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December 5, 2022

Despite wiping out the savings of countless victims in what was clearly a fraudulent enterprise, crypto-currency (former) billionaire and big Democrat donor Sam Bankman-Fried is being handled with kid gloves by the media and, so far, federal authorities. Instead of cooling his expensive sneakers in jail, he’s in the Bahamas and giving interviews to sympathetic liberals like George Stephanopoulos, who treat him like a poor, misunderstood widdle boy and commiserate as he whines about being down to his last $100,000 (not counting millions in real estate holdings.)

In his interviews, he comes across like an unkempt stoner frat boy who’s baffled at why his parents are mad at him for crashing Dad’s Porsche while he was on weed. He also thinks it’s terribly unfair and hurtful to compare him to infamous Ponzi scheme crook Bernie Madoff because that was completely different from what he did because… reasons. Or should I say, crypto-reasons.

But I will say one positive thing about the corrupt, money-grubbing Democrats who are trying to cover up the monumental financial scam of their paymaster: at least when you buy these politicians, they STAY bought!

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  • Robert Berger

    12/05/2022 05:13 PM

    There you go again, governor Huckabee, blaming the Democrats for this financial kerfuffle . And it's the Republicans who are "corrupt and money-grubbing . Like other conservative celebrities, you always blame the Democrats for all the horrible things the Republicans do . The Democrats aren't perfect by any means , but the Republicans, whom I call the REPUGNICANS , are infinitely worse .