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November 22, 2021

The Washington Post has added editors' notes to 14 stories dating back over several years to correct its false reporting on the Trump/Russiagate “scandal” that has now been revealed to be a politically-motivated hoax (FYI: we don’t have to do that because we smelled a politically-motivated hoax from day one.)

I would call that “a good start,” but it’s not even that. It’s just a start. A good start would be issuing an abject apology for misleading readers and undermining Trump’s Presidency, then firing all the reporters who fell for that garbage, and returning the bogus (and no doubt also politically-motivated) Pulitzer Prize the paper won for it.

Speaking of that, I’ll link again to this article by Julie Kelly at American Greatness, demanding the same thing.?

And in addition to the corrections, apologies and firings over Russiagate and every other hoax they’ve pushed in recent years, if media outlets ever want to start stitching their shredded reputations back together, they should all immediately cease acting like Biden PR agents and DNC groupies and start behaving like actual reporters again. I know they didn’t learn how in “journalism” school or on the job, but maybe they could watch a few old movies on TCM and learn how.

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