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April 10, 2024

It was only yesterday that I was praising the FBI for preventing a terrorist attack against Idaho churches. Maybe I should have made it clear that I was praising the rank-and-file agents who fight crime in places like Idaho and not the leadership in DC. This story from the Daily Signal will explain why…

Tuesday at a Heritage Foundation event, two FBI agents accused the agency of adopting a “Marxist culture” and called for the FBI to be abolished. The agents had their security clearances suspended after they blew the whistle on the agency for targeting pro-lifers and concerned parents who speak up at school board meetings as terrorist threats and for stonewalling Congress when they demanded information on that. Agent Garret O’Boyle claims that the FBI knowingly falsely accused him of leaking information to the press, suspended him without pay and rendered his family homeless with a two-week-old baby.

Fellow agent Stephen Friend says he was pulled off of investigating child pornography (he was told that “wasn’t a priority”) and put on a task force pursuing January 6th protesters. He was suspended after expressing concerns about this.

The agents say current FBI leadership is focused on things like identity politics and hiring based on race rather than fighting real crime. O’Boyle said, “Remember, the FBI are the people with the guns and badges who will come after you.” Friend agreed with O’Doyle that the FBI “needs to be shattered and scattered. Disarm the FBI…Make them unarmed investigators, like they originally were, and force them to partner with local agencies.”

He urged Americans to tell their Representatives that “it is no longer acceptable for them to say it is worse for us to have a temporary federal government shutdown than to have an armed law enforcement agency that is weaponized against the American people.”

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