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October 10, 2022



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I appeal to you, brothers and sisters,[a] in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought.

1 Corinthians 1:10

PayPal too!?!

Add PayPal to the list of financial companies that are threatening to cut off vital services to people who dare voice opinions they disagree with (branded as “misinformation” or speech that’s offensive or “harmful” to protected groups.)

Yet another reason to find, or launch, competing service providers, and for Republicans to make it a priority in the next Congress to bar political discrimination by such companies. Allow victims to sue, and make it easy for them to get paid massive legal damages via PayPal.

Wyoming says no

Wyoming’s leaders announced that they will NOT follow California’s lead in banning gas-powered cars and making everyone drive electric vehicles.

They said building charging stations everywhere is not realistic because Wyoming is a large state where people have to drive long distances. I’d add that they also work hard at jobs that require towing trailers and carrying heavy loads, and it’s stupid to think they can stop every 20 minutes to charge their batteries for two hours.

Of course, you could say those exact same things about California and the many working people who live there, too. But apparently, Gov. Newsom has never met any people like that, so how would he know?

A clueless Governor

Speaking of clueless Governors, Newsom is being deservedly razzed for a tweet in which he said gas prices are too high because of the “greed” of oil companies, but he's going to address that by putting a new tax directly on “greedy oil companies that are ripping you off.”

The merciless ridicule includes pointing out that gas prices in Texas and Florida are half what they are in California, so apparently, oil companies are only greedy in California. Others point out the insanity of claiming you’re going to lower gas prices by putting another big new tax on it. Ever get the impression these people just don't grasp the connection between things being heavily taxed and those same things being expensive and scarce?

Jon Stewart’s stupid argument

I hesitate even to mention an interview that leftists are sharing in which Jon Stewart (aided, no doubt, by heavy editing) assails Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge for opposing “gender dysphoria” treatments for minors. It will only bring it more attention, which I’m sure is the point since his current Apple+ show is watched by virtually nobody. It’s like that tree falling in the woods: If Jon Stewart does a show on Apple+ and nobody sees it, does it make a stupid argument at all?

He actually compares blocking the surgical mutilation and chemical castration of children to preventing kids with pediatric cancer from getting treatment, which might be the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard, and I have to read AOC’s tweets for a living. The really scary part: liberals are sharing this because they think that’s a really brilliant analogy. To make the difference clear: one is life-saving medical treatment and the other is unconscionable butchery and child abuse. I’ll let them try to figure out which is which.

Since this is getting attention online, I’ll link to the write-up by Bonchie at, not because I want people to see the repulsive interview, but because I want you to read what Bonchie says about it. Sample:

“We are now at the point where major leftwing figures openly lobby to chop the breasts off of little girls and chemically castrate boys, and if you disagree, you are somehow a ‘science denier.’ Stewart continually cites the ‘establishment’ and ‘studies’ while never actually providing any empirical data for his claims. Instead, he insists that it is Rutledge who doesn’t have the facts, as if she needs to prove that it’s wrong to abuse children.”

The phrase “sick freak” also makes an appearance. I highly recommend sharing this with anyone who shares that interview.

Joe Biden Quote of the Day!

At a Volvo plant Friday in Maryland: “Let me start off with two words. ‘Made in America!’”

So his economic policies aren’t the only clue that he’s not so good at math.


In a move that would be jaw-dropping if it weren’t so predictable, President Biden is trying to blame the latest rise in gas prices on Putin, Republicans and greedy oil companies. The oil companies stepped up to answer that in the most appropriate fashion: with mockery.

FYI, that article also reminds us that if Biden hadn’t killed the Keystone XL Pipeline project within hours of taking office, it probably would have been operational by now and bringing in enough oil to offset the loss of Russian oil and the cut in production by OPEC.

Maybe when he blames Republicans, he means there’s an invisible Republican who keeps showing up next to him on stage and telling him to destroy the US fossil fuel industry. That would explain what he keeps turning and looking at.

Interesting If True

Political strategist Steve Bannon says he’s heard from “very close sources” that Twitter offered Elon Musk a discount of a couple of billion dollars if he’d keep the ban on Trump and retain the current management team. He rejected the offer.

I would imagine $2 billion is chump change compared to what Twitter could make if it brought back Trump and got rid of its current management team. In fact, Trump has already said he won’t return to Twitter, so Musk must’ve felt that just getting rid of the people currently running Twitter was worth $2 billion alone.


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