilm and Disney that could apply to every blue city in America, but especially San Francisco: they’re organizations founded by geniuses and inherited by morons.

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